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  2. Oh yea, Im familiar with the TSO offerings. Never saw a need for them as I already other tools that do the job and usually cost me less. Their new parallel guide system for example is amazingly overpriced. There is nothing wrong with the Precision Dogs version or the Seneca if you want to put more money into it for no real benefit.
  3. Hey hey hey i only forgot glue that one time.... well and that other time.... I think i should have worded that a bit differently. I bet they are nice with a track saw but i have had decent luck with a shorter square. These kenix ones are nice because they have a thick blade. https://www.amazon.com/Kinex-4034-12-020-Machinist-Square-0-0008/dp/B079R8BVYW/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=kinex+square&qid=1565872081&s=gateway&sr=8-4 My draw to the WP stuff isn't the size but that they make it from material that doesn't rust. I have to go through and wax my squares just like my planes and cast iron. Speaking of that i really should wax everything again it's been a while.
  4. I have to admit though, I have their 26" square and its been awesome for squaring up guide rails. I use it every time I break out the track saw or need to use a router on a guide rail.
  5. The first thing that comes to my mind is I can't read it. Full disclosure I have really bad vision LOL. I have the same problem with most of their red rules and squares. My favorites are still the SS 6" Paolini, #1 hands down best small rule ever made IMHO. Second is the small red triangle square I use primarily for squaring machinery blades. Both reside in my apron at all times when not in use.
  6. It'd be interesting if the cut out all the bells and whistles and just made them blank if they could sell them for a lot less. All that CNC milling and laser etching measurements has to take a long time to set up and will increase waste that they have to make up for and is it really useful? A big square like these would be nice and there aren't a lot of options but at the same time my 10"x7" square gets the job done. I don't feel that my furniture is falling apart because i used a $25 square over a $250 one.
  7. LINK Just in case the normal aluminum Woodpeckers Woodworking Squares (LINK) weren't expensive enough, never fear, we've got ya covered! Now half in stainless steel! Looks like the stainless versions will run ya another $60 more.
  8. LINK Looks like they made this a permanent tool now. Seems way overpriced to me, but it is a lot less than the Parf Guide System. Anyone out there own one and care to comment? I'm still looking for a good way to layout my own MFT table tops.
  9. I do like the SS better than the red.
  10. I saw this this morning and it reminded me of the paloni pocket rule. The price isn't super awful like some of their stuff. I do really like my SS pocket rule a lot but i find myself getting frustrated with hook rules often. I personally think their regular wide aluminum rulers are as good as these their downside is they are larger but that can be a positive thing as well. It does overlap them because they have a hook option that is removable.
  11. LINK Nice tool, but feels a bit redundant. And of course overpriced when it basically works just like a combination square which most should already have. I wish their Hook Rule would work on their 6" ruler. It works on all the other sizes.
  12. LINK Was an OTT but is now a permanent tool. I like the idea, but being that its made of phenolic I feel like it should cost half the price. Anyone have one of these and care to comment on how they like it?
  13. Cool! And if those weren't expensive enough already, you can now add 50" Extension Rails for an additional $60 PER clamp!
  14. Well you don't see that written very often
  15. For how much these cost a domino is probably cheaper.....
  16. It looks like the scissor design of the clamping mechanism applies pressure top and bottom as well as side to side, so boards are forced into alignment. If you aren't using dominoes, that is.
  17. I was wondering about that too. If your edges are not properly milled, chances are your heights will be different, resulting in some kind of random alignment with these 4 way clamps.
  18. I may be missing something but with proper milling of your edges you shouldn't really need something like this. I did a table top that was just shy of 6 feet long and 38 inches wide and I only used 5 clamps and at that hardly any pressure. I did use a few of the smallest dominos, the ones about the size of chiclets, for alignment but that was it.
  19. Don't get what any of these offer over alternating parallel clamps. I also thought parallel clamps were a bit on the spendy side.... as i use these more often than anything else. https://www.menards.com/main/tools/hand-tools/clamps-vises/masterforce-reg-12-f-clamp/3060467/p-1444439537442-c-9135.htm?tid=8287304672883482236&ipos=2
  20. Looks like if you needed to squeeze all the glue out of a joint, these would be good for the job.
  21. I thought the Damstom clamps were expensive at half that price. :-)
  22. Totally valid question! And for the price they are charging, they really should have ALL those types of issues worked out. From their description the bars and clamp faces are powder coated steel. Anyone know how powder coating does with dried glue? Is it a pain to get the glue off of?
  23. To steep for my blood but if you do a lot of panel glue ups might be worth it. My only concern would be will the glue play nice with the finish on those bars?
  24. LINK These actually look like a pretty solid panel clamp and a good idea if they work as advertised. But man, at $110 each if you buy 4, they are very pricey! What are your thoughts? Anyone planning on ordering a set?