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  2. Pretty much impossible to avoid these days. Thankfully my new TV has an option to skip right past all the "smart" nonsense and just show what's plugged into it.
  3. And I just ordered a new SMART tv. I can’t operate the 8 yo one I have that has voice commands. Money well spent?
  4. I think I have those units in my shop I will confirm on Tuesday when I get home. If I do I should have the manual is I keep all of that those.
  5. Good feedback; thanks. At the moment, I am very pressed for space so I have a combined workbench / outfeed table / assembly table. I will look into the possibility of having smaller, separate units.
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  7. I have a Sandvick that I inherited from my father. It is one of my favorites. I will probably rehandle it someday. My father cut the ears off if the handle so he could cut with the saw upside down when doing remodel work. He was a remodel and repair contractor. It sharpens nicely and saws well.
  8. Don’t mean to make you all jealous, but I’ve got a Vizio soundbar for my tv. WITH a subwoofer…
  9. I was. I haven't been on there in a long time. But the people there were helpful
  10. The Amana bit came today, so I tried it out. No comparison to the Chinese one. It cuts fast, clean, throws chips, and no drag in the hole-all different than the cheap one. I can't imagine the Freud one will be any better, or that any one needs to be any better. I'll rig up something to suck up the chips when I cut the 250+ holes. The people in the rental house wanted to know if they could continue their stay through the weekend. I told them that they had been no trouble, didn't call me for anything, and if they did their own bed laundry that they could stay there as long as they liked for 300 (pretty big discount, but don't have to go through rental agent) a night. They came back a little while later and asked if the Wives could stay through next week, and the men come back next weekend. I told them that would be fine if they didn't mind me spending a little bit of time when they were on the lake to work on the handrails, and that the rails would be down for maybe a day or two at the time. They didn't hesitate to say yes. They had already said they want to come back next year, and I'm not worried about this bunch falling off the porch.
  11. Four bandsaws is about the right number.
  12. I think that would be a special experience to hear music on that system... but it would probably ruin listening to music for the rest of your life.
  13. I don't know what happened to JDS as a company, but it looks like official new filters for that unit are still sold under the "AirTech" brand. If nobody comes through it might be worth emailing that company to see if they have something laying around.
  14. I have, and have a dev or 2 in mind, depending on how things work out. But somehow I don't think they'll be needed. They'd be a fun build though because the box is so complex. Personally, I've never heard the 1099s or the HTM12s but they both have good reputations. Are you on AVS Forum by chance?
  15. Have you heard of eminence or lavoce for 21 subs? The box is called the devastator. Supposed to be best of both worlds for mid and low frequency. Yeah I have htm 12 and currently building the 1099. The htm 12 is hard to beat price/performance. I'm curious how they compare to the 1099s
  16. Hey, I've seen pics of that home, but not the video. Thanks for posting that. Maybe I don't want to watch? I love the RCA dogs.
  17. That's a very large benchtop. In a small shop, I wonder if you wouldn't be better off with a smaller workbench for hand tool work and a separate outfeed/assembly table. A torsion box design would be a good choice for the outfeed/assembly table, and maybe a smaller workbench would make solid wood an affordable option. Doesn't need to be fancy wood - Chris Schwarz like Southern Yellow Pine. If you're wedded to the torsion box design, you might look at this article from Popular Woodworking for some ideas.
  18. Looks great Glenn that really cleaned up nice, I always enjoy using my father’s and grandfather’s tools helps me stay connected to them even though they have been gone for a long time
  19. I'll refrain from posting any pictures so no-one gets sick on their keyboard. I saw this last year and was amazed at how deep this guy went down the rabbit hole. Here's the hour long video if you want more detail:
  20. You gotta do what you gotta and you did it well.
  21. I touched on this in the WDYDT thread but I ended up doing enough that I thought posting a separate thread might help somebody out. Basically I inherited a G0513X2. I have run a G0513X (no cast iron trunnions) for years so the setup was familiar. I added a paddle switch, swapped the plug to my typical type, cleaned up the guide bearings (none needed replacement at this point), co-planered (is that a verb?) the wheels and replaced the tires. Dad was well known for making "just this one cut" without turning on the DC even though the DC fob was hanging from the bandsaw . This resulted in some pretty crusty guide bearings that I cleaned up. For contrast, here is what my bearings look like after months of use BUT using dust collection. I used a 3/4" Timberwolf to test tensioning, aligning the table, and the fence. I don't know if I've posted about this here but I have a problem with the fence lock handle design on this series of saws. If you have stock on the table positioned to cut you cannot unlock the fence for minor adjustments. I took care of this on my old saw and will do the same mod to the newcomer as well. Unscrew the original handle and cut out a blank from some scrap (3/4" x 1-1/8" x 3-3/4" in my case). Drill a through hole for the 8mm bolt and counter bore it so the head is recessed. Mill a recess in the back to capture the locking mechanism dog and keep the handle oriented. Soften the edges, slap on some shellac and there you go. Now you have a handle that you can unlock for minor adjustments even when stock is present on the table (shown unlocked here). I tested the table and fence alignment with the 3/4" Timberwolf. OK, perpendicular and parallel alignment look good. I swap out the 3/4" blade for a 3/16" x 4 TPI blade that I use for tall curves. This machine will not be used for resawing but, this testing makes me feel good about making curved cuts in thick stock. Now I need to clean it up and cobble together some dust collection.
  22. Very nicely done. I like it.
  23. Yea, looks like you've got it bad too. Are those flatpacks 1099s? For what they cost flatpacks great value, unless you're outside the US. So I have to cut all my own. I've heard all kinds of good things about those speakers, but I've had a very nice bed layer set of Polk LSi series speakers for years and love them. I'd have to hear something pretty special to make me want to switch. I built my 4 Atmos speakers from a parts kit from Madisound. They are MTMs. I also built a sub of my own design. It has an 18" driver in a 20 cu ft ported box. and is a beast in every sense, including weight, at about 350 lbs. In the que now are a couple of 12" subs, a couple of 10" that will also be end tables, and a couple of Harbottle Audio 21" drivers in ported boxes. Cody from Harbottle assures me that my world will be well and truly rocked. I have looked at the outlaw amps and they are very nice and a good value. But I just have an itch to assemble my own using ICEpower amp modules, the 2000AS2. Because of the price break for bulk purchases, it's cheaper for me to get all 2000s than a mix. I think Outlaw uses ICEpower, or maybe Hypex modules. Those xovers are a breeze and won't take you long at all to put together. Fun to do as well. For me, AV is kind of a perfect fit because it blends woodworking, electronics (at the most basic level) and home theater. All things I love
  24. I fell deep into the rabbit hole for diy audio. Have you looked into outlaw amps? Made by the same company that makes Macintosh amps. They also under spec their power unlike other companies. On their 5 channel its advertised at 125 per channel but audioholics did a dino test on it and it consistently at 135 watts per channel. I'm currently building lcr for my living room im just too lazy to make the crossovers. I built some theater speakers like the ones in the cinemas.
  25. And money may not buy happiness, but it sure buys good hobbies
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