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  2. Jonathan McCully

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    Sorry, misunderstood you. And I know what you mean about hitting your legs. I’m always stretching my legs out (I’m 6’3”), but I think the width should be enough to keep people from hitting knees.
  3. Chestnut

    New project with crazy angles

    Ahhhhh ... I failed trig in college .... twice.
  4. Chestnut

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    I was talking about the cross braces on the legs. The middle stretcher is very important. With a wider table the mid height isn't so bad but they bother me personally at that height I'm ALWAYS hitting my shin on them Personal preference there though cause some people don't like kicking them. I always kick me feet up and use them as a foot rest.
  5. Jonathan McCully

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    Here are a couple more of my drawings which may help visualization of what I’m describing. My current plan is to do the entire build without hardware, so my thought is to attach the top to the base with through dowels on the top support and anchor blocks attached to the bottom of the table top. That’s what the larger circles theough the top support are for.
  6. rodger.

    Guitar repair

    I agree with the "leave it be" approach. My favorite guitar is now 25 years old or so, and its got a lot of dings and dangs from late night jambs, a few performances, and lots of campfire howling. The guitar wears it use as a badge of honour!
  7. CLJ54

    Guitar repair

    It blows my mind that people are paying good money for something brand new that people are breaking to look like a replica.TerryMcK, the road worn look should come from the hard work of getting the tools that way, but I digress. lewisc, did you end up getting the guitar and doing anything with it?
  8. CLJ54

    Red Oak Finish

    That must be quite the sturdy desk you've built. Wimayo's suggestion, in my opinion would probably look the best but also take the most time possible. drzaius, epoxy could still look half decent if just a thin layer was used across the top.
  9. So I need to build a dodecahedron light fixture (12 pentagons joined together). I am still working through how to cut all these angles. I decided to make a prototype of a pentagon, and that went well. Each cut was 36 degrees on the miter saw. I will need 12 of these in total for the completed fixture. The problem I am having is the "dihedral" angle. Mathematically, it should be 116.57 degrees. So if I want to rip each edge on the table saw, is that 116.57 - 90 = 26.57 degrees? Or, is it (116.57 - 90)/2 = 13.285 degrees? Or, should i set my wixey on the blade, let it register 90, and then just adjust to 116.57?
  10. rodger.

    Jessem Mast-R-Lift 2?

    Okay, so i made a choice. I bought the Mast-R-Lift 2 and the Jessem PowerTek 3.25 HP router. Its a great set up! I'll take some photos and post some pics shortly. I just finished installing all the parts, and then reinstalling them (the instructions kinda suck).
  11. rodger.

    Why didn't I do this sooner?

    Nice ingenuity!
  12. Mark J

    Bandsaw setup video

    I think that piece of wood is only temporary, it appears to be easy to detach. Maybe part of some other jig.
  13. rodger.

    Sawstop folding outfeed table

    I looked at this solution as well, but went with with the tried and true "butt the workbench up against the table saw" approach.
  14. Today
  15. rodger.

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    I assembled my Sawstop myself, but it was placed onto my shop floor via the shipping company in three boxes. That being said, I injured my back while trying to lift a planer a few months back. It put me out for a few days, and I could hardly walk for the first day. I have never had a back issue before, and consider myself decently strong. So THINK carefully before doing any heavy lifting - It's just not worth the risk. The box is not telling lies when it says "team lift".
  16. Ronn W

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    The stetcher halfway up sill add a great deal of stability against the table swaying in the long direction. It works in concert with the top stretcher(s). The joints of the stretchers to the legs and the legs to the base and top cross piece need to be nice and rigid like mortise and tenon. I would make it about 5" to 6" tall and 1" thick.
  17. Ronn W

    Restoring a music box

    Nice find. Good luck. I am poor at refinishing so will not hazard a guess. I strongly suggest that you stop by Wood craft in Bloomington and talk to Kevin Southwick on Saturday (call first to be sure tha he will be there). He restores and repairs furniture for a living and teaches finishing classes at the store.
  18. Jonathan McCully

