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    • I had a dewalt 4 gal compressor it wouldn't start on cold days, if I was going to use it I would bring it in the house the night before. Or I would heat up the shop and check it every once in while it seems to me it would warm up enough in about 1-2 hrs your mileage my vary. My new compressor doesn't seem to mind the cold.
    • I’m not sure it really is a thing or not? I just need it inside to do some trim work in the bathroom but don’t want to burn the motor out or cause enough pressure from it expanding too cause a crack or anything. Or it’s quite possible I’m overthinking it. 
    • I wish I had something to tell you.  I've never heard of acclimating an air compressor, but if it ever got that cold here, I wouldn't be working anyway.
    • Might sounds like a dumb question but how long should I let my air compressor acclimate before using it? My wife aired up a tire a couple days ago and left it out In our unheated garage. Temp has been a warm 0 to 14 degrees lately. 
    • Just to add credence to the fact that the best laid plans . . . . I had almost 2 years of time to kill due to COVID delays, etc. while building the new shop.  The floor plan as well as the 3D plan got tweaked and tweaked during this time.  Despite all this I have moved one light fixture and added another due to not taking my own shadow-line into account when at the operator position on one machine.  I moved the planer about 6" to the right but that was more to make the hose drape better than anything else.  I have been lucky on overbuilding the electrical requirements.  I also have two overhead cord reels so all the transient electrical requirements are easily met.  I have no doubt that some other change or adjustment is one project away 
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