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Steam Bending And a Toboggan??

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Part 2 of the construction. This wraps up the build :-) Hope everyone had a good NY Eve!

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Thanks, Andy. Looking forward to the boat build. Nice job on the toboggan.

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Really great videos. watched then last night! Very inspiring stuff! i'm definitely going to give steam bending a shot after watching the videos.!

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    • I no it may be a turd but I would take it for free.  There has been times I would like to turn a spindle for something. Hope this lathe will get you by for now.
    • I have this model. Pretty awesome. I only really use it on stuff that gets painted though. General Finish High Performance works great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • From what I've read,some guys have good luck with the HF lathes.  This does not appear to be one of those good luck stories.  If that's a current model, they might take it as an exchange, people say they have a very loose return policy.
    • Sell testicle.  Buy this.     It'll be worth it, I promise.
    • You guys are a terrible influence. So I have been making progress. I have 6 boards that are jointed and planed, and a couple more that are just jointed. As I said before, I'm just going for removing any bad twist or bows. Next up is straight line ripping done of the pieces. I made a new jig that was long enough, but I haven't tried it yet. Also, as I showed in my last post I now have parallel clamps for the glue up. I don't have a domino for alignment, so what did you guys do? My options are either just cauls, dowels, or a spline. I don't have a biscuit joiner, and don't think I'd use it. I was thinking a longer open time glue might be a good idea.@shaneymack the Lee valley glue claims a longer open time. How have you found it compared to something like titebond 2? Titebond extend doesn't seem to be easily obtained around here.
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