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  1. Thanks to vaccines, we had our first family get together last night, for Mother's Day. We haven't seen our Son, now 38, since Thanksgiving of 2019, the last family get together. We had only seen, from a safe distance, our Daughter, now 32, once a number of months ago. With everyone vaccinated now, it seemed safe enough for all of us to be fairly close to my Mother, who is now 105. It was Great, and my Mom really enjoyed it. We don't really have a Dining Room, but converted Pam's fiber room. The weather was so perfect, that we had the windows in the house open, and there was an a
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  2. I've heard that our friend @Coop has had that experience on several occasions.
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  3. I found something I had forgotten I had. Tossed a bunch of stuff out and out Some stuff away and find the top surface of my workbench...
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  4. These made my wife a very happy mother this morning. She said it was the nicest thing I ever made so either she really liked it or the rest of the stuff I’ve made are crap… Once I made a longer one and rough cut the handle at 45s in the bandsaw shaping went much quicker and nicer. Figured I might as well finish up the stumpy one too.
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  5. Hopefully they took the grinds with them. My first removal, the A hole convinced me that it was good mulch. I filled in for three years.
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  6. The qtr sawn Sycamore is some fine looking wood and great to work with. The hickory and walnut make a nice pairing.
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  7. Drawer #5: french fitted sliding bevels (Shinwa, Stanley and Chris Vesper) ... Drawer #6: This one is about the tools ... just because I think that they are beautiful, and I love using them. They give me joy. All the tools in this cabinet have a story, or a connection. This is one of the reasons I keep them, even though I do not "need" them as I have others. All get used. In the case of the chisels in this drawer, they are my go-to for dovetails and close-up detail work. Mainly because they are all fully bevelled at the sides and have minimal lands.
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  8. Some final contouring and sanding and you’re on your way to some great gifts, just beware they are addictive
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  9. So with the way I constructed the cabinets I need to make some spaces to allow for easy installation of the drawer slides. I milled some scraps down to size and glued them on with wood glue and super glue with accelerator to give a fast but strong connection. The other cabinets will have a frame and panel side and i'll likely attach the spaces with glue and screws there to ensure they don't work their way loose. I was using this as a way to ditch some odd length scraps i have hanging around. Once milled to the same thickness there is no reason the spacers need to be a singular piece
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