Stanley Bedrock Jointer (608C, Type 4) For Sale

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Hey all,

I have a very very good Stanley 608 (corrugated bottom) for sale, with both the original blade and a Hock blade and breaker. I found the 608 a bit large for my work (mostly small scale furniture stuff), so I'm switching to a #7.

The plane works perfectly, especially with the Hock iron and breaker. I've used it to flatten my bench and a few table tops, but otherwise it's not seen hard use.

The bottom has some minor pitting, mostly in front of the mouth and at the toe, but it doesn't interfere with the operation of the plane.

No cracks or fractures on the body, knob and tote are in perfect condition. Cap iron and lateral adjuster are in good condition and work just fine.

Pictures available on request.



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    • And the "through the table" height adjustment, and the convenient bit change.  The down side of using it in a table is that you have to flip the power switch before  a bit change.
    • I think it's the G0505..  Motor is good as far as I can tell.  Blades could stand to be sharpened or replaced, they're not expensive.  The OF roller is missing but, doesn't cause any snipe issues.  There's a little video of it in the shop tour that I just did recently. If it's something you're really interested in and can wait, drop me a pm and I'll let you know when I finally get home
    • I'll give you the same advice I gave my brother.  Harbor freight often has a Grizz 2HP DC at a low price, with a coupon available in most of the wood magazines.  Last I saw it was about $160 (with coupon) provided&utm_referrer=direct%2Fnot provided It has a 5micron bag, so I'd consider upgrading it with a Wynn Filter. This one goes for $129
    • Interesting perspective Marc.  I do like that the Oneida systems seem more compact and "plug and play", which is important in my space.  Our set ups will be similar-ish, in terms of the types machines and the size of our shops.  I am in a "two car" (actually one car wide, two cars deep) garage.  I have the following stationary machines: 1.75hp sawstop 5hp 25" woodmaster drum sander PM1500 bandsaw PM 6" jointer Dewalt 735 planer The DS is really the dust hog and the reason I am upgrading.  I haven't done the math - intuition tells me the 3hp Oneida will be enough, but the 5hp is only a $200 upgrade and gives me room for expansion (i might swap my jointer and planer for a 12" european combo unit in the next few years, and stick a smaller bandsaw where my planer was).  I will have to pull new wire to one of my 220v outlets (to upgrade to a 30amp breaker for the 5hp Oneida) but we use rigid conduit here in the chicago area so pulling new wire is no more difficult that installing a set of speakers .        
    • gotcha, but as long as the motor is good and nothing is bent how bad could it be? This does have my interested peaked because it can always be fixed. what model is it? Also, if you want to take this out of here feel free to PM me.
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