cleaning up a lot of saw dust in Gaithersburg, MD

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Hey all, my name is Subala but I go by the handle 3rdKidney on this forum. I live in Gaithersburg, MD which is about 30 minutes out side of Washington, DC.

I'm very new to woodworking, less than a year. Right now my wife and I are building a nature retreat center on 20 acres of land in southern Virginia near the NC border. There we teach all aspects of natural health, alternative healing, organic gardening, yoga, hold workshops, classes etc. We also rent the center out for events like weddings, receptions, weekend retreats and the like.

I kind of stumbled into woodworking through finishing the interior of our main building down their. There was a lot of santos mahogany flooring left over from getting our 1200 sq ft yoga room done so I decided to use them to build and trim out counter tops, wood burning stove hearts, trim molding etc. Those projects led to me acquiring more tools and setting up a woodworking garage shop here in MD. So now I'm a 'handy man' 24/7 for our home here and the Center while I try to squeeze in woodworking projects when I can and funds allow. Other than that, retired from two previous careers.

This is my first woodworking forum and I'm excited about participating. I also welcome any other woodworkers in my neck of the woods to contact me. Maybe we can get together and make some saw dust.

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Welcome. You will find this a friendly place.


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Welcome Subala! I'm not too horribly far away from you. I'm in Berkeley Springs, WV...about an hour and a half WNW of DC. Being "Mr Fixit" around our small family farm that we lived on in Spokane, WA a couple years ago is how I got my start in woodworking so I can definitely relate there.

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welcome im fairly new myself and i have found that the people here are frendly and helpfull i have had lots of question and almost always i have goten a response that if didnt answer my question at least lead me to the right path to get answers.

speaking of cleaning dust i spent couple hours yesterday with some kids from my school cleaning sweeping and cleaning the shop. we even moped it. the teacher that i work with hadent cleaned it in probably 5 years. god that was hard work.

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Thanks all for the friendly welcome.

Wow duckisser, 5 hours cleaning dust! That's above and beyond. It also reminds me of a recent mistake I made. I've been hearing you guys warn against breathing the saw dust so for the past year or so, I've been suffering through using those little white dust masks. I had a respirator (3M 7505) on my shopping list, but kept delaying its purchase if favor of more sexy doo-dads for the shop. BIG MISTAKE. Now I'm working on a big kitchen cabinet project for my home and decided to buy the mask before cutting (and finishing) all that plywood. The difference in how much better I feel after a long cutting (and finishing) session is amazing. I should have bought this respirator a year ago. It's comfortable enough for me to wear for hours without taking it off, and because it exhausts down (as opposed to straight out or up) my breathing doesn't fog my glasses. Now I don't have to choose between seeing or breathing and I can even wear it while sweeping up and cleaning the filters on my vac.

I'm using an oil based polyurethane finish and don't smell a thing with the mask on. I forget this until I remove it at the end of my work session and get hit by the fumes. That success in safety has prompted me to buy the Grr-ripper to help move my fingers further aways from spinning blades. More on this later.

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      I have several of those architects adjustable lamps around the shop so we can adjust them for raking light during sanding and finishing. LED spotlight bulbs  give me bright light without the heat and they have lasted much longer than the fluorescent curly tube bulbs . Only drawback is the weight (due to the heat sink ) , I had to replace several of the springs with stronger ones. My local hardware store had a pretty good selection.
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      This is very helpful, I am so new to much of this and I am finding it very difficult to plan something out when you don't know what you don't know.  I have been reading about DC for a while just to try and set things up to start.  After reading more the last 24 hours I know I won't hide the pipe in the walls.  So with that out of the way, I am not on a deadline to get DC solved.  I can set up my 240 runs as I had planned, spray foam, Stud and OSB then start building cabinets and such.  I think I will deal with dust collection as I go. Also at my stage of this hobby while I have 40x40 I am not ready to commit all of that to woodworking, perhaps in the future but for now I am just wanting to get going as I have really enjoyed working with wood even though I am pretty basic currently.  Thank you all for the insight, I will continue to read up on the resources in here and hopefully not piss as many of you off with my future questions and endeavors.   I have enjoyed lurking here the last few weeks and hope to get more involved going forward.
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