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    Speaking of projects to make the wife happy, I finished up the crown molding on our first floor yesterday. Had a bit of a break since I started since we had our deck built in the middle. Old deck New deck
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    Built this for my grandson, he needed someplace to keep his wallet, watch, coins or whatever, walnut and butternut, I made the box joints long and tapered them from top to bottom, not much taper only 1/4” should have been more, hidden drawer on the bottom back held in with rare earth magnets, this is # 2 with 2 more to go, thanks for looking and as usual comments or questions are always welcome
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    Amazing I was busy all weekend but didn't see a ton of overall progress. First up was to move the outlet so that it was above the counter not in it Then a made a little section of counter to use for leveling the brackets. The idiot who framed the wall (me) was getting cussed at becuase it was off by nearly 3/8" at the ends making the bracket install much harder then it needed to be. If I ever make another curved wall the metal brackets I used in the theater are definitely the way to go, yes it would have been an extra $80 but I would have save 10-12 hours in time between jacking with the plywood top and bottom plates and then dealing with the issues yesterday. Anyway they are installed and level now. I need to finish the patch but wanted to get the rear cabinet rail glued up and decided the wall would make a great bending form Today I shut off the water and installed the shutoffs in the bar and half bath while I let my bent lamination's dry Then I moved to the bathroom where I installed the shutoffs and the toilet flange before installing the floor Finally I installed the trim and went to install the toilet but realized I forgot to get a supply line and I was too tired to go get one Next up install the toilet, then back to the last bar cabinet, bar floor, and counters
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    Whoops, forgot to add a shot of the two lift out compartments, butternut with walnut splines and a 3/8” round over on the inside to help lift them out
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    I had to get a replacement back window put in my Mother's 2004 Mercury Marquis, that no one even uses now. I carried my golf rangefinder to measure the distance from where I hit the rock with the mower, to the broken window-51 yards. The glass guy said, "Good shot!"
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    I bought a new (to me) car: 1966 Mustang Fastback!
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    I used my slab delivery vehicle to bring some wood to my shed. This works real nice.
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    For everyone that was concerned the Mustang would push the Felder outside...
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    Until about a week ago my table saw had been disassembled and the pieces wrapped in cardboard for two and one half years. When I moved to Colorado my new digs didn't have 220v power in the garage so it stayed "in storage" for longer than I had foreseen. Of course I didn't know how the cast iron was doing that entire time so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cast iron "wings" to find that they were as spotless as the day I packed them up. I coated the cast iron with a product called LPS3 Rust Inhibitor. It sprayed on easily, left a waxy coating that was quite thick, was easily removed with denatured alcohol, and it completely protected the cast iron from rust for 2 1/2 years.
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    My bank account took a hit today- I bought a house!
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    Greetings from Tokyo In Japan, the state of emergency was finally released in this week. During the home stay period, following works had been made.
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    Yesterday I sat outside in 65 degree sun and read my latest issue of WoodSmith mag. Not on a tablet, computer, phone or any other squint-inducing media (Wood Talk of course excluded from my digital weariness), but in hard copy pages flapping in the breeze and needing sunglasses to keep the glare from bothering me. Heaven!
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    Not the best quality pic but given the current state of affairs here in MN and around the country it struck me that our flag was perfectly calm...
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    I got a Mega Flush Trim Bit. Suck on that, Mel! That's a seriously gorgeous car. Congrats!
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    Sorry Mick, it's on me for not making it clear. Anyhow, I did cook up a jig that worked. Bmac, the previous pictures were dry assembled, so I was able to attack the bottom without the carcass. The lateral support idea is a good one. Here's a few pics guys.
