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    • I bought a 3hp Shop Fox Dust collector, a super Dust Deputy XL cyclone, two wynn canister filters and reconfigured it to fit my needs. I had made several changes over the years and made test while making changes.    using a 1.5 hp DC with bag filter I noticed to improvements. When I added a canister filter I got a 50% increase in suction. Then another 50% increase when I switched from 4” PVC duct to 6” PVC duct.    Now when I switched to the new 3hp collector, swapped the Thein Separator with the Dust Deputy and added the second canister filter I got at least a 400% increase I have about $1400-$1500 invested in a system I’m pretty happy happy with. Its not perfect but its strong enough that I dropped the remote for the system and it got sucked up 6’ straight up and 10’ across before I could hit the breaker. I decided to add A clean out after that. Apparently The non slip surface of the remote prevented it from moving once I hit the breaker.     finally here’s the picture
    • I spent 10 minutes on google and could not find out where Portamate is made. Afinity owns it I think.
    • I am not sure that is necessarily true, a kickback will certainly ruin the cut, and your day.  When I make a cut like that I set up a stop block, use a miter gauge on the left side and let the off cut fall free of the blade.  Just set up the stop block so it clears the work piece before the cut is complete.
    • I am wondering if a wine barrel could be made using a canoe joint. I know that traditionally, barrels have a bulge in the middle, I believe this was just to make them easier to move. I am thinking that they could just be cylindrical. If a hot tub can hold water, why not add a top, and hold whiskey or wine.
    • Yea they don't do any sales other then the free mobile base or over arm offer.  So I would just do it, just rip that band aid off.  You will be happy with your purchase.