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  2. Here is a lathe hollowing system that I made only thing left is to make some deep reach bits and add a laser pointer but it can start carving right now. I added some needle bearings to get it to rotate smoothly.
  3. If it were me, if it turns on I’d use it.
  4. I had a dewalt 4 gal compressor it wouldn't start on cold days, if I was going to use it I would bring it in the house the night before. Or I would heat up the shop and check it every once in while it seems to me it would warm up enough in about 1-2 hrs your mileage my vary. My new compressor doesn't seem to mind the cold.
  5. I’m not sure it really is a thing or not? I just need it inside to do some trim work in the bathroom but don’t want to burn the motor out or cause enough pressure from it expanding too cause a crack or anything. Or it’s quite possible I’m overthinking it.
  6. I wish I had something to tell you. I've never heard of acclimating an air compressor, but if it ever got that cold here, I wouldn't be working anyway.
  7. Might sounds like a dumb question but how long should I let my air compressor acclimate before using it? My wife aired up a tire a couple days ago and left it out In our unheated garage. Temp has been a warm 0 to 14 degrees lately.
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  9. gee-dub

    New Shop

    Just to add credence to the fact that the best laid plans . . . . I had almost 2 years of time to kill due to COVID delays, etc. while building the new shop. The floor plan as well as the 3D plan got tweaked and tweaked during this time. Despite all this I have moved one light fixture and added another due to not taking my own shadow-line into account when at the operator position on one machine. I moved the planer about 6" to the right but that was more to make the hose drape better than anything else. I have been lucky on overbuilding the electrical requirements. I also have two overhead cord reels so all the transient electrical requirements are easily met. I have no doubt that some other change or adjustment is one project away
  10. This is a very good point. I fully recognize my layout will change over time. My issue at the moment is getting to that initial point though, since I need to leave the walls clear and accessible for ongoing insulation/electrical, but my current lumber storage is the back of my truck, which I need to clear out for other uses. I'd rather not just stack everything on the ground, though that's an option. I need to build a rack somewhere, and against the loft isn't any more work than the other options.
  11. Finish (skeet) shooting range Build small pistol range Frame out and finish basement bedroom Build a 10x20-ish greenhouse/garden shed Trench in hydrant to garden and get drip irrigation setup again Finish gun case for son’s Beretta A400 (walnut/spalted maple) Finish toy bulldozers Build miter station in shop and mothball the miter saw stand Seriously contemplate building an new dining table for our growing family add another 5 hives to the bee operation
  12. It never ceases to amaze me that you, @bmac (and others) can go at a piece of wood with a rasp, a tool which no matter how French you make it does not scream finesse to me, and then shape an arm or leg for a chair, and get it right. I can barely make a chamfer on a compound curve--and then these are not perfect. Artful, maybe, but not perfect.
  13. For 2022 I feel like I have a lot on my list and only half a year to get it done. I might be able to make it happen. The dresser is going pretty smoothly. Finish Peanut's Dresser Make Peanut's Crib Dining Table for MIL Coffee Table for lower living room. Bathroom small Storage Cabinets Bookshelf for bedroom, I made 2 3 years ago and they have become full. I'll have to replicate the design as best possible. I also have some yard projects to complete. I need to remove 2 trees that were killed by buck rubs this past fall and plant 2 replacements. I also have some landscaping to complete around a tree I planted last fall after removing a dead spruce tree.
  14. Yeah, my list is a full on carry over from 2021.... In order of importance/likelihood to get done Finish the TV Stand I've slowly been working on. Demo whole first level flooring and screw down subfloor Bedframe commission - met with the woman this weekend and she seems fine with the price and knows it will be a while. Baseboard - whole first floor and half of the basement once our new floors are in Make the final 2 doors on the first floor 3 panel doors Coffee Table (already have the wood) Picture frame for our bedroom (already have the wood and will cannibalize the current frame for the other materials) Cutting boards (already have the wood) Tool storage - Need to make a couple of wall storage cabinets like these for my little storage room so I can actually find that workbench top. In reality, projects 1-5 need to get done pretty quickly. I'm going to try using some of my PTO earlier in the year to work on some projects instead of waiting until December. Covid and kids being sent home from school is going to make it impossible to plan. Looking at this list, I see why I'm so stressed now. The bedframe commission could lead to a twin bed as well. So a paying job might bump some of these other projects down the list.
  15. No idea, Drew. I'm not sure what variety of maple this is. Might be some of that mineral coloration Spanky talks about with poplar in cow pastures.
  16. Chestnut

    New Shop

    If you can't make the decision now, don't. Get in the shop and use it and make the decision later. I don't think it's possible to set up a shop from the get go and have the locations set ahead of time. Get in the mindset that everything will change multiple times because it will. Then when something isn't working and you want to make a change it's a lot easier mentally to just do it. I've moved my plywood storage area 3-4 times. It's gone out of and then back to the area I have it now. Lumber storage has changed 5-6 times from various locations.
  17. That heartwood color looks awesome. I don't think I've seen maple heartwood that dark before. I wonder how if it's going to lighten quite a bit with age or stay like that.
  18. Such an awesome process. I'm excited to see what the basin will look like once completed.
  19. Welcome to the forums, looking forward to your participation.
  20. Ditto, welcome to the forum.
  21. I haven't planned anything beyond the pocketknife display I am currently working on.
  22. The 'blueing' that @BonPacific mentioned can be reasonably impersonated by sharpie ink.
  23. The other side of that half-wall is just the stairway and storage currently. Some day it could include a spray room, but that's the extent of any real ideation. The 4x4 posts onviously wont move so re-enclosing it would be easy enough to do. Currently there's one outlet on each post.
  24. Spalted plywood. Dang spell autocorrect.
  25. I ordered a cabinet saw, DC, and 6” jointer from grizzly. Found all 3 truck drivers were great. As “Steve in NH” said have cash on hand. I cant remember if grizzly is one of them but some vendors/ truckers offer “white glove” service… that means they take it off the truck and if no stairs will roll it to your location. Expensive but in the ballpark of renting a pallet hack and all the hassle.
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