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  2. My mouth is watering. (Can't seem to find the appropriate icon.)
  3. Shop Storage Shed

    I looked into Tuff Shed, which is a big chain that preframes the shed in their warehouse and then brings it out as a flat pack and stands it up on site. They're not too bad, pretty well made. Price wise a simple 10x12 shed starts in the $3-4k range.
  4. Shop Storage Shed

    I like that with the porch. I don't really have a porch on mine, just a ramp coming down from the door and then a little deck out front to run the push lawnmower in and out. And I gotta do something about that this spring, I had backfilled around the ramp and deck with gravel, but this past year the buggerly rabbits learned how to excavate and are now living under my shed.
  5. Chisel Sharpening

    I have watched many YouTube videos. Thank you for all the suggestions!
  6. Tart Tin Chuck Shield

    Thanks. I like the lathe very much for what it is (a medium size medium duty lathe) and what it cost. I ended up doing a review in segments in this thread:
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  8. A couple of shop improvements

    Yeah, it's a bit on the heavy side but not too bad. Once it's on the saw it slides nicely. lol, I went with a sled on steroids to be able to get rid of a dedicated miter saw station long the other side wall. I plan to put the miter saw on a cart with collapsible wings.
  9. A couple of shop improvements

    Very nice. i really need to do the same thing, I have all the stuff to do it just sitting there.
  10. There probably is, yeah. I hadn't given that much thought to hiding all of the holes, but, you're right- that would certainly be a preferable finished product. I could probably do some sort of a tongue & groove rather than shiplap, still do the same sort of edge chamfer that I'd planned on, and then just shoot nails down into the groove to adhere the boards to the wall rather than right through their finished face. I do have one of those angled tongue & groove nailers- the floors got redone here a decade ago, still have the tools. Hmmm. It wouldn't be hard to do except on the top few boards- but that's 16' up in the air and I could just do normal finish nails there and they're far enough away that you'd never notice.
  11. Is there not a way you can design it not to have nail holes to deal with? For fun, I once (1983) built a house with White Oak siding, and there was not a single exposed nail on the exterior of the house.
  12. Walnut. Finish undecided; I've been using Osmo Polyx on everything else walnut that I'm building, because it's so quick and easy, and I absolutely love how it looks & feels afterward. I don't know if I'd do the same thing on the walls, but I probably would. If I'm looking at having to finish something like 30 separate boards that are each 8' long, I reaaaaally don't want to use something that requires a bunch of coats. My thought was to finish front & back, then put them up on the wall, carefully fill the nail holes with a bit of wood filler, and then touch up the finish on the nail spots. I may also just finish the backs first, and not do any finish on the front until after the nail holes are filled. Still have to think through what would work best.
  13. A 2x4 channel is a great idea. You're right that'd provide more flexibility. Hopefully they don't go back to huge connectors- we seem to be shrinking them, moving away from the giant ones of old- but you never know!
  14. Interesting- thanks! That's a handy little tool. Yeah, I really should get into that habit. I've done a lot of re-wiring things here over the past few years and something like that would have been very helpful.
  15. Shop Storage Shed

    Overhang isn't included in building square footage according to my surveyor. And decks are not considered part of the structure and generally fall under their own code. The shed is going to be on the highest part of my lot looking over my neighborhood, the view from where i'm putting it is the whole reason i'm considering it. I may not sit up there a ton this summer or next summer but maybe when i slow down a bit. Yeah the whole point of going overboard is so I get to build it. I'm excited for this, like everyone else gets excited for roubo builds. Also my dad who is retired is going to come and help me. On the heavy equipment part i have a sprinkler system i don't really want to damage and getting the shed to the back of a 0.6 ac lot would leave some might big ruts in my soft yard. The dormers are the only thing that would make it look a bit different from my house. Other wise the house siding is going to be the same and the roof pitch on the house is 6/12 and i'm going to do 8/12 so not too far off. I have a little porch area on the front of my house as well. I'm in the middle of a Morris chair build i don't mean to be rude but this shed dormers and all are going to be a break from complexity.
  16. Supermax conveyor stopped

    I'll have to look at mine
  17. It doesn't get nearly as dark or red/yellow as the other hardeners. It also has good UV resistance when outdoors. 207 is intended to be west systems "topcoat"
  18. Trestle Table

    Thanks Coop ! How do you know about last night?? That's creepy.... Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  19. What finish?

    Lol, you know it! Is that the IBC chisels? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk I was on my phone when i asked the question. Now that im on my laptop i can see the IBC logo :-)
  20. Shop Storage Shed

    I would definitely go with outswing doors. We use every bit of floor space in the winter when we store the outdoor chairs and tables.
  21. Supermax conveyor stopped

    The motor on my 16-32 does this exact thing. I've been meaning to look at it as I'm concerned about this as well. I have been nervous watching that motor move.
  22. Meh, it turned ok. It’s about 10 degrees more done than I prefer. Perfect for my wife though, so she was happy. Ignore the lunchable. That’s what my son asked for.
  23. Shop Storage Shed

    @Chestnut What does your house look like? My highest priority would be to match the style, roofline, overhangs, etc to the main house as best I could (unless you plan on changing that stuff in the near future). Whenever I see people build secondary structures that don't match, it doesn't matter how nice it is if it differs too much from their house. Just my 2 cents. Add a couple pics of your house if you can! Dormers add complexity. They look amazeballs, as @Alan G showed us, though. If it were me, I'd be hard pressed to justify it, unless I were retired .....someday (sigh).
  24. Shop Storage Shed

    I looked and having them build in place, which was slightly more expensive due to labor on site, but I would rather go either of these routes then building myself over several weekends.
  25. Tart Tin Chuck Shield

    Great tip! How do you like your Nova lathe?
  26. What finish?

    LOL yeah I do but hey I'm ok with it...I mean it could be worse right Shane So I tried my friction polish and wax not terrible but I think I'm going to try Tom's CA finish suggestion next...I guess its a good thing this piece of cocobolo doesn't match so I won't get to upset when it hits the fir pit
  27. A couple of shop improvements

    Love shop tips and upgrades. Nice work and good use of some available time.
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