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This will be my thread to track how the finish I chose holds up over time. I chose to use Penofin, which is a penetrating oil finish. They have many different types, and I used their Hardwood Formula. My chairs are made of White Oak. This oil does have a slight tone to it. It gave the wood a nice golden color that we ended up really liking. I applied a heavy coat of finish and let is soak in, for about 10 minutes. I then wiped off the excess and let it dry. Just one coat, as the instructions said. I plan to reapply the oil each year. I also live near Seattle Wa, so we do get some rain and snow here. I do plan to leave my chairs out year round, but I did pick up some covers for them.

Next update, Spring 2012.


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Would you post a picture after the finish has been applied. After reading you post thought I would also try it also but just tonight learned about General Finishes' 'Outdoor Oil' so maybe will go with that unless some one here has had a bad experience with it. If I do I will post a picture and a followup in the spring and the end of next summer. My chair will be outside but on a deck that is protected from the rain and has a dense tree canopy that will greatly reduce the sun exposure.

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