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marc has a twin

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ok so aparently marc made a guest apearence on the wood workers guild of america, he is at the 2:00 min mark of the show:) enjoy

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    • Lets discuss "good" things to get from Harbor Fright
      My favorite new thing from HF is a 2 ton engine hoist.  Now I don't mess with engine overhauls, but I was in bad need of some assistance recently, and there's just no one around usually other than my wife.  Had to unpack a Laguna 1412 band saw, and a SawStop professional saw.  By myself.  With my bad back.  Instructions for both suggested up to 4 beefy friends be involved. After looking into sticking a jeep winch to my garage ceiling, and worse, I found this hoist on sale for $179.  After 2 hours to assemble it, it worked great.  Put a cargo strap around the neck of the band-saw and lifted it easily into the air.  Stayed there for an hour or so, looking like some odd sort of power tool lynching, til I got the base assembled.  Lowered it onto the base with no problems. A few days later, it was the same thing all over, except with the much heavier SawStop, which ships lying flat in a styrofoam insert.  Created a lifting cradle from a piece of angle iron and several short pieces of rope, and a set of bolts that matched the threaded holes in the perimeter of the saw tabletop.  Was a bit difficult working inside the protruding legs of the lift, but I was able to get the saw up in the air, slide the rolling base inside the legs, and lower the saw into place. I'm reworking the whole shop, including all new box cabinets around the perimeter of the garage ceiling, and I forsee this hoist being a huge help jacking them up to the ceiling to install them.  Even designed my new workbench so that, by removing the bottom drawers, the castered legs of the hoist will be able to roll clear up to the walls.  In the meantime, its folded up and hiding under a cheap HF tarp in the side yard.    
    • New Sawstop.. Does it come pre-lubed?
      Title says most of it.. Do Sawstops come prelubed? The manual says nothing about it during the assembly, but in the back it has a lubrication guide. My Grizzly specifically stated I needed to lube it during assembly. 
    • Better Late Than Never.........
      Welcome to the forums Steve.
    • well my Sawstop works!
      Been there, done that, got the tee shirt and "used brake and bad blade" to prove it.
    • Island Countertop - Looking for feedback
      I'd probably finish with a an oil or oil/wax blend and offer an annual service contract to reapply .   You can reapply the oil annually and charge $200 or whatever to keep it looking new.     
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