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    • I have a 24" x 24" cart that is on wheels that I roll around my shop. Floor to top is about 29" but that is less important. I'd set the height so it can roll under your table saw extension wig or something. I have drawers on my cart and store random stuff in there but you could easily just do cubbies for shorts wood storage. If you want a bit longer storage either orient the storage vertically or make the cart bigger. I used to have my planer on it but I have since changed that. Now it's just a material cart, I put project parts on top of it when I move from machine to machine. It's a lot easier to stack 30 different pieces in an organized fashion than trying to carry them and maybe drop a few.
    • Best practice is to gang the boards for layout and milling. Absent that option, set fences and work holding and run every piece plus extra while the fence is set for that operation. 
    • This actually gives me the opportunity to ask a question about my recent Dado build.  I made this cabinet for work and it holds several of two different items, one is one size and the other is smaller.  I'll post a picture later, but for now picture two columns and several rows down those two columns.  I had 3 uprights to hold these rows, one on the left and right side and one in the middle.  Each upright is 48" and each row has 4 dado cuts.  One on the left and the right and two in the middle.  In setting up for the dados, the best I could do was use a pencil to mark where each dado was going to be cut and then eye ball it on the table saw from there.  Because of the length, I didn't feel like a large jig was an option.  It turned out "ok" but the dados are not perfect especially on the middle upright where there are two dados right next to each other. If I were to build this again how can I set up so that the dados are in the EXACT same spot for each cut? Will post a picture in a bit.
    • Take the parts you want and make it your own, that's cool with me..  For the record, I do have a free set of plans for the sled as well as a build video for it.. The problem with T-Track is that they're not all the same.  Whatever you select for your T-Track, stick with that brand for everything in your shop so that things like stops are interchangeable all over your shop.
    • I need to buy some t track and knobs anyone know of the cheapest source of these that I can buy?  hate knowing I found someone that sells it for 1.99 but the shiping ends up being more than the cost of the product. 
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