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    I was on a job as a finish carpenter probably close to 25 yrs. ago I needed a router table there was part of a sheet of plywood close by I made a down and, dirty router table that sat on my saw horses. It's been my router table ever since. I was always going to build a dedicated router table/cabinet but, never got around to it. I finally started and, have the table and fence built I thought I'd share some pics. this is what I've been using it's adequate I either clamp, nail or screw whatever fence I have laying around usually a chunk of 2x whatever's kicking around This is a picture of the table and insert completed 2 48" x 30" baltic birch 3/4" ply laminated red oak edging and plastic laminate and this is where I'm at now the fence is 9" high sliding panels it works great I've been using it to build parts of the fence, now onto the rolling cabinet build
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    Just to give you some ideas Dave, 2’ X 4’ is as big as I could go and fit the spot I have
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    My high dollar powder trickler - it works without batteries Going to try to get some loads figured out for the old rifle while I'm waiting for the new one. So one grain difference in each test set of 5 rounds each.
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    Made a little box for my wife's colored pens she likes to use. She has a LOT of them.... It started out as one idea, then morphed into something else. Same size, but no dovetails. Black walnut, alder trim, Aussie red gum caps, poplar dividers, Watco natural Danish oil finish. Used the same vee joints on the dividers that I learned in the spice box I've been slaving over for months now.
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    Encyclia tampensis. First discovered in the Tampa area, hence the name. It grows in the southern half of Florida. Slow grower and found everywhere within its range. This one is growing on a palmetto tree in my yard, with a few other orchids on the tree.
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    I have been cutting my own hair for a couple of decades now. Buzz cuts are easy. My wife is going bat crap crazy though. She has always had short hair styles because when it gets long it has a mind of its own. I have been feeling guilt keeping mine cut but she won't let me near her with the electric clippers.
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    Not good, haha. Gravel driveway, then have to either go down a set of stairs or down a grass hill to get there. The view isn’t like Mick’s. The area I’ll be using has a man door out, and the view is a bit of grass and then woods, probably some of the water stove as well. The next “room” has a double door going out, but is smaller and has the HVAC and water heater in it. Well, there are two fields that are 2-2.5ac each, I don’t see why we need BOTH of those...
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    Here’s the lower field. The house was custom built by the previous owners in the 90s. It was well constructed and thought out. No work is really “needed” on the house, but we will do a bit of updating (mostly painting). The deck needs a bit of attention, some nails sticking up, one wobbly handrail, couple boards sticking up, but is otherwise solid and has plenty of life left. It has an unfinished walk-out basement that will serve as my shop for now. Later I’ll build a shop once we decide on location and size. Yep, same one with the water stove and 20ac. Closed on it yesterday.
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    Have you looked at the Grizzly G0771Z ? The table is bigger, it has dust collection, cast iron table, blade guard, riving knife for $925, plus $129 shipping and I think there's a 10 or 15% off promotion going on at the moment. And they are known for their excellent customer service.
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    Without anything better to do, I grabbed my 17 years old Sony DSC-F828 and started shooting boring objects around the house. My goal was to get the "perfect" pict right out of the camera, without any post-processing whatsoever. Here are a few examples:
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    Figured I'd post this here, painting is near complete. I have a couple windows in the back of the house but I don't mind painting those so much. I started washing the house May 14th. Here is the before. And After Soffits fascia gutters downspouts were all painted white with an airless sprayer. All aluminum parts were primed with the recommended primer from Sherwin Williams and painted with Emrald. I painted the downspouts outside but rain forced me to move them inside to finish drying. The sprayer i bought (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026SR0FW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1) really made all of this easy. Painting gutters, soffits, fascia, and garage doors by hand would have been a nightmare and taken forever. The big garage door took about 10 min. The little door took the same time but I had to tape the locking handle. To help manage over spray i used cardboard shields. You can see them on the bottom of the door above. I used some handheld as well to protect the brick. This allowed me to paint very very close to surfaces and never have to tape or mask of areas. I also painted our front door. I took a low angle picture to highlight the spray quality. There was some orange peal but not awful. I could have laid down a better finish with my HVLP but that would have required a different paint and the results are good enough for a front door. Beats brush marks or roller texture. Total time in days to this point is 9 but rain really got in the way and extended the project a good 2 days. I'm looking forward to getting back to furniture, though the outside time was really nice. Maybe I'll find some landscaping to do this summer.
