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  2. I'm sure that your friend will get a bang out of the ammo box which is #1 IMHO.
  3. Welcome. Trust that the coronavirus will not affect you and the family.
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  5. Hello, wtnhighlander Thank you for your kindness. I, my family and others in my town are all quite well in good health now. I hope and believe it dose not go bad. I am happy you have interest in my works. I think they are getting good recently. I hope you look at them below, little by little. Kiyoshi
  6. Hello, RichardA I am happy you have interest in my works. Please look at other works below. Yoshii
  7. Gary Beasley


    If you lived closer Id let you play with one of mine. LF cameras are pretty simple actually. Hardest part is sizing up the back and ground glass so the focus is the same on the film as on the glass. This is a sample of plans available.
  8. Made version 2.0 tonight. Beefed up the end pieces, simplified the measurements. I intend to go thicker for the centre slider next time.
  9. I have dry cookies without major cracks/slice. You must slow down the drying process as much as you can. I double wrap them in craft paper for a year and used anchor seal on it, and left them in an unheated garage. After a year, I used a router to plan them with a sleight and on the under side, I made cut going toward the center of the cookie, without reaching the outer edge/center 1 inch or so deep. It has spent 3 winter in a heated home, with no cracking. I did try to use anchor seal, or soaking them in antifreeze, without wrapping them in craft paper and they did crack. Also these were cut in the spring, with the hot summer in the short term, while they other were cut in the Fall, with a very slow drying winter. Where are you located ? I could be interested by them.
  10. Chestnut


    I did and i got overwhelmed very quickly. They seem simple but yet not. It'd be easier if I had a view camera to model it after.
  11. That's what I was intending to do, but I don't know the welding process that the nearest machine shop uses. I talked to them on the phone, and they said they can do it, but I didn't ask them how they would do the welding. I've seen it done with nothing more than a stick welder. This is not one of the main load bearing spots in the drivetrain, and reverse has been working fine, and strong. It was forward with the reverser that was giving trouble. I'm just replacing worn stuff while I have it opened up. i have every moving part in the Forward Clutch Pack replaced, and that all buttoned back up. The tractor is 41 years old, and it doesn't look like this part of the drivetrain, in the back of the clutch housing, has ever been into before. The transmission oil pump is still the original one, that's been updated four serial numbers later than this original one. The tractor has over 4500 hours on it, or at least, since I got the hour meter working after I bought it 25 years ago. It had 1700 on the meter when I bought it, but the meter wasn't working. I had the motor rebuilt in 2009, and it starts, and runs like a new one. A new tractor this size, with loader, will cost 65 to 70k. This one has been paid for since 1995. I have about 2k into parts for it so far, including the new transmission oil pump, and all new lines inside this part. Once I get that shaft machined, and get this section buttoned back up, it looks like there are just a few seals, and a couple of really big bearings behind it to change. I'm just tearing down one schematic at the time, so I don't get confused. I expect it will be better than it was when I bought it, and should be good for 100 hours a year for the rest of my life. I just hope to get it back together in time for the grass planting I need to do this Spring. Looks like that shouldn't be a problem. John Deere is just absolutely phenomenal with parts availabilty. So far, every part I've needed, has been there next day, and many have been updated several times since the tractor was built. That doesn't include that shaft, but it should be a lot cheaper to fix that one than to buy a new one anyway. edited to add: Google found a bunch of used ones for around $220, and a new aftermarket one for 588. It was used in a bunch of different models of tractors. I'll see what it costs to fix the one I have next week, and then decide what to do. I may just order one of the used ones, so I can get the tractor back together. The machine shop that I need to look at the part is an hour away. Here's what that assembly looks like all together. Right now, it's all loosy goosy. I think I'll talk to the salvage places, and see if they have that shaft, and the two pieces that ride on it that are tighter than what I have, and call it good. I'm putting new needle bearings in those planetary gears, and putting new seals on the piston. I haven't taken it all the way apart, but will mic the clutch plates when I take it apart to put the seals on the piston. That whole assembly probably weighs 60 lbs.
  12. Agreed, but this is an oak-loving client. Cherry is just for contrast, and will receive the lye treatment that I demonstrated in a previous journal.
  13. Greetings, Kiyoshi! I hope you remain free of illness. I have not yet seen your videos, my internet connection is slow, but I am certain they are as interesting as your earlier works!
  14. Tom, how about having a machine shop spray weld to build up the worn areas & then machine them to specification? Abom has a couple of videos showing how he does that. It requires special equipment though.
  15. Gary Beasley


    Maybe you should read up on building a wooden view camera, could be a fun project.
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  17. New year greetings from Tokyo It is warm in Tokyo this winter. it's good. But, It is feared that the transmission of New coronavirus is progressing just now. I dream it shall be broken with this cannon. Please look at my works below. Yoshii
  18. Yeah, that weighs about two pounds, and it fits nicely into my day pack. I'll throw a couple extra boxes of 50 into the pack if I'm taking a friend shooting. I'm making a second one now as a gift for a friend.
  19. Thanks! After 40 years of shooting Remington 870's I switched to a Browning Citori last year strangely enough it still misses targets
  20. It is odd to me to have the cherry be on the bottom but it's what the client wants. Someone is going to find that in 100 years and be confused as heck.
  21. 2.5' I tried 3 feet and it was just too heavy.... I've milled some logs on my bandsaw and had it work great. I've milled some logs and it turned out aweful. It's a tough process.
  22. Chestnut

    Domino Time

    Some day I shall test it and have an answer. If i ever exhaust my project list i shall create a testing rig. I've wanted to do some strength testing for a long time just to see how far a person can go with designs to make more delicate furniture. The bent lamination is a drastic comparison. That is a large area compared to a tenon, and is not really a fair comparison. By that argument I could say that everything is flexible including rocks and glass (as that is ultimately true to one extent or another).
  23. Search "reloading calculator" and you find a sackful of websites. It is cheaper to reload and part of the fun of shooting. Grandkids are getting into reloading. Good time with them and I don't have to wonder where they are. I saw a DIY shot tower for $300 several years ago. Edit- Holding out for a Kreighoff San Remo 4 gauge skeet set. Saw one advertised for $75K. Also got to HOLD a Holland & Holland .410 bore SXS at their NYC showroom. In 1998, it was $71,500. I'll go over to my safe, open it and kiss my Remington 1100! Might trade it as it misses targets.
  24. Nice and much, much better than the plastic ones. Just 100 rounds?
  25. My usable bit collection doesn't exceed my router motor collection by much, so storage isn't that big of a problem!
  26. Honestly, I have no idea what drying practices are necessary to keep a cookie from splitting. Painting the end grain with something to retard the loss of moisture, and being very patient is the only process I have any knowledge of. Maybe someone else will chime in with knowledge of a faster way.
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