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    I understand that I didn’t include all of my drawings. I have a single stretcher planned between the two legs about halfway up that will M&T into the open section of the leg between where the knees are joined (if that makes any sense). I’m not sure that this stretcher will provide much structural help, much like what Nut was saying. i actually have two stretchers across the top planned and was questioning if a third might be beneficial for such a wide tabletop. Ill definitely keep a thinner top in mind. I’m not sure all of my wood is exactly 8/4 anyway and will lose some thickness with milling.
  19. Eric Anderson

    hieght of workshop tables

    Most people would hate my shop, cabinet and work table heights (39 - 40 inches), but I'm 6'6" and don't like to bend over at my age. Oh, and my kitchen cabinets are at 39" also (my bathroom vanities are also higher than normal, but not quite 39". Can you sell a house "for tall people only"? Build things to your height. Its nice to have everything at table saw height for a lot of reasons, but particularly if you are outside the "normal" stature, either higher or lower, build to be comfortable.
  20. Ronn W

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    Nice looking table. Regarding top stretchers from leg to leg- you mention one but do not shown it. I assume that it is centered on the legs. I would serioulsy consider adding a second stretcher about 12" to 16" off the floor with a mortise and tenon joint into each leg. That will help with racking (sway) a great deal. I will admit that the frame in the attached pic is overly strong, I have 3 top stretchers for reason other than stability. You could get by with one or two top stretchers. Note that my stretchers and cross pices are 3 1/2" wide x 3" tall ( yours are 4" x 1 3/4") .My table was 44" x 96" and while the frame was not to bad to move with 2 people, the top was a bitch and mine was only 1 1 /4" thick ( aobut 180#) I would seriously consider reducing the thickness of the top. I used metal figure 8's to attach the top to the frame and stretchers (a lot of them). This allowed me to transport the table to its final location and then attach the top. Good luck - Fun project,
  21. Mark J

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Assuming the 941 stands on 4 feet, one in each corner of the machine, then i believe a single layer of 3/4 plywood will be all that you need. You can fasten the corners of the plywood to the corners of the 3550 easily enough, but even if you don't I believe there would be very little flex. It is not that BB won't flex, but assuming 4 feet there will be no load in the center of the plywood. What does the 941 weigh?
  22. Mark J

    Bandsaw setup video

    I'll have to watch the video later when I have more bandwidth. I am bandsaw miter slot user wannabe. First I"ll have to get the bandsaw out of the box. I bought the band saw specifically for truing up thick turning blocks, so I plan to make a sled for the purpose.
  23. Jonathan McCully

    Suggestions on Trestle Table Plans

    Thanks for the assist Nut. I’ve already secured the wood and have it stickered in my shop. I’ll include a picture of it when I start my journal for this build. The plan is to do this in two pieces, the top and the base with either some knockdown hardware or through dowels to hold the two pieces together. And yes, all of those circles are for drawbores. The legs and feet are planned 4”x4”. i agree with your concern about the style of table, however, this is what my wife wants after quite a bit of research, so I’m happy to oblige. Big question is, will this style support the table top well or do I need to design with two legs on either side?
  24. Chestnut

    Restoring a music box

    Test to see if the finish is lacquor not sure how you'd do this but that's my guess. If it is lacquer it's a nice finish to work with because it works like shellac. Marc's humidor finishing video on his free site covers how to polish a finish.
  25. Chestnut

    Bandsaw setup video

    That's the one i was eyeing as well. I don't like how the stock one locks down. When ever i go to tighten the screw to hold it in place it always shifts. It's not like my table saw where i can apply a bit of pressure on the t-assembly and keep it strait, it always shifts one way or another forcing me to grab a mallet and tap it to final position and tighten more and then it shifts more....
  26. applejackson

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Same here. I think it's because when your hand routing, you've got the machine in between you and the bit but when table mounted that bit is spinning right in front of your face.
  27. Spanky

    Tennessee Curly Cherry

    Bmac the pic of the curly cherry, that a stool top?
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