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    • Many times I have read that small shops only require smaller dust collectors.     The facts are that you need 800 - 1000 cfm (OSHA vs the more restrictive Euro standards) at a table saw to collect the dust generated.  Physics is not suspended in a small shop. Most small shop machines are rated with no ducting or filters attached. I really don't care what people choose to use, but misinformation bugs me
    • Hey guys, I bought a used Ridgid R4512 table saw that's equipped with the four-caster mobile base. I dismounted and disassembled the mobile base to clean off some rust, and after I reassembled the base, the casters will not remain locked down in the rolling position. The slightest bump causes the saw base to retract unless I keep my foot on the pedal that lifts the saw into the rolling position. This is very awkward and inconvenient. I believe I've reassembled the base correctly, but I don't have the manual for the four-caster version of the R4512 saw (the original owner lost the hard-copy manual). The manuals for the R4512 I've so far found online are all for later models with the three-caster base. I don't know, maybe the issue I’m having with this saw is the reason the current R4512 saws have the three-caster base? A search brought up one post on another forum from an R4512 owner experiencing the same issue, but the response he received was vague, advising him that some unknown and unnamed part might need to be rotated 180 degrees. I can only guess what this part might be, I tried reversing the shaft that joins the aft pair of casters end-to-end, but that didn’t improve things. Anyway if anyone owns the four-caster version of the saw, I'd like to hear any guidance you can offer. Also, if anyone knows where I can download the owner's manual for the four-caster base assembly, please let me know. Thanks in advance...
    • Dave, for the helluva it, can you do a journal on the top/lid someday? I have yet figured out how you did that. Thanks. 
    • Timely post!  I understand that the interstate I90 in S Dakota buckled yesterday,  I assume from inadequate  jointing of reinforced concrete.    
    • Because that’s how SCMSs are “supposed” to be used.  From festool kapex manual, but all others say almost the exact same thing- “For slide action cutting, first PULL sawhead assembly away from the fence, until blade clears the workpiece or to its maximum extension if blade cannot clear the workpiece. Make certain the clamp does not interfere with the guard and head assembly. Second, turn saw “ON” and lower the saw to the table. Then PUSH saw through the workpiece. Release the switch and wait for the blade to completely stop before raising the head assembly and removing the workpiece. Never “pullcut” since blade may climb the workpiece causing KICKBACK.” Regardless of personal views on safety and kickback probability, this is how SCMS operation is taught, and is also why some believe RASs are inherently too dangerous. Interesting though, with so many people complaining about dust collection on miter saws and the surge in popularity of old DeWalt RASs, you’d think more people would be talking about this. 
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