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    Mixing 5 gallon cans of paint by hand was getting really old. I couldn't find a used paint shaker, and new ones are several thousand dollars, so I bought a $300 cement mixer at Menards. Not as fast as the real thing but it works. ( Might be a bit loud. This is the first videos I've ever done)
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    I have two cherry midcentury tables my dad made in the 60s. They need refinishing and I was undecided about what finish to use. You guys sold me on the Danish natural. They have aged beautifully and it should show the color nicely.
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    Now this is a thread I can post in everyday, nearly. Today, got this for the Powermatic 15hh that will be coming next week.
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    As creative as your "jointer" plane.
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    There is no reason that I would buy a new big tool (other than the 14" bandsaw), except maybe a slider. I understand them, know how to adjust them, and have decades using them. I've used a table saw for over 50 years, and have no desire for the Sawstop safety device. I still have all ten fingers, work with my hands every day, and remember the last time I needed a BandAid in 2014-my Friend's fault. The old iron big tools are my preference, as long as they are significantly less money than a new one. I don't mind spending money on tools, but I like to spread it around where it matters. The only reason I would buy a new 14" bandsaw is that the newer ones are Much better machines than the old, flexible framed cast iron ones, and what I'm calling newer ones have only been available for a few years. If a used 10-326 came up for half price of a new one, which I have not seen, I would jump on it. I have four bandsaws, and the Delta 14" does what I need a 14" to do, or I would sell it, and buy a new one. I would not recommend anyone buy one now, unless a few hundred dollars makes a real difference in your life.
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    I agree with @Chestnut as well. He shows two red lines but I bet he meant one behind the other, thus 4 total.
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    @Chestnut gave you the best answer, but I have a question. Are you in Europe or the UK? I've never seen a US company use round wooden poles and brackets like that. It is hard to tell from that photo, but the attachment brackets look as if they may be formed sheet steel, rather than welded tube. If that is true, I would examine them closely for stress fractures arounds any bends or separation at seams. TP Toys appears to have a UK telephone number.
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    Picked up some more Dubuque clamps