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  2. You are doing a great job on the Chest of Drawers! Don't be so hard on yourself, a little bit of sawdust, (which it looks from the pics that you may have a little of that around ) and some ca glue, and you are in business! You have done a much better job than I could do at this point! Keep up the good work!
  3. Frank Miller lumber in Union city, Ind. One of the largest mills for QSWO. I have been dealing with them for years. They deal in lumber by freight cars on trains. For us they have the retail desk. Not retail prices. The last batch I got from them looks beautiful. Sometimes looks are deceiving. After I dressed the oak first a face on the jointer then the thickness planer. Some of the boards would loose their flatness after being planed. Some would dress flat and distort after I'd rip it. One of the benefits of using qswo is the lack of distortion. I called the mill and after a few pictures they gave me a full credit. Over the years there have been a few issues with other mills. Before I could explain they refused. I never expected a full credit. I am pleased and amazed.
  4. That's good to know. I mostly do most of my finishing in my shop which sits around 62-64. I usually have a LOT of time to get finish on at that temperature. The end result looks great. I'm interested to see what it looks like in place. The oak that you used is beautiful, I'm quite jealous of the material you've managed to obtain.
  5. Ace hardware has wood stretchers. Found near the left handed monkey wrenches...
  6. I wrapped up some time consuming but minor steps on the bathroom remodel. As a break I worked on getting some french cleat storage in my garage. I made a couple bins that hand on the wall for some various items. I"m getting to the point where i have enough storage spots where i have empty space. The cleats are separated by 6" which is working out quite nice. The cleats were ripped in half from 5.5" stock. I"m toying with the idea of painting the cleats the color of the walls or hitting them with a clear finish to match the trim... trim is birch, cleats are BB ply. If any ones has some good ideas for must additions for french cleat storage let me know.
  7. There is no standard spacing. Do what ever you think will work for your space. I put these in with 18" separating the cleats as i was going to use it for large objects. I should have done 24" of separation as most of the bottom middle cleat is unusable. A single cleat around the top permitier of a shop could be useful. Kind of like picture frame hanging molding.
  8. I have the 18BX Bandsaw and it is the best bandsaw I have ever had. I also have their 3hp cyclone Dust collector and it is also a winner. I have been looking at their lathes at Woodcraft but I don't do enough turning to justify the purchase.
  9. Grrrr! I made an error, cut the side pieces for the base 3/4" short . The front and back are perfect, Unless someone has a method to make the sides longer they will be going on the firewood pile...
  10. I like the finish General Arm-r -seal semi gloss. It looked real good. Until I got to the dresser top. I could not work fast enough to flow it out. It leaves brush marks. I have received very good advice but still the same problem of running out of time. All the rest on this project was perfect because less time was needed being smaller parts. Then I talked to the local Ben Moore paint store. His first question was am I varnishing in AC. That was the answer. The heat reduced my working time. I brought the top in the house and had plenty of time to work it. The advice I received on the internet was consistent but wrong for me because I live in hotter long summers. The advice was well intended but not for my climate. The product is exceptional. But no large surfaces in warm climates. The temperature was in the low 80's early in the day. Not good enough. I set the AC at 71 overnight.
  11. It's gonna take you til 10 just to get dressed just to lay down. :-}
  12. Looking forward to see it in place.
  13. I have used Northstate machinery for 30+ years I have a 20 inch planer a 24 inch drum sander , 6x80 inch edge sander. When you do business with LeNeave Machinery & Supply you are doing business with a family who knows the woodworking business and a family business. You can always talk to the same person when you call. Greg and Jeff LeNeave and Staff can handle any needs you have in the Woodworking industry from the backyard wood shop to the commercial industry. When I made cabinets doors years ago I Owned a NorthState 25 inch Wide Belt Sander and it was a great Machine. J P
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  15. Most every day of the long Florida summer, I start early but I stop around 10 or 11. On my funeral day, I hope a long time from now, I'm taking the morning off! Going fishing! My iPhone tracks my walking. I walk much faster and farther when the temperatures are 80 or less. I did not realize that until I saw that on my phone. I bet I burn more calories walking slowly in the heat than fast in comfortable weather. When this furniture gets delivered in a week or so I will take more pictures which will include the elegant touch of the ladie of the house.
  16. I'm guessing the funeral is at noon then.
  17. You guys are a little older than me, but I'm still working more than full time. I figure I'll work until 10 o'clock on the morning of my funeral.
  18. Yeah, I think I'm the oldest here still being a part of the forum. Crap, I'm gonna be 80 next year, And I wonder how the hell I made it this far. Hang in there young'un, I may get outa here in the next few, and you just might be the oldest. But you did do good. YOUNG"UN!
  19. Thanks Richard! Only thing is I am beyond young. I just looked up for age on your profile and I am younger than you by 8 years. So I guess young'un works fine.
  20. Thanks. Being a patient shopper, those older saws can be gotten at a reasonable price since everyone seems, for some reason, to want batteries. Can't for the life of me figure out why. And the 1/4" steel stock ... if you know anyone at a scrap yard you could probably also score some for $0.00. Right after building it, it saved me about 30 minuted cutting metal for the popup camper enhancement.
  21. And the smiles you received are no surprise. Came out beautiful.
  22. Dennis, like to many things, it depends on what you want to do with it. I've recently started putting up a cleat system. (one of the reasons it's so messy). I put 2½" cleats on the wall spaced 6½" apart (bottom to bottom). I thought that it would give me lots of options, but it seems that I have ended up putting things on only a couple of the heights. I'm still working on it and have changed things 3 times this week alone. Only one main "rule" to follow. If you are putting something fairly heavy or unbalanced on a cleat, make sure that the holder is supported on either another cleat or use a spacer block so that it sits against the wall. This will help make sure that it doesn't pull up and out of the cleat. One good thing about a cleat system is that you can start with only a couple of "lines" and add more in between if your needs change.
  23. Tool recommendation of the day. At the beginning of this project I picked up 2 new sawblades from Ridge Carbide. One was a flat top blade ground for a dovetail angle, nice but what can you say? The other is their 10" 48 tooth TS2000 Ultra Combo blade. WOW, this thing really cuts cleanly. The 21" crosscuts on the top panel was flawless. It'll also cut plywood with zero chip out on the bottom and the cut is polished. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that along. Expensive but they really perform.
  24. This week I decided it was time to make a couple upgrades to my existing tool. First I replaced my 1950's Craftsman jointer with a new Grizzly 6" jointer. Then I I upgraded my crappy HF 8" drill press with a new 12" Grizzly drill press. I decided to mount it to my large Husky too box. To do this I had to move my spindle sander to my small Husky tool box. This is where I had my old drill press mounted. I originally put the new one on it but I decided it felt to unstable.
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