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  2. Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck New deck
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  4. You gotta hand it to them, what they're doing is probably easier and more efficient than any heavy equipment move. And cheaper, too. I don't believe the Amish drink beer, so it's just pizza .
  5. That makes my back hurt just watching it. Some friends of mine had a excavation business they had a pole barn for working on equipment. they wanted to move the building to a different location on the property. They hung beams from the bottom cords of the trusses under an upright of the webbing, they put two dump trucks inside the barn under the beams. They cut the posts off flush to the slab the using the dumps on the the trucks under the beams to lift the building and drove it to the new location it was fun to watch they moved very slowly communicating with radios.
  6. It has locking casters, I have to roll it out to use it because the car lives in there, but it’s so heavy I never lock the casters
  7. I like your table and, your cabinet's organization, that's what I'm thinking Treesayer. Thanks for sharing pictures of your table it helps. I always liked the router table Norm Abram's made. Does yours have casters for mobility or is it stationary? I want to have the casters and be able to make it stationary when in use like I did with my drum sander
  8. Hey Chip, I wanted to keep the box joints true 1/2” all the way so the only way to do that was make separate sections and glue them together to maintain the 1/2”, more work but I’ve got nothing better to do
  9. I’m actually from Chalmette in St Bernard. Katrina Made a direct hit and wiped us out so we have been here since.
  10. Actually I used the clips wynn sells. I screwed the filer to the box from the inside and screwed a 1 1/2 inch wood ring to the bottom. I use that to band the clear bag to. I cut the bag in 1/2 due to Lack of space. I have 9’ ceilings so its pretty tall.
  11. I see two things that could increase your systems performance. The first thing is using larger duct. You can increase the Suction by up to 50% using 6” pipe instead of 4”. You will need to step down to 4” by each tool and the fittings can get expensive more so if you have a large shop. The reason larger ducts work better is your moving more volume and stepping down at the machine increases the speed at the machine. If you just have 4” duct the whole way it starves the blower and the air speed drops especially on the longer runs. The second thing is switching to pleated canister filters. Canister filters Increase the area of filter many times more then the bags and give you finer filtration which means less dust in the air. More air filter area Means you can move more air which increases performance by up to 50%. Both of these things can be a bit pricey but worth every penny if you ask me. here are some links the first one is to my post on my system. The Other is for the filters. I used 1 on my 1.5hp system then added a second one on the 3 hp upgrade. This link has several versions most or self explanatory. I will say the 222 sqft area is better then the 274 sqft one. The larger area means tighter pleats which get harder to blow the dust out. My system has both. The 222 model was created after my first purchase for the very reason I Just stated.
  12. Dang they just kept carrying it and carrying it... I thought they were taking it to Jersey!
  13. @treeslayer did you build the box then cut it open on the bandsaw or do a separate top?
  14. It can be when it all goes to plan. Equally frustrating when it screws up, which is not uncommon.
  15. I splurged on some Horton hinges for the spice box I'm building. I searched the world over and thought I found the right hinges, ordered them, no, they sucked. So I spent $20 on the Horton hinges, excellent quality and as they say, you only cry once. I went for their $50 mortise lock too, which made me choke but dang, it's nice.
  16. I'm just shaking my head and saying to myself, "how the heck....?" Very creative, excellent results. That has to be satisfying as all get out.
  17. Slicker than a Christmas ribbon.
  18. That's exactly what America used to be like.........Community. The Amish keep their part of America the way it should be. Community!
  19. Flying puppies around in a Gulfstream, any Gulfstream, is pretty choice travel The ones that aren't stretched out are the 600 models, which would be my guess for a puppy lol Gear lights present more problems than many people would think. Sometimes it requires a retraction test on the ground to make sure they work, which is a lot of work for a proximity switch that's 0.001" out of range. Grrrr....
  20. The comments are good too, like: " It's all well, and good, until the Wife says it looked better where it was."
  21. Unrelated to Covid, but last year our local Woodcraft closed, owners retired. Just got notice last week they've now re-opened, so I'm hoping to get out there and see what's new/different. Wearing a mask in the store will be different... (see how I tied that into Covid! )
  22. I bet someone bought that barn and the deal was cash & carry.
  23. I'd wind up being the one guy that trips over his own feet, and brings everyone down like dominoes!
  24. Dave, I splurged on some Brusso 95* hinges for my wife's jewelry box, partly because they fit the 1/2" wall thickness. Worth every penny, they are the finest hinges I have ever used.
  25. Just to give you some ideas Dave, 2’ X 4’ is as big as I could go and fit the spot I have
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