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  2. I don't agree with that. My last 2 fences were dead on. That said, with a left tilt saw, the cursor will only be accurate when using the same width blade that it was calibrated on.
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  4. OK, blade alignment was good ( tested with combination square) Fence alignment was out ( the rear of the fence was closer to the blade than the front) by approx 1.5 mm gee-dub thats a neat setup, can you explain how to setup for the other plane ? I don't really get the meaning or understanding
  5. I'm not familiar with any commercial brand holder, it should be simple to fashion one from stiff, heavy wire.. Buy a couple feet of AWG#6 bare copper ground wire and band it to the shape you need. Personally, I stand my iron on its head, on the eye of my kitchen stovetop.
  6. Very simple jig from one of the trade rags. I’ll post other pics when I get to a computer. This was simple enough to make and surpassed any requirement I might’ve had for tablesaw alignment on both planes.
  7. Hi Mick Thanks, that was an interesting video. Do you know anything of this from fine wood working about aligning the tablesaw in 2 planes ? I'm going to go out to the shed now and check the blade and fence alignment first before I worry too much about aligning the 2nd plane Thanks again for your help
  8. Thinking table top with metal legs... really see what happens when I get them milled out.
  9. Thanks wtnhighlander. It's glass with sheet metal underneath.
  10. I find it better to keep a long-ish steel rule at the saw, and use it rather than a tape for setting the fence. No variation, always the same rule. And of course, transfering dimensions from the work directly is always tighter than reading a rule. Please, make a habit of unplugging the machine for any operation that requires touching the blade, or sticking a steel rule into it. Switches , especially the non-magnetic kind, sometimes fail or get actuated by accident. Murphy's law dictates your fingers are likely to be in the blade whenever that happens.
  11. wtnhighlander

    New guy

    Hey, Rocko! Glad you could join in! You mentioned starting a new business in another post, be sure to keep us updated on your progress!
  12. I think, I could hide from my wife in that house! Looks great!
  13. Slick stuff, @Rocko! Is that plain glass in the table, or textured somehow? The photo seems to show some ripples, like the glass is wavy.
  14. Any specifics in mind?
  15. If the coating wears a little, you might even see galvanic corrosion form where aluminum and steel contact. That can't be good for anyone.
  16. Richard's lighting suggestions are spot on! I'll add that in a space that large, some mobile auxilliary lighting really helps, too. I make extensive use of several cheap, clamp-on work lights with LED bulbs when I'm in the garage. My smaller shed workspace is light colored and cozy, so a couple overhead fixtures do well.
  17. Wow! That's a lot of white oak, but it sure looks good!
  18. Here are a few .I had a young Amish man and his boys build the doors for me. 13 solid doors were more than I could handle. A local Mennonite and his daughter did my kitchen. I'm working on the staircase presently and hope to have it done before December 6 when I have both knees replaced. 31 windows also got trimmed in QSWO. Still looking for that curly QSWO for some furniture I plan to build when I get back on my feet.
  19. Finally home from a long work road trip! Had some catching up to do! A few projects to get done that have been piling up! Only the bathroom vanity was done for YouTube.. 1. Table Lazy Susan and a cutting board for 2 different clients.. 2. A thread storage cabinet for my wife's quilting room 3. Bathroom Vanity for a client. 4. And, a floating picture frame for a family member..
  20. LEDs for sure also shop doubles, well as a shop HAHA I'll be making a cart for shop vac dustopper soon also. Miter station there after. I'll integrate kreg k5 after that. With drill press. All at miter station. Not sure how all that will tie together but I'll figure it out.
  21. Led's if you can swing them. In daylight brightness. Oh, and as much white paint as you can stand.
  22. Nah, cant dye stainless like you can aluminum. At best they might powder coat it to get a color but then that would change the thickness uniformity and this the perfect, controllable squareness of such a tool.
  23. 100% need new shop lights
  24. One thing I'd suggest is, get some overhead lighting. Shadows create errors .
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