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  1. Big fan of Tite-mark here!
  2. Can't answer that but Lee Valley does sell a leather belt for just that purpose.
  3. Had a bummer moment yesterday when my Wenzloff Kenyon pannel saw slid off the front of my lawn tractor (where it ends up a lot) and broke the horn off the mahogany handle. Got it glued back on but there's a chip missing :frowning: I have the start of a Dutch tool chest and one of the first ww'ing booms I read was CS The Anarchist Toolchest. And of course, there is the end of semester one hanging tool cabinet from Shannon's Hand Tool School. However, I'm really thinking of some more open shelving and wall hanging. So what do you like/dislike about your tool storage solutions?
  4. I'll be eagerly waiting to see that project!
  5. @Bob Rozaieski can you share the dimensions of the Roubo winding sticks with legs you made and had on your blog a while back?
  6. Nice! Use them proudly and have fun.
  7. I would try David Charlesworth's method of making a stop cut with a longish plane starting and stoping an eighth off each end. Stop when the planes no longer takes a shaving - this will give you a minute hollow. Charlesworth usually takes a full shaving or two to get flatter but I'd omit these to get a spring joint. To get the humps down you have now, register at the front of the toe on your plane with the cutter just off the piece and move forward. The process is mirrored at the other end.
  8. Or you can use hid glue - liquid and otherwise- so you can reverse the joint if you aren't happy with it.
  9. My understanding is that it also helps on long joints where the ends might lose and gain moisture quicker than the middle - and thus keeps those ends tight.
  10. @derekcohen so from your review it seems for you that the ergonomics of the DX60 tend to counter the extra weight. Is that correct? if that is the case for me as well (and it certainly looks to fit to the hand better), then the question becomes is the Veritas worth the $40 premium for the PM-V11 blade? A subjective evaluation I know :|
  11. After using my LN 102 and borrowing my son's LV apron plane I'm revisiting this question. I think I've found I use a block plane enough and wish I had a wider mouth on the 102 enough that I see a use nay a need for an adjustable mouth. now I have to decide which one (Flame suit on) the LN 60 1/2 or the LV DX60. The LN is lighter by .35 over a pound. The LV has PM-V11. im wondering if I'll notice the 1/3 of a pound difference? Any othe factor that can hel with my decision?
  12. I got one of those too. Do you use the file side for card scraper duty?
  13. A high grain count (14-15) hand cut rasp by either Lioger or Auiriou?
  14. Glen Drake I think designed the original version.
  15. Just got finished reading Jeff Miller's essential clamp kit article in the Dec 2016 FWW. I definitely need more clamps (knew that before I read the article). It did raise a few questions in my mind. do the wooden cam style clamps count as F style clamps? (I got one to try and I'm not sure if I like them or not) im not sure what he classified the parallel/bessey revo style clamps as (seems like under f style). I'd call them bar clamps because that's the way I tend to use the few I have). if you read the article, what do you think of it? What's your essential clamp arsenal? What are your can't live without clamps?