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bench with veritas twin screw UK

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yes. at the end of the roubo build my existing bench will have to go.

so if you are in the uk and not availing yourself of a fine roubo then my beech one is up for grabs.

I have just fitted a face veritas twin screw and given it an overhaul.

I am thinking it will be available march /April time. very much dependent upon receiving the bench hardware from the US.

I know I need to post a picture and will do so soon.


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    • looks awesome Ice, the finish line is in sight, no pun intended
    • Ice, you are joining treeslayer in knocking it outa the park.
    • Getting closer. Added reveals to everything.   Rounded everything over.   Then sanded. the top turned out great, this is cool looking wood   Puzzle pieces   Next up is making those upper leg details.
    • Aside from the obvious (in the UK) like Amazon etc. I've used and  Sugatsune is particularly good for some of the harder to find hardware.
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