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  2. Cool! And if those weren't expensive enough already, you can now add 50" Extension Rails for an additional $60 PER clamp!
  3. Well you don't see that written very often
  4. For how much these cost a domino is probably cheaper.....
  5. It looks like the scissor design of the clamping mechanism applies pressure top and bottom as well as side to side, so boards are forced into alignment. If you aren't using dominoes, that is.
  6. I was wondering about that too. If your edges are not properly milled, chances are your heights will be different, resulting in some kind of random alignment with these 4 way clamps.
  7. I may be missing something but with proper milling of your edges you shouldn't really need something like this. I did a table top that was just shy of 6 feet long and 38 inches wide and I only used 5 clamps and at that hardly any pressure. I did use a few of the smallest dominos, the ones about the size of chiclets, for alignment but that was it.
  8. Don't get what any of these offer over alternating parallel clamps. I also thought parallel clamps were a bit on the spendy side.... as i use these more often than anything else. https://www.menards.com/main/tools/hand-tools/clamps-vises/masterforce-reg-12-f-clamp/3060467/p-1444439537442-c-9135.htm?tid=8287304672883482236&ipos=2
  9. Looks like if you needed to squeeze all the glue out of a joint, these would be good for the job.
  10. I thought the Damstom clamps were expensive at half that price. :-)
  11. Totally valid question! And for the price they are charging, they really should have ALL those types of issues worked out. From their description the bars and clamp faces are powder coated steel. Anyone know how powder coating does with dried glue? Is it a pain to get the glue off of?
  12. To steep for my blood but if you do a lot of panel glue ups might be worth it. My only concern would be will the glue play nice with the finish on those bars?
  13. LINK These actually look like a pretty solid panel clamp and a good idea if they work as advertised. But man, at $110 each if you buy 4, they are very pricey! What are your thoughts? Anyone planning on ordering a set?
  14. I bought a sweet 3 sided ruler from Bridge City before the sold to the chineese company and really like it. It was black with white markings and is the easiest i have to read. Trouble it spends more time lost than found. This is my trouble with most of my small rules and the larger 2" wide ones that have a wall hook are my go to rules now.
  15. Yea they up'ed the price a lot on the SS versions. I do like the SS 6" model, but to be honest I have a 6" Starrett combo square that I have never felt cumbersome to carry around so I didn't end up keeping the 6" Paolini Pocket Rule I had.
  16. Nice i use mine often. I like the small SS rule it has good visibility. I like the steel over aluminum as it doesn't get damaged when i drop it. Though dang that's a lot of money for such a small ruler..... i don't remember spending that much.
  17. Apparently now a permanent tool offering: LINK
  18. As far as sawhorses go, these days, Im all about the Toughbuilts. I found this model to be perfect for me: LINK I use three of those and a couple 8FT 2x4s and a sheet of 4x8 2" rigid foam as my track saw table.
  19. I'm impressed. With the sawhorse. It looks like the ones I make, except for the crossbrace being a board instead of Baltic Birch plywood, and the inside one is missing.
  20. LINK I mean, maybe it's just me, but isn't this just a common bevel gauge task? So they've connected two bevel gauges together here? Anyone see this as a "must have" and ordering one?
  21. Definitely! I do too most of the time. For some tasks I like the Jessem more though. Usually depends on the tool Im setting up and how far away from the blade/cutter I have to be to reference the level surface of the table.
  22. I use a 3" combo square I keep in my shop apron for this.
  23. LINK Another odd one. Good tool idea, but seriously for same price you can get the Jessem Tool Setting Gauge (LINK) which IMO is a much nicer solution. This just feels kinda cheezy for the price.
  24. A friend of mine picked up several white board carts at a gov't auction for $25. He gave me one and I repurposed it as a clamp cart. Nice casters and several white boards, too!
  25. It does seem a little absurd even for them. But then again it probably costs very little to design and prototype something.Then they just throw it out and see what happens. I like that they do crazy things because sometimes they really nail a need that you don't even know you had. Meanwhile, I can't imagine having the room to wheel around anything in my shop!
  26. I saw this this morning, first thing I did was check the calendar, wasn't April 1, so just shook my head.