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    This smaller one is awesome too, but for general edging and bench work the last one is your best compromise. It does it all. Then again, this smaller one is also great for end grain and finer work.
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    Yeah, kind of a hypocrite. Mine is a 2007 with 235 k miles. I cleaned the K&N filter today and made it into a track capable Suburban. Amazing!
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    Thanks chaps, Q1. I found the people today I was looking for regarding vulcanized rubber services. They are called Queensland Rollers & Liners (Cobalt Street, Carole Park QLD) over near my part of the world and advised me that it would cost between AUD$265 - AUD$300 ex GST. There are blue or orange polyurathan options but think from America which with postage may end up nudging the price up. Q2. Babbit bearings - It may not be required BUT will find out in about 3 weeks when I pickup the saw. Q3. I think it may have had a conversion at some point regarding the pulley (see pics) and is driven by 2 x V-belts. I've got the choice out of 4 Pole (1400rpm) or 2 Pole (2800rpm) both 50Hz for a Single Phase motor. OR I get a VFD and I make use of it being variable speed and can add in soft start, etc. BUT regardless I'll get all the figures and then run it through an RPM calculator to figure out the speed.
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    There is anotger option, although most of us don't consider it a good one. Seal the surface with shellac as @Chestnut said, then apply a gel stain. Gels are made for this sort of work, they are thick and sort of opaque. Like mud, in other words. But if hiding the grain to get the color works for you, its an easy way to go. Remember to finish with polyurathane, lacquer, or similar protective top coat.
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    It’s not who you know but, who you live close too.
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    Speak for yourself! Mine is 16 yrs & 327k miles, still going strong!
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    Those are fun projects. We used to make similar designs - mostly rocking chairs - to hand out at trade shows. Here's a quick project I ran over the weekend just to get them pumped up a little.
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    It does take a torch and heating to soften the metal enough to bend it back. I would recommend retempering afterwards so the teeth dont wear so bad.
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    Yea, I thought so too. I was having a hard time coming up with a way to store them that I was happy with, then I saw this on another forum. I am real please with how their idea turned out.
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    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MQOOGI That is, if the price is still $22.35 when you check that link.
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    Then there's this kind of rounding...