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12 Lighthearted Questions for Kari Hultman, The Village Carpenter

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It was a great post. But, I love Kari. She is an awesome artist and phenomenal person.


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That was great. Kari, is good folks and a great person to be interviewed first.

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    • I've yet to encounter a woodworker that isn't willing to explain, usually in great detail, how to do something.   Talented builder. From that guy's site. That chest of drawers is beautiful. Building something like this is my goal.
    • Stunning!  Well done.  Be very proud!
    • Interesting!  But not so unusual.  Some things are evolving, and those involved want to keep their methods from the public, in order to derive a benefit.  Wood workers on the other hand, are redoing a centuries old process! There isn't to much that's new in wood work, with the exception of the tools ! There are designs that are difficult to quantify, but for the most part, the construction is the same as it has been for many years. Those that work in wood will gladly share knowledge because it's not a secret process, it's been here as long as the first club used to hunt meat!
    • The Ruler Trick, championed by David Charlesworth, is an excellent quick method of ensuring that the back of a plane blade is as well prepared as the bevel face. This is not for everyone (I do not use it currently), but it does have its supporters, and some are very well-known and experienced woodworkers. Where the RT is particularly helpful is when honing BU plane blades. The very fine (2/3 degree) backbevel is placed where a wear bevel might otherwise grow. A wear bevel will reduce the edge on these blades. The RT will prevent its incusion. Regards from Perth Derek
    • Personally, I prefer using the cheap plastic french curves. Those stainless steel ones look really nice, but the avantage of being able to see through the plastic is that you obtain a better view of the lines you are drawing. Sometimes prettier gets in the way. Regarding the use of brass or other metal on the teeth of rasps and files, my view is that these will cause extra wear a lot faster than wood. I sometimes spray with a little 3-in-1 to soften any stuck waste, and then use a bristle brush (these are also used for polishing shoes). Regards from Perth Derek
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