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  1. Thanks Guys
  2. PurplLev: Is the mortise and tenon plugin also one that you wrote? If so where might it be available.
  3. jimmy: I've been using sketchup for 2 or 3 years for woodworking designs, it is a great piece of software. All of the people on this page are very efficient and knowledgeable on the use of SU. I think I have had converstations with all of them over the years and they have always helped me through my problems. There is lots on support - so keep trying. Bruce
  4. Thanks for all of your help .... everything is now working great. Thanks for sharing your talent and producing rb's. Bruce
  5. PurpLev: I downloaded the boardmaker plugin - it didn't go so well It shows up on the menu with an expansion arrow but the directory is empty. I have also now lost my dovetail plugin that I purchased from your company (I think). Any ideas. It appears that the files are in the appropriate places in the plugin directory The dovetail plugin was working until the install.