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  1. Think I found the appeal of bushcraft...
  2. The reason Steve recommends trying on scrap is because sometimes finish will set differently on those areas. Make sure you do a finish test somewhere over the product chosen. If that is what this is my apologies. Just don't want it to get worse with finish.
  3. You've got two conflicting ideas here and I won't push either very hard. I have old pieces with unbalanced coverage. Whether lost voodoo, virgin old growth, or undetectable other sealants they still seem ok. I would not panic. My preference to single coat is just born of my experience with repair of mid-level furniture. I find a fair amount of warped panels with single sided coverage. I would not panic to cover what you describe.
  4. I get nervous leaving solid wood coated on only one side. I have seen too many things warp. I prefer something over nothing. Often it is just shellac or a single coat of finish. I never go through the entire schedule.
  5. 64th plus is the finest you can draw a line. I agree that to move to 128ths instead of a plus or minus sign is not ideal.
  6. Big Orange Retail Giant It can refer to any big box store, but Home Depot seems to have given it birth.
  7. The infeed MUST be lower than the outfeed even if only by a few thousandths. The principle is that as you remove material the outfeed supports the cut area. Your last post makes me question if you understand this. No offense is intended if it was just worded that way. The following image is from Google.
  8. Lol, Barb had to leave. She'd been funding his habit...Greeeeeeeeeeen.
  9. So you truly need a plant at least 1.5 to 2" thick as it grows? Then any three or four inch length will do?
  10. How big does the lilac need to be to be helpful?
  11. That looks like a cleaning agent dried out the wax. I am not a chemist so don't fully know about the interaction between the oil and wax. I it possible that the wax is being stripped of the oil? Can you scrape some into a pile and heat it to see how it behaves?
  12. I don't have one and don't see one as a priority purchase. If my dad gets rid of his I may toy with it. We'll see.
  13. Just noodling here... Do you think the blower is strong enough to drive a small cyclonic action without the need of an impeller if the pipe were only two or three feet long?
  14. FWIW, the first pic makes it look like you could have dramatically reduced the sanding need by pre-raising the grain.
  15. Globs will happen with friction on a loaded pad as well. Lighten up and sand by hand. Latex does not like the friction.