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  2. Amazingly fast. I would have spent 10 hours making up scale drawings.
  3. Hello everyone, I came here to share with everyone my knowledge and my ability to improvise and make great things even with the smallest of means. I want to prove that even in the garbage there are treasures to be found. My goal is to inspire and encourage people to build things on their own, you can build anything at home with a drop of goodwill and an open mind. You can also follow my YouTube channel at: If you would like to support my videos feel free to like, share and subscribe, that helps me a lot. I wish everyone a pleasent and enjoyable viewing. These are some of my work:
  4. It helps others (wife, client, etc...) visualise, too. I use it mainly to assist with dimensioning complex objects that must fit a space, like cabinets or built-ins, and for trying out different joints before making the first cut.
  5. A very nice project I did, "tablechair" both a small table and a chair. A great piece of furniture that can also be used as a small table next to the living room TV armchair and also as another chair in the house that can fit into my wife's makeup corner. I built the "deskchair" from a 50X50 iron profile and oak boards and glued and made one surface from them. I love this combination of iron and wood and this nice desk chair joins a couple of other tables that I built a living room table and dining table. I used all the same profiles and the same tree.
  6. A wall clock construction project designed with a conductor of black iron and wood. This project is a special project because it is made from 100% recycled materials. I dismantled the trees from an old storage box and the iron hoop which is basically the hoop that locks the lid of the barrel that I took from a used barrel.
  7. Mark J


    Actually, Coop, I agree with you. When I can rely on 2D I prefer to just draw it. Sometimes what I'm thinking is too complicated for me to visualize withput 3D rendering.
  8. I’ve never tried the chemicals but have tried the sun exposer. Try a test piece, part covered with at least two layers of blue tape, exposed to the sunlight for a week. I was amazed at the difference. Staining or dyeing cherry, just ain’t right. IMO.
  9. Correct blade depends on the job being done. The 'maximum' blade will depend on the saw. If the wheel is 1/2" wide, I suspect the saw should support a blade at least 3/8" wide. Straight cuts need a wide, stiff blade, curves like a narrow blade. Theoretically, the maximum blade width is limited by how much tension the saw frame can manage, not necessarily the wheel width. The crown of the (properly alagned) wheel keeps it from running off.
  10. If I had to rely on any of these to build a project, I might as well just go inside and watch soap operas. Give me a Big Chief Tablet and a #2 pencil any day
  11. Excellent call on the handle!
  12. I'd try the baking soda. Lye has a pretty extreme effect.
  13. You’re too kind my friend but thanks. It’s a great hobby and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
  14. Just look in the mirror Coop, there’s a great woodworker looking back at you
  15. Good read though it really doesnt get in depth about the causes.
  16. He’s a box nerd in a good way! His books and this site are what got me from making bird houses from pallet wood to the direction of some time in the distant future of becoming a woodworker.
  17. No I don't... Should I?
  18. I kept trying to figure out why a boat, then it occurred to me! Fantastic combo of woods and great execution. Chet, do you have any of Doug Stowe’s books?
  19. I think furring strips will work fine. Finding straight ones may be a chore. I didn’t notice from the video link, what they were attached to but assumed it was something other than poster board? 1/4” ply with the strips will give it plenty of rigidity.
  20. Tons of video on YT. Pay attention to version numbers, as there are noticable differences. Don't be disturbed by the low release numbers, it's been under development for almost 20 years. Yes, it runs on Win7, and is pretty light on resources. I use it on a 5 year -old amd laptop with only 4 GB of ram. Even if you switch to another application later, the concepts you learn will apply.
  21. Beautiful, Chet! Love the species combo. I suspect the child will hear enough biblical references in his lifetime to appreciate the subtle personalization your adhered to...
  22. Man, I wish I had thought of this Rick. That would have been a real fun build, I almost want to start over.
  23. I was thinking the exact same thing Dave lol
  24. Another great project Chet! I love the way wenge looks but man does it splinter when you work with it
  25. I didn't work on this today, with too much other stuff to do, but I did think about it. I need to round off the little corners that are digging the squarish corners don't in those hollows, and I think it will be there. This is the first thing I've run into where I feel like the 180 grit CBN wheel is too coarse. I'm afraid it would take those tiny corners off too easily to be able to control. In a bunch of other tools that I was left by a friend, there is a Harbor Freight wet grinder. I tried it once, but it's so slow, and over heats so easily that it's not much good for anything normal, but I think it might be just the tool to round over those too sharp tiny corners. I didn't notice who made this molding plane, as I never pay attention to that sort of thing, but they did a really good job of hardening this low carbon steel. I couldn't hardly cut it with my oil stones, but my water stones did a fine job with it. I have it plenty sharp enough already, so don't want to have to reshape the whole profile-just those little corners.
  26. It really not that bad. You just need to be patient and not get rambunctious with it. I have had days where after you start the milling process you hand can feel like you tried to choke a cactus... little tiny slivers all over. But I don't think it is as bad as people would have you believe.
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