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Force Machinery in NJ - Closing after 63 years in business

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I just received word from Jim Force at Force Machinery here in NJ that he will be closing this month after 63 years in business.

Sad news as there aren't many places left in NJ for woodworkers to go to pick up the latest tool from Jet or Festool or any of the other great brands they carried.

He's going to be having a clearance sale to sell off everything left in stock over then next 4 days so anyone in the area looking for some great tools at excellent prices, check him out.


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This is sad news. Although there are several Festool dealers closer to me in northern NJ, I often visit Force for supplies, tools, and they were the closest Rockler distributor.

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    • I am about to embark on my second project.  This will be a display case made from Walnut.   I got the basic idea from photos I saw on a forum somewhere (I don't remember where).   The case will be ~ 24" high x 20" wide x 3" deep.  There will be adjustable 1/2" thick shelves (three or four - I haven't firmed that up yet).  Also, I may be putting a dado in the bottom center of each shelf to hold an LED lighting strip.  I want to use glass inset for the door, and I've never done this before.  From what I've been reading here, it sounds like I should put a rabbet in the back side of the door frame (the frame will be 1.5 - 2 inches wide) and then use clear caulk (Lexel or similar) to fasten the glass in. Is that all there is to it, or should I do more? The other thing I'd like to do is use a mirror on the back, but I also don't know how to go about doing that.  It seems that if the back is going to be mostly covered by the mirror, I could use 1/4" plywood or something for reduction of both cost and weight.  But if any of it would end up being visible then I wouldn't want to do that.  Then there is the question of how best to fasten the mirror.  Maybe I could use the same method as the door (mount the mirror in the back of a frame)?  In that case, I would obviously use Walnut instead of plywood. Any help / advice / pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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    • This might be a slow going project. I picked out the boards i want to use from my cherry stock and laid out the sides and got a few boards cut. Ran to the store to get a pattern bit because I'll need one to cut out the template. After i parked in me garage i saw a nice puddle forming under the pickup. I don't know what let go if it was head gasket or water pump but I'll need to be fixing that. I also have 1 week before i have to start studying for my Professional engineer exam so this is now taking the double back seat. It seemed to good to be true that I'd get a week to work on this. I've been daydreaming about this project for a long time. Here are some pics thus far. I'm really excited to see this cherry with finish. My template for the sides. I don't have a spindle sander so this is what i use. I need a 2nd person to make it an oscillating spindle sander
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    • Went do you think they're would be no good tools there?  When I was in Phoenix, the use and old market was huge because nothing rusts..
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