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mn pete

More action in the shop

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Pete - looking good. I had to look at your blog pics to see what that was all about with the picture in this thread......sometimes stuff gets in the way - especially plumbing, and ESPECIALLY in a basement.

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    • Miter Saw Thoughts
      Pretty neat idea Pug!  That is one of the benefits of having a smaller shop for sure!
    • Miter Saw Thoughts
      I don't think I would buy the CT for just the miter saw, but rather if I decided to buy more Festool tools.  Dust collection is still very uncertain, completely new shop and I will probably want to add a real dust collector for larger tools. I suggest the 12 inch Bosch for the following reasons: 1. Greater capacity than the 10 inch Kapex, which is the reason you stated in the OP for upgrading your saw. 2. The trim work is a one time use, after which your needs change significantly. If you're like many woodworkers, the miter saw is mainly to break down long stock in preparation for the table saw. 3. If it's finding a permanent spot in your shop, you can build a station including a dust collection shroud. (No saw mods required). 4. Take the money you saved and invest in the biggest DC you can afford. With a basement shop, this should be high priority anyways, and properly sized should be able to provide the CFMs for the aforementioned shroud. While I enjoy my Kapex, it's been underutilized since getting more into woodworking as I rely on my table saw for precison crosscutting.
    • Color the Grain (dye/pigment/stain) Mahogany
      Dashboy, I am offering suggestions based on my limited experience doing this on woods OTHER than mahogany, so a grain of salt is in order. So is a test piece. I suggested a sealer coat because you indicated that you did not want the full surface darkened, only the grain pores. Others have suggested that mahogany is very absorbent, so perhaps this won't work very well. I also suggested a gel type stain, rather than a liquid stain, because it will act more like a filler, but without completely filling in the texture, which is what I assume you want. Taking the other comments to heart, I think they are correct. Mahogany pores are not extremely large / deep, so if you try to seal the surface, you will mostly fill the pores with the sealer. Just use the colored pore filler as suggested above, as it appears to be the accepted practice for this application.
    • Store display unit.
      Holly cow!  Looks at all those pocket screws! Looks great bud!  Perfect piece for its intended use!
    • walnut or cherry?
      difference is actually closer to 250, but i wanted to account for an extra board for selection. Table is not huge, but about 72"L x 18"w x 30"h. Legs will need 8/4, and ill prob need to buy an 96"x 6" to get 8/4 walnut. haha, no. would need to travel to get it.
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