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    I love that Browing although I’ve never shot one. The Beretta was very kind to me today for the five trap rounds and i found I hadn’t really lost the skill too badly after holding off for so many years. I hit a lot more than I missed, and importantly, with that gun I nailed the very first one so ahhh... satisfying!
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    Update to the cordless drill rack. Here’s how it turned out; reminds me of the Atlantic coast submarine pens on the west coast of France.......
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    The legs are on. I must admit to mixed feelings at this stage. This is not my style of leg, but it is what my niece wants. Perhaps I will feel differently with a finish on the wood. The tenons were kerfed for a wedge ... Installed in the bases ... And glued into the socket. Note that only the first third is glued. The rear is free to move ... The bases have been shaped to reduce their impact ... The legs were evened up .. Side view from underneath (one does not see the base otherwise) ... Regards from Perth Derek
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    That era SUCKED. but i have maybe 10,000 primers because of that. I bought as many as i could when stock finally hit shelves. That era was great for gun makes they made a lot of money back then. Interesting i used Green Dot for my .45 acp loads can't remember why i chose it over red dot. I never thought about pistol powders being good for shotgun but i suppose they operate similarly. Burn the powder as fast as possible. If you keep posting reloading picture you might motivate me to set up my own bench.... .
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    I finally got around to loading some trap shells for the Beretta, which is the first time I’ve loaded shotgun shells in ages! But the dovetail/wedge idea worked like a champ once I mounted my little Mec600 on it. So far I’ve only loaded 200 of the 5-600 hulls I've had laying around forever, but that’s enough to go shooting this weekend - finally. A little illustration of the setup... I’m using components I bought over 10 years ago so to me it seems like free stuff That jug of Red Dot has a price on it of about $46 of that gives you any indication of its era. The wads and lead are as old. The primers are pretty new, bought sometime during the Obama administration