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  2. Knowing BCTW, it will be received about 8 months after you order it
  3. I remember there was a big kerfuffle over the kerfmaker when it came out. The fact that they came out with a big one tells me it definitely works for a significant number of craftsmen. I don't use a dado stack that often but I'm interested to see how the big one is received.
  4. I love my KM-1 so much I just can't pass up the chance to try the new, larger KM-2 Kerfmaker (LINK). Anyone else out there pre-order one?
  5. Many years ago I got a Bridge City catalog and was lusting for a measuring/ layout tool. By the time I had the disposable funds it had been retired, hey maybe that's where Woodpeckers got the idea ? Now many years later I recognize the high quality and high price along with the limited availability has a certain appeal to those who can afford them. Practical for everyday shop use ? Probably not every tool but some may be like my Woodpeckers framing square, worth every penny and treated with care and an absolute pleasure to use.
  6. I think this comes down to a value proposition. Do you get more for the money? Hard to say... For me, the answer is yes. If you wanted to compare the shaving of one block plane to the other you'll be disappointed. There is more to a tools value than the result. The precise adjustment on the shoulder plane is far better than the LN I had or the LV I've used. Which, at the price it damn well better be superior. The fit and finish is second to none. I dunno... it's nice to have a tool in my hand that wasn't designed over 100 years ago and hasn't changed since.
  7. So, the title is a bit tongue in cheek but, if you're like me, it's also somewhat of a legitimate question. I admit that I don't own any BCTW gear but, I do own a bit of LN stuff and am curious what the actual difference is? Is it truly worth the added cost or is it more personal preference?