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Clothes, footwear, tool belts, aprons......you get the picture. Any brand is welcome if it's one of your favorites.
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  2. Fair question; there's only about 2-3 months out of the year in central Idaho when it's too hot to wear an apron (and then only for a few hours in the heat of the day.) Someone on here claims to wear shorts and sandals in their shop. Maybe aprons are regional.
  3. I have a cheap one from amazon, but I can only stand the extra heat for ~2 months of the year so I rarely use it. Do you guys that use them have a climate controlled shop or do you just deal with it?
  4. Well, short is better; you don't want too much loose clothing around machinery.
  5. It has a couple pockets that easily collect sawdust. For me it's mainly just about keeping my clothes clean. At first I was considered about a long sleeve coat and the sleeves would get in the way, but they're actually kind of short, they come down to just above my wrists.
  6. Neat idea, and no pockets to collect sawdust. But I think that I still want pockets.
  7. I wanted something just to keep dust, glue, stain, whatever off my clothes... and I thought about an apron, but then I started thinking something like a lab coat, and anyway I ended up with this shop coat which is intended for automotive mechanics. It has snaps on the front so it's easy to take off, and there's pockets to drop a tape measure and pencil into. I don't really carry any other tools with me, so...
  8. Twig and Bones Canvas Apron. Got this as a gift , and love it. quality canvas , the leather is strong and durable , and very comfortable. It's handmade and I just googled it for the first time. only 32$! From the fit and finish of it , i would of easily paid 75-100 for it. https://www.amazon.com/Twig-Bones-Leather-Apron-Pockets/dp/B01MRKN9VW/ref=lp_15067911011_1_1?srs=15067911011&ie=UTF8&qid=1524665462&sr=8-1&th=1
  9. Nice topic! I use a Woodcraft apron (it was on sale) about half the time. It's handy for pencils, etc, adds a warmth layer this time of year, and keeps sawdust off my clothes (and in the apron pockets.) Complaint: bends in funny places when I bend.
  10. I am an acoustic guitar guy all the way but when I had my woodworking shop in the 80's I leased out a small area to a piano technician. He repaired mostly grand pianos and did a lot of Steinway & Sons, authorized repair person, etc. and he had access to special tools and things from Steinway. One of those special 'tools' was a Steinway shop apron. It took me a year of working on him to get me an apron so I have had it since the late 80's and have done my best to use it but take good care of it. I wear it several times each week, today matter of fact. David
  11. Made in Australia - that label is getting rare these days. The owner travels to Japan and brings back fabric and old kimonos for a new life as apron lining.
  12. I went with this one and I like it https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06ZZ9FJCP/ref=twister_B071Y1YD86?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I always hated tool belts/pouches and thought an apron would be even worse but now putting it on is the first thing I do when I get into the shop. I knew I wouldn't like one that hung from my neck so my options were limited but I'm glad I went with this shoulder strap one, I don't even notice I'm wearing it now. Aside from the fact I'm no longer wandering around looking for that camouflaged double square about 10 times a day one of the biggest benefits is I now have
  13. I splurged a little (with the help of birthday money) and got this last year. Like Terry, I feel underdressed if the apron isn’t with me. I use it for pencils, sharpies, steel rules and a Stanley knife. The gun holster strap design is awesome. I can wear it all day and not feel the weight. That was the thing I hated about my last apron. All the weight on the neck strap was painful after a while.
  14. I just retired this Lee Valley apron. If I'm in the shop I have it on I think this one was like 15 years old. for this one...I'm really trying not to wipe glue off on this one but its not going well...old habits are hard to break. I did reconfigure it a bit, changed the straps from cross in the back to just a neck loop also added two pencil slots and opened up the smaller pocket so the dust collector remote fit better.
  15. With the leather aprons, when it is warm in the shop, don't you get sweaty in the body areas behind the apron?
  16. I too have the LN apron - it’s definitely a good one. Honestly, like wearing a seat belt in a car I don’t feel dressed in the shop without an apron on.
  17. Worried about the neighbor ladies?
  18. I wanted one for turning. I asked my Wife if she had one of the ones that she doesn't use for dog washing any more. So I have a plastic one with pictures of all sorts of dogs on it that I use for turning now. She decided to keep the solid colored ones.
  19. I own the LN one. I don't wear it often. Usually because I wear shorts, and if I wear the apron it looks like I don't have pants on
  20. I use this one Rockler Apron. I am real happy with it. If you read the reviews the biggest complaint is putting it on and taking it off, and it collects dust in the pockets. I don't know why people find it so hard to put on and yes you do end up with sawdust in the pockets, sawdust is a byproduct of woodworking, but I just take everything out of the pockets about once a week and turn the apron upside down and shake it out. Again I don't find it to be a big challenge to do this. This apron is a nice size, the pockets are nice and big, there are 4 down low but I tend to only use the tw
  21. I don't wear an apron very often but I stared this topic to encourage a discussion.
  22. Haven't figured out this club stuff, yet, but I'm interested. I agree with pk on Carhartts and Levi's. I have a designated pair of Carhartts that I can spill stuff on or leave in the shop (I know, TMI, sorry.) Also agree on aprons and would love a shirt for the shop that ended halfway down the fore-arm (I keep my shop at 52 in the winter; not quite sandal temp.) I find that the apron holds tools/pencils..., keeps me warmer, and deflects chips. My Burnt Ranch based son get's a kick out of folks (like my daughter actually) who live in the Bay Area and think that they are in Nort
  23. I probably wear shorts ten and a half months of the year but even in Northern California I get a week here and there when the temp turns me into a sissy.
  24. I've got multi pocket work shorts for summer !
  25. Pants? You guys are crazy! I went into business for myself so I could stop wearing pants! I wear shorts and sandals in the shop year round. I might put on a sweater if it gets nipply.