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    I recently had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee and learning how to make this chair from Charles Brock. It was an amazing experience and the things I learned there will help me for the rest of my life. Plus I came out with a beautiful chair!
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    My son and I just finished his new guitar. It is black walnut with 6 coats of tung oil.
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    From the album: Christmas Gifts 2014

    My son loves to play guitar and dabble with cooking. I thought this might fit the bill? Made of walnut, cherry and maple scrap material. He really loved it.
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    From the album: 28" Try Plane

    © Scott Meek Woodworks

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    From the album: Cutting Boards

    End grain maple, walnut, and paduk
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    From the album: Stuff to keep me out of trouble

    Made a pair from a plan in WOOD magazine

    © RDV

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    From the album: Stuff to keep me out of trouble

    Ash garden bench.

    © RDV

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    From the album: Woodworking Celebrity

    9/16/14 - Bet you can't guess who I met today?! I'm a transplanted CA native and spent the last weekend in the Bay Area for my nephew's wedding. I have to fly home tomorrow so today I took the opportunity to meet a woodworking notable in his own environment. Unlike his online persona, he's a softspoken, almost shy guy who seems to be a little surprised by his celebrity status. I apologized to him for stopping by unannounced and he noted that it was a strange day as I was the second to have done so, the prior having been a couple from England! Thanks for taking the time, Steve, and the sneak peak at this week's project. (Nope! Not telling!)
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    From the album: Shop stuff

    2 x 6 post drilled at an angle for 3/4" dowels. 3 sections with join to a base with casters. Easy to disassemble and hang on the wall.
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    From the album: ToolChest

    Made 100% without power tools in a tiny four by eight foot shop. The toolchest is poplar with milk paint and based on the first project of Boston's North Bennett Street School.

    © s viall

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    From the album: Roycroft Museum piece

    I remembered Particle Board was interested in Roycroft white oak details. I could only see the quartersawn ray fleck on the front edges and the top crosspiece. Not sure how much detail survives resizing to upload it here . Beautiful piece ! I could get within inches of it but the staff was watching so I didn't touch.
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    From the album: Mahogany Gift Shop

    We made too much noise and had to quit installing. Working right behind the check in desk in a 5 star hotel demands careful timing. At least we got the cases installed and measured for all the trim. We pre cut as much as possible and try to keep noise to a minimum. But how do you cut 10" tall x 1" thick baseboard quietly? We tried using a Fein Multimaster with a saw blade, they did not like that at all ! This is my first attempt at posting pictures from my iPad. Had to buy an app to resize pictures.
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    From the album: Random Stuff

    The top image is of an old cart axle I found during a site survey. While discussing the work with the client I noticed an axle at the back of the barn. I highlighted it and we had a chat about our firms roots in the wheelwright business. The next day the client phoned me and said he went into the barn, turned over the axle and found my name on it! I was delighted to find this as nearly all of the old carts are long gone. The old sign my Great Grandfather first sign he had made when he started the business in 1926. He completed a six year apprenticeship with a local business. He was then a wheelwright during the Great War stationed in Greece. Needless to say I am delighted to have both these old artifacts from my family past on display where I work
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    From the album: TerryMck's Furniture

    I finally got around to making the drawer pulls and fitting them.

    © Terry McKnight 2012

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    From the album: Split Top Roubo

    Just a long shot of the lower shelf, the Glide and the parrallel guide. The Glide, the parrallel guide and the Sliding Dead Dude are all made from Tasmanian Pink Myrtle. It has approx. the same properties as far as stiffness, hardness, crushing, etc. as the soft maple.

    © Fred West picture taken 12/16/11 with Canon Mark II

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    From the album: Stuff I've Made

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    From the album: Tools I've made

    Shop made Grooving plane. All hand made except for the screws.
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    From the album: Cornhole Boards

    © All Decals Are applied by consumer

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    From the album: Jewellery box

    Qulited maple
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