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  1. Finished. Just need to secure it to the bench. Then clean up the mess!
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  2. I've been repairing a lot of walnut imperfections like in your pic, with epoxy and brown dye. Matches very well. Also try to save some walnut sanding dust from your random orbital sander, and mix that in with clear epoxy. That works, too. Don't forget to cut all the rotten, or soft wood, out. I use different shaped picks.
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  3. I use the Stop Loss bags. I like them. I have had satin ARS in a bag as long as a year and ended up using every drop of it. It's easy to mix the product before use without introducing any bubbles into the product. Just be sure to follow the directions and remove the air from the bag after each use. As for filling the bag - easy - put the collapsable funnel over the top of an open can of product. Insert the bag nozzle into the small end of the funnel. Turn the whole works upside down holding the can and letting the bag sit on the bench. Hold the can fimly and poke a hole in the bottom of the can (which is now on top). The product flows into bag. Take the bag off the funnel and screw the cap on. Take the funnel off the can and set it aside so the product lining the funnel dries and then peal the product out of the funnel. Always wipe the bag nozzle after use so dried product does not build up so fast.
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  4. Lumber veneer press TM with cherry on top...
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