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    • We're in a similar situation and spent the money on the compact tractor.  So far, no regrets and lots of upside.  Yes, it's a lot of money but, we've also gotten a lot of use out of the machine!
    • All you land owners! I need your help! This summer my family will be moving. We’ll be on 20 acres. About 4-5 acres is open field and the rest is wooded. My wife and I have separately lived on land before, but the bulk of the fields were hay fields and someone else cut and baled it.  As of now the idea is for us to keep the fields cut. We may put in an orchard and/or decent sized garden, but there will still be a lot of mowing to do. My 20” push mower just won’t cut it for that. I enjoy yard work, but don’t want to spend 8 hours mowing ever other weekend.  I thought about a compact or sub-compact tractor, but choked when I saw the $10-20k price tags. Then I thought about a ~60” zero turn, but with all the woods and other projects we want to do, I was thinking it might be useful to have a few attachment/implement options. Trailer/cart to tow stuff around in. A blade/scraper for occasionally leveling the gravel driveway and clearing or moving brush and stuff around. Possibly a tiller/cultivator for the gardening. Maybe a winch mount for dragging fallen trees out of the woods. That’s about all I can imagine needing though.  I’m not opposed to buying used, but I really have no interest in getting something I’ll have to constantly be fixing and working on. I am comfortable around engines and mechanic work, but I don’t enjoy it anymore. Unless it gives significant savings, I’d rather buy new(er) and not have to worry about that stuff. (I’ll still do the routine and preventative maintenance.) “Lawn Tractors” are mostly what I’ve been looking at so far. For JD it looks like you have to get up into the X500-X700 range.  Husqvarna seems to have more attachment options at a lower price point, but I don’t know anything about the reliability and quality of their current products. I saw a Kioti dealer not too far from the new location, but haven’t yet looked into their offerings.   What else should I be looking at? Just buy a wide mower and rent/borrow/buy other equipment when and if the need arises?   (I generally hate forums and online review sites, so that’s why I am asking here, the one forum I frequent) @Tom King since I know you’ll have some input. 
    • Our son, bless his heart, has always been a Boy Scout. When he first heard of the China crap, he ordered 2 dozen face mask and brought us some. I took one today and felt like a woose wearing it and went to the local grocery. Low and behold, there were others like me and also milk, bread and toilet paper on the shelves as well as apparently a bunch of other stuff as I spent almost $200. Ghirardelli Brownies are expensive. 
    • Enjoy it thoroughly, Drew! I had a nice weekend for yardwork and such, so nice that I nearly couldn't get out of bed Monday, from sore muscles. I'll be lucky to have one more rain-free weekend before it gets too unbearably hot for such shennanigans.
    • I would like to echo Drew, but I can't. Too much evidence of this thing being significantly tougher to deal with than any flu we've seen in the USA for over a hundred years. I suspect that even if we all, and I mean ALL took a 3 week break from everyone else, it would still linger enough to flare up again. Stay safe and well, everyone.
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