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  2. Slabs on the base and attached. Tops flattened. I was pretty nervous setting this up. Worked out great though. Have some tools marks to clean up, but turned out nice and flat. Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said. Meet Albert Chop trimmed and on the bench. Still got some shaping to to do. Was a very productive weekend.
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  4. The cracks, and the box it was in, was coiled up just about same as that 1/4” blade. Both arrived in that box. I coiled it how it is in picture
  5. I have had all my woodslicers delivered with an extra twist to the coil and never had problem. I guessing you just had the fluke blade, unfortunately, but I am sure they will be happy to replace it.
  6. I sure like that burn pit. I said I was going to make one like it but I’ll just enjoy yours!
  7. With limited experience with only my 14” Grizz, but I don’t think a blade can be coiled more than one time, ie. a quarter of it’s diameter. Highland has excellent customer service and you should be without a blade only a short time.
  8. Yep, I emailed them with pictures. Really just posted to see how unusual the community thinks this is. How many times should a 3/4” blade be flipped into a tiny coil? To me it seems just standard three loops/coiled, not sure what the proper terminology is.
  9. I hope he comes back as it would be interesting if he found the resolve. Hopefully he tripped something.
  10. Mike, the sides are made how, frame and panel, solid boards, ply, etc. ?
  11. Outdoor movie night. Burned my chair templates. They were taking up too much room.
  12. rodger.

    Food safe finish

    Almost all wood finishes are food safe when they are fully cured. That being said, my favorite finish for food items is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. Leaves a fantastic feel, and smells like beeswax! I often use it as a regular wax now over other finishes.
  13. I went to he grocer the other day, and I wore my 3M P100 respirator. Why take a chance when the PPE is right there?
  14. They balked at the increase and as most are long timers, I left it the same as last year.
  15. Agreed. I take very lights cuts for performance and reduced (or no) tear out. I have been using the same planer for about 2 years. Are you using a 20 amp dedicated circuit?
  16. I’ve never had a problem with Woodslicer blades, or anything from Highland. Any company can have an occasional defective unit. Contact them and I’m sure they will make it right.
  17. Anyone have experience resawing 4/4 by 6” Bubinga or Macassar Ebony? My ebony is 3/4 by 3”. The ebony I’m resawing into half’s. And Bubinga I am doing 1/8”. Any tips would be great.
  18. I just had a Woodslicer resaw blade delivered to my house, opened package to install on bandsaw and as I unwrapped the blades wrapping I noticed lots of cracking. There are at least twenty cracks on a two foot portion of a 131.5” blade. I’m thinking the person that packaged the blade decided to fit the blade in a box too small by twisting the blade an extra time to create a smaller diameter. Which is total bs. Now I can’t work, and not sure if I feel like ordering more blades from this place.
  19. If it's going to be on a mobile base, just leap frog plywood, and roll it where it needs to go. Have them sit in on the first sheet, and the first sheet overlaps a little onto the second sheet. They don't even need to be full width sheets, depending on the width of the machine. I've built many temporary ramps for steps. The last time I moved a 15" planer like this (where the loader would have torn up the yard), I used a Maasdam rope puller to pull it up the steps, and got it in the house by myself.
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  21. It never occured to me that I could rent a pallet jack.
  22. If you find the overload tripping even with light cuts, wax the bed. And by light, I mean LIGHT. For wide boards, I take no more than 1/32" per pas.
  23. You can rent a pallet jack. Here is a video Unemployed redneck showing how he did his Grizzly planer.
  24. Hey Cousin Dave, check out Live Bearded. You need some of that Duck Butter.....
  25. Yeah, that a big fear of mine--having the delivery driver just drop it off at the curb in the middle of a thunderstorm or 6 inches of snow. So if I'm taking delivery at "the curb" I'll have a few twenties on me in the hope that it will be a sufficient inducement to get the thing from the curb to my garage. The last few big items I have bought I had delivered to the Rock-Craft store. That way I have some flexibility to pick my weather window, and then I've rented a lift gate truck and pallet jack(s). That adds some cost, but a lot of times you don't have to pay for shipping to the store. My SawStop was bought used and I ended up having to hire movers to get it out of the seller's basement and into mine. If your looking at a new Grizzly it might make sense to rent your own lift gate and go get it. Don't they have a store in Missouri?
  26. I ordered drop gate, then scooted onto a dolly. Dollies are easy to fab to your needs. Screw blocks to it to keep it from sliding when you hit bumps. That also helps if the driver wants to help push. He can push the palleted tool without pushing it off the dolly.
  27. When you guys buy new stationary machines, and they drop them at the base of your driveway, how are you getting them to the shop? Last time, my bandsaw went on the big furniture dolly I had. But now I'm looking at a 15 Grizzly Planer, and the only thing I can think to do is buy a pallet jack (in city, tractor or other solution not readily available.) But that is another $300 for the Harbor Freight model. My Sawstop, I actually bought and brought home in a truck so I could pull up the garage and slowly ease it off. It was not fun, but doable. Just look for any thoughts on this.
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