Hand Saw Till and Plane Storage

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Saw Till to house several hand saws and specialty saws. This is made with many kinds of reclamed lumber. Flaws, nail holes, and weathering marks are still apparent and add to the character of the piece. All of the surfaces were hand-scraped then coated with a Danish Oil finish. You can even see burn marks left in the wood.

The shelves have been made out of old table center sections. The bottom shelf has a great crackle-ice finish. All of the edges were hand planed using some of the vintage planes on the bottom shelf. Still room for expansion but the over all size was determined by the size of the reclaimed lumber stock and the length of the current saws to be stored.

All mortise-finger joints were hand-cut and made proud of the surface in the Greene & Greene style. The case is extremely strong and square without the use of any metal fasteners. The shelves use pocket screws to attach to the front and rear rails because nobody wants to see plywood edges. This is my first attempt at a project like this and I am very happy about how it turned out. It is attached to the wall using a Freedom cleat system, basiclly the American version of the shop wall hanging system that Marc uses.




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It is attached to the wall using a Freedom cleat system, basiclly the American version of the shop wall hanging system that Marc uses.

Okay, that's funny.

Great looking cabinet as well.

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Shop furniture are always useful for trying out new techniques - and there's nothing better than using the tools that will eventually be housed in the cabinet. Good job, and I agree that using 'lived in' wood adds character for 'user' tools of a certain age.

French or Freedom - that's a hell of a cleat you used - just how much do your tools weigh? ;) I think the wall will fail first...


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    • TWWG Split Top Roubo Build #544
      By Brendon_t · Posted
      Did you guys all go circular saw for the end cut?   It seems like it's so difficult to line up properly, ya might as well plan to be off, cut it, then square it with a lajp or other low angel plane. I'm also wondering if there's any Merritt in a strong helper to support the end, slab clamped to the mitre bar,and just cutting it on the bandsaw.
    • Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!
      By Cliff · Posted
      So I see 3 nays, and dozens of yays in reviews online. So there are people finding a use for it. I certainly prefer to experience things myself instead of relying entirely on the opinions of people who are so much better than me that half the tools and crutches I need right now are probably not necessary for them. I mean, you guys all find uses different types of hand planes that I'm not sure I'll ever use. So I'm not terribly concerned. Like I said, seems handy. Won't know til I try it. If not, I'd have been fine being out $50 cause $50 isn't really a lot to concern myself with. In this case, I will not be paying $50 for it so it's even better. I'm going with optimism. Because it's the last day before a four day weekend and I feel pretty ok.
    • Holdfast holes in split-top Roubo
      By hhh · Posted
      My advice -- Work with a bench for awhile to get a feel for your workflow before turning the top into Swiss cheese... You don't really need that many holes...   The BC plan is pretty good, but the holes assume a couple of specific bench accessories... Ahhh, now I remember, the [third] extra hole was in the front slab to support a carving vice -- I use the Veritas carving vice that attaches from below the bench with a through dog hole...   All three of my extra holes are in the front slab: 6 1/4 from left edge, 3" from gap (plane stop) 19" from right edge, 3 1/2 from gap (balances surface holding on right side of bench) The last hole is based on the requirements of my carving vice, so it's location is not important.  
    • Black Friday Money Blowing Bonanza!
      By Daniel. · Posted
      That seemed to work for me but... I always find an excuse to buy the tools I covet.
    • TWWG Split Top Roubo Build #544
      By bgreenb · Posted
      Looks awesome Mike.   I hate the cut from both sides method too.  Three of my four ends are out of square from the edge of the bench.  Jimmy crack corn.
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