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    I restored this Stanley 112 Scraper from what was called a "basket case" It was just hidden under surface rust and crud. I love these scrapers, as well tuned they are great at giving an alternative to sandpaper on figured wood. If anyone is interested in seeing the others, I'll post them too. I've been doing this for 25 years and as I just got back into woodworking after a long break; I have been getting planes and so forth to restore.
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    This puppy is done! Lots of mistakes but I'm happier with this than anything else I've ever made. For me it was a skill building project and it succeeded in that respect. You can really see the trim tearout and sanding scuffing from trying to fix it up here.
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    I made this from cherry a couple of years ago for my office. I used 1/4” bead board for the back and painted it what I called Amish green for a lack of better description. Sorry I don’t have a better view of the color of the back.
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    If you buy it right after milling, you may be able to use good drying practices to keep it (fairly) stable and flat, but it does take time. It will almost certainly still need some flattening once it is dry. All of the twisted and cupped ones you are seeing are due to people turning the slabs into furniture before they are dried. Air drying isn’t bad, some people just aren’t patient enough to wait 1-2 years to use their cool new slab. Would hate to have your cool new live edge slab table be out of fashion by the time you make it!
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    So I finally had some time in the shop again today (my one Father's Day request ). I had been waffling on how I want to do the back, which made me waffle on cutting the rabbets, which also made me waffle on cutting the dado for the horizontal drawer divider. Now I want waffles.... I picked up some cherry veneer and a piece of 3/8 BB ply, so I may try my hand at veneer on this. Otherwise I can plane down some cherry boards to the same thickness and go solid. I had been trying to figure out how I would do a french cleat with something like shiplap for the back. I didn't really want to glue up a big panel for the back, which pushed me in the direction of veneered ply. Any thoughts? Rabbets done. I did screw up a couple of the corners. I was sure to make stopped rabbets on the top/bottom so they didn't show through, but I forgot to consider that they need to extend the dovetail baseline by exactly the width of the rabbet in order to make a nice corner. A couple went too far. At least this won't be seen in normal use. Corners still need to be squared up with a chisel. Horizontal drawer divider in place. There's a slight gap on one end, but hopefully it will close up a bit with clamping. Next step will be the vertical drawer divider and then shelf pin holes for the top shelves.
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    We left off with the drawer dividers a dry fit in the case ... And then this was pulled apart and the case glued up. After a clean up, the ends were looking a little tidier ... Now we've been through this together with the Jarrah coffee table, but for those who want to know how ... The ends are marked (with a washer) .. The aim is the remove the waste progressively to the lines ... This is quick to do with a low angle jack ... .. and finish with a block plane ... Now finish with sandpaper - 80/120/240 grit ... The completed case ... I spent a few hours today turning a few legs. Rather than show the prototypes, I am hoping that I may have enough time to complete them tomorrow - I have the afternoon off! - and then I will post more photos. Regards from Perth Derek
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    Call Titebond's customer service. There is a phone number on the bottle. They are very helpful.
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    I'm going to call this one done. I've mounted most of the the tools that are going to live in this thing. I still have plenty of room for growth, and the front of the outer doors are still very rough. The plan is to carve some panels for those, but given that I've never done a lot of carving, I should learn to to do that first! I've been watching some of Mary May's videos, so over the next few months I'll get to it. Anyway here it is:
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    I was out of commission for a week+ due to medical issues. In fact I'm still not supposed to be on my feet til Monday-ish but it was 70 degrees out and I was about to go nuts sitting on the couch. So I started my door. Rails and stiles panel
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    Had to replace my hard drive which put me way behind on updating this project. I'll get to it soon. In the meantime - I'm really happy that I talked myself into the 16" jointer over the 12". Pretty much at capacity! And the surface finish is really nice - no tearout (cutters are still on the original edge after 1 1/2 years of use) and lots of chatoyance! Love this machine!
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    I've been dealing with metric for decades when it come to speed, weight, highway distances and temperature, but in the shop it's always been imperial. For the last month or so I've been using metric exclusively & it is like my brain has been let out of jail. I spend less time doing math & more time making sawdust.
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    If I can get it to strip off of the surface and down just a little bit, I think I’ll be able to do what I want to do. (A test piece/joint is sound logic and is now in my plan.)
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    So it took me a couple of months to actually get around to doing this, but I did it. Sheesh! Finding shop time these days is tricky. The burnisher technique worked really well. Did not close up the gap completely but it looks a LOT better. Thanks for all the tips guys.
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    I highlight flaws if i show a way to solve the problem. Between us on here is different than the non-woodworking types. I don't talk about flaws with them any more. I got sick of getting that blank stare and the comment "This is far better than i could have ever done". Boy golly that door panel is purdy!!!!!!!
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    If you go this route get the one gee-dub posted, I have the top one and it is a pain in the butt. Replacing inserts takes to much time you have to remove and reinstall the 6 screws every time you want to use a different insert, in my shop it has been relegated to my dado stack only. I use home made individual inserts for my other blades. With the dado stack you are messing around anyway so to replace the insert is no big deal. In my regular work flow I use specific use blades not a combo blade so I am swapping blades on a regular basis and just don't want to deal with swapping that plate out every time. gee-dubs version solves that.
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    Veneered ply sounds like a good choice to me!
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    Prior to applying the first coat of stain you MUST DAMPEN THE SANDED FLOOR which allows the grain/ pores of the wood to open and allows the stain to penetrate into the wood more evenly. This is a standard practice for any experienced floor refinisher.
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    That's awesome in both functionality and looks!!
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    Nice job Cliff! That turned out great!
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    That's a huge gap & ai can't imagine how that got past QC. I would pack up the whole thing & return it.
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    that's a great piece Cliff, well done sir! i wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't mentioned the scuffing and tear out, if anyone mentioned it i would show them the door and tell them to make one as nice, and I'm betting they couldn't do it on their best day.
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    This is indoor plant repotting. I love yard work. I'm standing outside watching my sprinklers right now... This is my favorite plant. It's a purple shamrock. Easiest thing to take care of because the leaves fold up when it needs water well before it dies. So i use it as a moisture meter, when the shamrock is thirsty everything is.
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    In my view that's the best way to handle yard work.
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    I work from each side towards the centre Working across the ends will lead to spelching. Regards from Perth Derek
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    Laminated Home Depot 2x6's Peruvian walnut inlays
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    Even though the end of the semester is next week and my students have been scrambling to finish up their projects I've still made a little progress this week. Got the frame parts cut out and the side panels sized and ready for assembly. Here's the cloud lift that separates the upper drawers from the file drawers. I put some sliding dovetails in for the frames to tie into for a little extra rigidity since the files drawers will be pretty heavy. I took a good bit of video of the processes that I'll try to put together this weekend.