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  1. Drawer bottoms suffer the most damage from abuse. I think not gluing is at least in part so that repair can be made down the road. Just one thought.
  2. Attic and spruce makes me think 1" diameter at 24" height. After all, this is the goal of bonsai at its origin.
  3. There is...Mel called it market research. He looked for what other people sell things for. Rarely is the thing we are making so truly unique.
  4. Everyone pays to ship what does not grow locally. They seem to only be marginally higher as they break out into smaller orders vs rail car loads.
  5. Have you waxed the slides? In well fitted drawers, a sticking point on one side can be what pulls you off square. Are the guides smaller than the channels? You want to be sure that no part of the bottom of the guide ever drags.
  6. A lot of this has to do with the way forests grow in competition. Thick young growth means straight boles as trees compete for sunlight. As trees crowd each other, water is the next resource to limit growth. As weaker trees die, fire becomes a limiter. Add a crop of new growth around a wider spacing of fire proof trees. This is very different from tree farm growth.
  7. There are some industries where a proportional relationship to material cost can be a rough guide. I am not sure this is one of them.
  8. True this, I was basing my answer solely on working for family. Most family won't pay what I know to be true behind your statement.
  9. It's family. Decide if you are making money. If not, give them away for cost. If so, bill at least $30 per hour. SS tax, SE tax, tool usage surcharge, etc. will strip you back to $15-20 per hour. Undervaluing your time is the fastest way to lose money. If that is ok with you, that is fine. I do a fair bit of work with charity in mind. You just have to decide if you are making a wage or not.
  10. That is the head end. The head is motor, controls, and drive spur or chuck. The tail end just spins freely with no drive connected. You shot the back. Guys might want to see the front as well.
  11. How do you feel about face wash full coverage shields?
  12. Nice beast. Made twenty minutes down the road from here.
  13. I ran shop air in PVC with a guy once and it got swapped out inside six months. I don't remember the exact issue as it was not my shop and the system should have been ok in theory. I think it had to do with the type of moving chunks in a failure of unknown cause. Just a heads up. If you use PVC, glue every joint yourself and trust no one.
  14. My only beef with Wood River is philosophical. The IP theft is bunk to me as bedrock was the IP borrowed. I have never seen anything that would indicate otherwise. The fettling I did was not functional but aesthetic. Backlash is not an issue peculiar to WR as technique on vintage planes makes it a non issue. That said, I don't experience backlash. The honing I did before use was a skill that will be required many times over the length of the life of the tool. Purchasing the plane does involve an overseas money path. That is the only philosophical objection I have. I would like to see guys and gals in my own country continue to manufacture tools. For this reason only, my one WR is likely my last.
  15. Is this a 4 vs 4.5 question? The 4.5 is wider so harder to push. If it is a mass question, woodies would seem to indicate not really.