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  2. Besides woodworking I am an orchid collector and grower. I have around 200 plants. There is always something in bloom. Some people think I do the impossible. I let them think that but the truth is orchids are very easy. Just much different than all other plants. For one they are mostly air plants. Each species group have their own rules but it is not demanding. No row to how. No getting on your hands and knees. When invited for diner I bring a cut flower. That keeps the invitations coming. Orchids make a statement. And a couple of years ago Florida allows medical marijuana. So when i am
  3. When I built my mitre sled for the table saw 90 was the most important. It is close to 45 plus or minus a tiny. What matters is the 90. works great.
  4. It would be a worthwhile hobby if it didn't suck up money like a sponge.
  5. My first and only lift. The speed and accuracy is easy. An eighth of a turn on the crank is 1/64 inch with increment dividing 1/64 8 times. The lock is sure.
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  7. I don't think so because when it broke, the film on the back didn't tear. I also scored the film on the back with a razor blade prior to trying to cut the mirror. How thick is the glass you've cut? I don't know if thickness or temper plays into things but the glass was a full 1/4" thick.
  8. I've cut a fair amount of glass without issue but never a mirror is it the mirror film that causes the problem?
  9. Pricing out plywood or boards to do some garage shelving. I was disappointed to learn that I can get ash, hackberry, or elm cheaper than i can get pine boards at a lumberyard. Guess my garage is going to end up looking nice and fancy.
  10. @Mark J I am eyeing at this Harvey saw. Seller gave me another $100 coupon. I am asking for the 230V prewired and the NEMA connection before pulling the trigger.
  11. Interesting wired 115 for a 32 amp breaker... that sounds like it's from Europe. Nice that you got help to figure it out. A friend of mine who is an electrician had to stop accepting beer as payment. He said "I'd have to be drunk around the clock in order to consume all of the payment people wanted to offer". I've seen 30amp single pole breakers. These are targeted at small campers. I believe any branch circuit that is larger than 20 amps is only allowed to have 1 receptacle though. Only other time I've seen larger amperage branch circuits is in knob and tube wiring applications.
  12. Every single day I spend 10 to 15 minutes either solving chess puzzles or playing sudoku. Been doing that for the past 20 years. I have other occasional hobbies (woodworking, fishing, photography, etc), money pits all of them. They come and go.
  13. When he's done helping you ask him if he can move next door to me. Your property value just went up 20%, "Lovely home with classic style and helpful electrician next door". I've never heard of 32 amps on a 120V line. 20 amps is the most I've seen, but...? A 20 amp 120V circuit can run a 1.75 HP motor, max. I'm wondering if something didn't get lost in translation with the seller. What is horsepower rating of the saw motor? Even if you can run the saw on 120V it would be great to take this opportunity to drop a 240V line. Any chance of running more than one? Not trying to mak
  14. So the organizer isn't next. The next part is the mirror and lighting. The lights I went with are from American Greenlight. The make rigid strip lights that have a diffuser and can be paired with a dimable ballast. I've used these lights in the past and they have excellent color rendition which is also helpful. I did some tests to see how best to put the lights. My main concern was they would be to bright to direct forward. With the dimmer switch it's very easy to get a good brightness without causing eye strain. I did put a makeshift mirror in place to test this better. The lamp holder i
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice. Yes, the laundry room shares the wall with the garage. The table saw is coming prewired at 115V and need 32 amp breaker which I believe is not compatible to resident outlets. It can also be wired to 230V. I still have some questions to the seller before pulling the trigger. I talked to a neighbor who is also an electrician. He said there is a high chance that the dryer wires comes down from the attic. In that case, we can add a new the wire from the attic to the garage. I asked him for a quote but he said no. Instead, he will write a list I can buy the wire
  16. Oh my! It's a perfect one. I hope that one day I'll can do the same(ofc not). Really nice job!
  17. Being the bait in an attack dog school, doesn't mean you train them, it simply means you can't run fast.
  18. For me it's just fixing/improving the house and fixing a car when it breaks. Outside of that and woodworking, my main 'hobby' is chasing 2 little kids and cleaning up after then. I used to be interested in photography but never went off the deep end there. Would like to do some more of that and learning to cook better. Hopefully we'll enjoy some more hikes with the kids now that its getting warmer.
  19. In the past I was a computer and video game nerd, then Photography, cars and tinkering has always been something I enjoy as well. I also like to garden and in general just be outside. @Coop Gardening is a legitimate hobby, you should see the gardens my parents and Grandmother maintain. I hope i get a good tomato crop this year. I should try harder at it. I'm also thinking about not growing bell peppers. It seems like I spend $5 on a plant to get 1 bell which is 3-4x more than the grocery store.
  20. That’s correct Coop just the motor, I think all the big names sell just the bare motor, no base, we’re not slow, we’re pacing ourselves
  21. Yea, but every picture I see of your toe-maters, they sure look gooood.
  22. Thanks for the explanation. Thankfully, I happen to have the Sd208s set, so seems like I should be alright.
  23. This made me think of a scene from Planes Trains And Automobiles! How about those Bears
  24. So only the motor fits into the lift and not the entire fixed based router? I’m slow at catching on!
  25. Exacting but not exciting! Exciting would be to discover the warm foot next to yours in bed is not your other foot!
  26. I dunno, Coop. Constantly dodging weather disasters seems to an exciting hobby of yours, these days.
  27. No excuse, I have a bad case of engineering brain, myself. Dramatizing little events from your own life isn't too hard, you should try it. Write "scenes" instead of stories, you can find ways to match them up and fill the gaps afterward.
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