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  2. Our welding shop at work, which also builds wood gates, chopsaws boards to length and is heated during the day, cold at night, brick building, no not the best environment for tools. I just noticed about a dozen cup rings on the new Delta drill press. WTH!
  3. I make one exception to this rule and that’s when I’m sanding for a long time but that’s it. Never to excess though and I won’t use anything else that night.
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  5. A call to Incra would be in order.
  6. I've had my A3-41 for two years now. Four people have bought a Hammer shortly after coming to my shop. I can't take credit, but I will accept commissions (Felder, if you're reading this)!
  7. That vanity is quite interesting I like it.
  8. I have 3 and they do their jobs. But yeah I hear ya
  9. At night/evening: No power tool, except for sanding. To limit the risk if you are tired, of physical injury. Looking for stock only, no cutting or jointing/planning. Marking where the cut will be. Do not do repetitive tasks. Only one tank of gas in the chain saw, once it is empty, done for the day. To limit the risk of repetition/not paying attention.
  10. Don’t use my jointer as a chair. Don't use any tool as a coaster. Don’t startle me. Don't startle me. Don’t startle me.
  11. Don't put anything on my cast iron surfaces including your sweaty mitts. When you are done with it put it away, that way you will know where it is when you need it next time.
  12. Thanks Tom! That's high praise indeed!
  13. You did more with a 6" jointer than anyone I've ever known.
  14. And I would probably keep the black cat out of the shop, at least until after the end of the month!
  15. Best advice yet, guaranteed kick back and flying wood, tips like this are the best, don’t be stupid makes no sense to me, everyone knows that but in the shop they may not know what stupid is. Always use a push block when ripping stock, safety glasses, hearing protection, no loose clothing, no goofing around, one person on a machine at a time, if you don’t know if it’s safe ASK someone who does and probably a dozen more I can’t think of right now.
  16. It resembles an oak to me, but it isn't showing many definitive characteristics in the photo. A hi-res closeup of the end grain, preferably sanded to 400 grit ot higher, will allow some of the real wood ID experts here to make a good evaluation.
  17. It is possible to vary airflow by changing the speed of the impeller, but it is not a linear relationship. IMO, the most cost effective way to improve your DC performance is to list it on CL and buy a better one.
  18. First there's wood porn, and now we get Jointer porn. My jeans can't take the stress. Helluva purchase Kev.
  19. I don’t know why but to me, cross cutting a board on the ts using the miter bar with the end against the fence is one thing I fear the most.
  20. Update: fence was in towards blade maybe a 1/16 on tail end. Squared it to miter front and back. Blade appears square to miter track also. Used combunation to check both. I haven't checked to cursor window yet but will do so.
  21. Just out of curiosty. What if the new motor had a higher RPM?? Would that increase the airflow without damging other parts?
  22. Tool envy big time. I like it. Hope it serves you well!
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