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  1. My Wall Hanging Cabinet

    Certainly looks good to me, we are always so critical of our own work, noboby else looks that closely. Great job!
  2. My SketchUp CAN do THAT

    Thanks Guys
  3. My SketchUp CAN do THAT

    PurplLev: Is the mortise and tenon plugin also one that you wrote? If so where might it be available.
  4. sketch up

    jimmy: I've been using sketchup for 2 or 3 years for woodworking designs, it is a great piece of software. All of the people on this page are very efficient and knowledgeable on the use of SU. I think I have had converstations with all of them over the years and they have always helped me through my problems. There is lots on support - so keep trying. Bruce
  5. Suggestion For The Next Guild Build!

    Marilyn from Seattle: if you want a great exercise on the bandsaw try making some bandsaw boxes. They are quick and easy to make and make really great gifts. Plus you only need the bandsaw and a sander. I just put together a PowerPoint on the steps to make bandsaw boxes which would be to large to post here but I can email it to you if you want. Take warning they do become addictive :)Bruce. I am just learning to make these myself. I have made 3 of them now, but they are fun!
  6. Suggestion For The Next Guild Build!

    I vote with the majority - small projects as gifts would be great. The chest of drawers was an excellant learning tool, however I didn't join in because I really didn't want another piece of furniture. What ever you decide will be great just from a learning aspect. Bruce
  7. My SketchUp CAN do THAT

    Thanks for all of your help .... everything is now working great. Thanks for sharing your talent and producing rb's. Bruce
  8. My SketchUp CAN do THAT

    PurpLev: I downloaded the boardmaker plugin - it didn't go so well It shows up on the menu with an expansion arrow but the directory is empty. I have also now lost my dovetail plugin that I purchased from your company (I think). Any ideas. It appears that the files are in the appropriate places in the plugin directory The dovetail plugin was working until the install.