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    • Recently I have not done mortice and tenon. Because I have the small and large version of the Festool domino cutters. In my view either or is good.Poplar is one of the most abundant timbers in North America. Google 8/4 poplar lumber. Add your address and see what pops up. I think a 5/4 or 6/4 door inside would be adequate. Door making requires straight lumber. No heart wood. An experienced eye buying or ordering the wood can matter.
    • Yup, mortise and tenon joints.  Surly someone has some 8 quarter poplar.  If not, I'd glue up two 4 quarter boards together then plane them down to 1 3/8".  
    • Oh, Happy Father's Day, and welcome to the forum.
    • Yeah, that's just an old Irwin carpentars square I'm bringing a machinist's flat bar to get a better measurement tomorrow. I have a precision  8inch bar but that's not long enough.
    • I will await the contributions of more learned members of the forum, but that seems like a lot to me.  I would have thought .005 would have been a more appropriate goal.  You certainly don't need a feeler guage to see the discrepancy with your straight edge.  But how accurate is the straight edge?  One thing I have learned from hanging out here is that there is a difference between straight enough for a stair case or rafters and straight enough for joinery.   So if that is an ordinary inexpensive carpenter's square it may not be accurate enough for this task.  If that's a precision straight edge.  Then yeah that table don't look flat.
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