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    • which lift for kreg router table?
      By Tom Cancelleri · Posted
      Glad to see I'm not the only one with the Kreg table and base. Mike, I plan on doing that cabinet as well. Though I am making some changes. I had drawn up something a while back. I also have the whole package consisting of the base, top, casters, setup blocks, micro adjust (worthless piece of crap), 2 x feather boards. It's a good table, though the fence has some flaws.
    • My shop overhaul
      By Mike. · Posted
      Lake forest... big pharma... abbott labs?  or maybe b-school?   Yes we still require copper for water supply.  No plastic or PEX type stuff.   I know some municipalities allow PVC sewer pipe, copper got ridiculously expensive during the housing bubble so I think they capitulated on that point circa 2007.  When my mom and sisters built their houses circa 2002 it was either copper or cast sewer.  My house, circa 1980, is a combination of copper and cast iron.   The City of Chicago dictates most of the building codes, the suburbs in cook county adopt that code and so does lake county (where lake forest is located) and I think dupage.  The more rural counties tend to be like the rest of the country.   Yeah... I saw your dig on engineers but thought the point was worth reiterating.  My dad is a retired union pipefitter and was a project super on many multi-million dollar jobs.  He naturally had a friendly rivalry with the engineers.  I wouldn't wany my dad designing anything nor would I want the engineers trying to make an x-ray weld on a 24" pipe.  
    • Shop made 1/64" shims?
      By Jim Harvey · Posted
      You could make a thin strip jig for the table saw. It locks in the miter slot and then is adusted so the nose is 1/16 or whatever you need distance from the blade. Put stock against the fence and move fence until stock contacts the stop. Then just rip off a consistant strip. Mine has a couple of skate bearings at the nose so stock moves easier. I also use it as a featherboard.
    • which lift for kreg router table?
      By estesbubba · Posted
      I made my own and it works great.
    • New shop!
      By amateur eric · Posted
      Well me and my new wife just moved into a new house that we will be renting for a few years. Has a small storage shed in the back, and next to it, is a much larger shed that the original owner had wired up as his shop. While I'm unsure what he used the shop for, I'm going to turn it into my wood shop. The electrical set up doesn't seem to be working, so all I have, as of now anyways, is a battery operated light. Has lights in place but no power. So step 1 will be getting power in place. Once I have that, it's on to build my first shop. Oh, and I gotta get rid of the spiders. Not scared of them, but they're the tiny ones that you don't really see. But that's the least of my worries. Can't wait to get it all in order Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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