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  3. Not good, haha. Gravel driveway, then have to either go down a set of stairs or down a grass hill to get there. The view isn’t like Mick’s. The area I’ll be using has a man door out, and the view is a bit of grass and then woods, probably some of the water stove as well. The next “room” has a double door going out, but is smaller and has the HVAC and water heater in it. Well, there are two fields that are 2-2.5ac each, I don’t see why we need BOTH of those...
  4. Hahaha! Once we know the size. Haha! So where you gonna put that monster?
  5. I like the star drive Deckmate screws, that Home Depot sells, best of all for deck fasteners, and many other things. I've pulled many proud deck nails, replaced with those screws, and never had to replace one of the screws. Get the ones with the black label. They've changed the design of them several times.
  6. "How is the access to the walkout door from the street", he asked with more than a hint of jealousy. Can you roll a pallet jack? I bet it has a view, too?
  7. Here’s the lower field. The house was custom built by the previous owners in the 90s. It was well constructed and thought out. No work is really “needed” on the house, but we will do a bit of updating (mostly painting). The deck needs a bit of attention, some nails sticking up, one wobbly handrail, couple boards sticking up, but is otherwise solid and has plenty of life left. It has an unfinished walk-out basement that will serve as my shop for now. Later I’ll build a shop once we decide on location and size. Yep, same one with the water stove and 20ac. Closed on it yesterday.
  8. Sorry Mick, it's on me for not making it clear. Anyhow, I did cook up a jig that worked. Bmac, the previous pictures were dry assembled, so I was able to attack the bottom without the carcass. The lateral support idea is a good one. Here's a few pics guys.
  9. Did you get the one you were talking about near W/S?
  10. That’s always exciting and a bit scary. Good on ya bud!
  11. Scooby, good luck with your choice. I have a Jet ts but also have a Grizz bs and jointer and have had no problem with either so have no opinion of their customer service. Post a pic of your new ts!
  12. @curlyoak yes, the no.5 jack plane and a low angle block plane are in my shopping list as a starting point. I will save money for a jointer. Thanks
  13. Congratulations John and what Dave said... Pictures
  14. You need a jointer. If you have a table saw you need one. Or learn how with hand planes. You cant put a crooked edge to the saw fence. The jointer resolves it quick.
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  16. I had to get a replacement back window put in my Mother's 2004 Mercury Marquis, that no one even uses now. I carried my golf rangefinder to measure the distance from where I hit the rock with the mower, to the broken window-51 yards. The glass guy said, "Good shot!"
  17. They wouldn't need to be at an angle unless I'm missing something. The tenons would be at 90 degrees to the bottom of the shelf and to tops of the legs. Edit: Just realized that you meant relative to the edges.
  18. I believe that your fingers will be further away from the business end with the rifle. Added safety.
  19. Well I guess it was the both of us, but I drank the lion's share. Thanks everyone! Now let's see if I can get back to work furniture making on a regular basis. I'm having a hard time these days keeping a steady flow of ideas rolling. I need to have a plan drawn up for a next project before the finish starts going on the current project or I end up having big gaps in my production.
  20. I have the Ridgid 4512, the predecessor to the 4520. When it was a couple hundred cheaper it was worth it, but I can't really recommend buying it since it's gotten so expensive in the US. I'd agree with @RichardA on the grizzly. Not that the Ridgid isn't a decent saw, but it isn't the same value for money.
  21. congratulations John, remember didn't happen without pictures fixer upper, big shop, nice lot, details please
  22. My bank account took a hit today- I bought a house!
  23. I was looking on Grizzly's website last week and I saw that Shop Fox on there making it look like it was a great discount when it was at that same price on other sites. I hate sleazy sales practices. I'd rather pay $200 more and get the $1200 Jet. They stand by their product by offering a 5-year warranty. The same saw at 30" rip capacity was $1200 but I see it's gone up since I looked at it. does that all the time; they're pretty shady too. Best not to shop on there until you're ready to buy.
  24. Immortan D


    Foggy night, a view from my apartment:
  25. I think I would lean toward the Grizzly if it were me. Grizzly has a pretty strong reputation and customer service. That Incra fence will go on the Grizzly as well if you wanted it. I have the Incra LS fence system on my router and really like it. Just note that it takes up some extra space to the right side of the saw so it will increase the over all foot print of what ever saw you end up with.
  26. Thats good to hear. Who was celebrating with the beer, you or your saw?
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