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    Still alive . Both knees replaced, bring on the pain and let the fun begin I have wood needing worked......coop I'm speaking about lumber.
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    Finally got it with no scratch marks. Now I know how much anding is required. Used timbermate wood filler (veneer had holes too deep for pumice to fill) and then sanded up to 400 grit. Then french polish with 2# cut shellac. Took 4 sessions. 3 to build the finish and one for final polish. It looks better in person and feels great. Only the top got the french polish.
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    This is one of the best things I have added to my shop and it provides great support to the body even with long days in the shop. I live close to you in San Jose and I have walked out onto this with just my socks when the shop is a little cold and you don't feel the cold in the bottom of your feet. It sweeps up pretty well especially after you have had it down for a while and it vacuums real well. https://www.rubberflooringinc.com/interlocking-tile/8mm-strong-rubber-tile.html I think carpet would be a head ache and it certainly would be a chore to keep clean. I don't think it would provide support under your feet during long sessions in the shop. If you want to stop by and see it sometime just drop me a PM.