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    It might have been a year ago, but@Coop mentioned that he keeps his receipts for major equipment with the manuals. I thought that was an excellent idea and finally got around to implementing it. The idea is that my estate's executors would have an easier time figuring out what's what and what things are worth. Probably helpful to me, too, if I want to sell something. One thing else I might do is photocopy the receipt and the cover of the manuals of the big items and keep those in a separate place for insurance purposes.
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    New theory: The Amish built the Pyramids.
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    I haven't done much in the shop for awhile. But I have a neighbor,, he's a couple of years older than me, and like me, has back problems. So I took some scraps, curly Maple, Walnut, Butternut and played around with making a cane for this guy. He's a tad taller than me, with large redneck hands, so the cane I designed for me won't quite work for him. I'll have something in a day or two. That's what I did today. Pics forthcoming.
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    I bought a 3hp Shop Fox Dust collector, a super Dust Deputy XL cyclone, two wynn canister filters and reconfigured it to fit my needs. I had made several changes over the years and made test while making changes. using a 1.5 hp DC with bag filter I noticed to improvements. When I added a canister filter I got a 50% increase in suction. Then another 50% increase when I switched from 4” PVC duct to 6” PVC duct. Now when I switched to the new 3hp collector, swapped the Thein Separator with the Dust Deputy and added the second canister filter I got at least a 400% increase I have about $1400-$1500 invested in a system I’m pretty happy happy with. Its not perfect but its strong enough that I dropped the remote for the system and it got sucked up 6’ straight up and 10’ across before I could hit the breaker. I decided to add A clean out after that. Apparently The non slip surface of the remote prevented it from moving once I hit the breaker. finally here’s the picture
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    That's exactly what America used to be like.........Community. The Amish keep their part of America the way it should be. Community!
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    I bet someone bought that barn and the deal was cash & carry.
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    Pam went to RDU to meet the lady today. We have a pretty nice airport 15 miles from the house that has a 5,000 ft. long runway, but that wasn't long enough. I told her to get them to take a picture of the puppy sitting in the Co-Pilots seat. Coming in, they had a gear light that didn't come on, and that caused some excitement. They had to get the gear checked out, so got distracted. I'm not sure if we'll get the picture, or not. It was some model Gulfstream-don't know which model. Pam said the lady was real nice, and down to Earth. She's a retired pilot, and her husband a retired surgeon. She was thrilled with the puppy.
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    And they moved them to egypt from Ohio.
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    Dave, I splurged on some Brusso 95* hinges for my wife's jewelry box, partly because they fit the 1/2" wall thickness. Worth every penny, they are the finest hinges I have ever used.
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    Man by comparison my day is pretty below aveage. I was excited catching a 14ish inch large mouth bass with a worm. Guess i'll have to try agan another day. Congrats on the new awesome house/lot @JohnG and new car Mel
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    The gloves and masks are probably necessary for that task in spit of Covid 19
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    That looks like a good effective setup. Lee valley self cleaning blast gates are really good and fit well with SDR35 pvc. I'm not sure if that's what you used. Do you have a blast gate at each tool? I've always wanted to buy an anemometer but never did because all it would really do is satisfy some curiosity but not really tell me much that I really need to know. I'd end up using it to do duct experiments spending time fiddling with things that probably should be left alone.
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    3mm Baltic Birch comes in 60"x60" sheets and is about $20 a sheet and will bend to that radius if you go across the grain of the outer plies. Here's a video of me doing pretty much what you want to do:
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    I've built, and sold houses for over a million and a half dollars. No room, or section in any of them had this much work, planning, and thought behind it. I'm sure if this had been in one of them, the price would have gone up at least a couple of hundred thousand, but then, I would never have been able to build one in nine months.
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    I just pull the tip out, clean that, and drop the sprayer in a bucket of water, between days of painting, or even coats the same day. I put a piece of Saran wrap over the paint in the bucket between days. A top quality gun, that can take LPFF (low pressure fine finish) tips can match any HVLP quality of spray. There are many tip sizes for different fan widths, and paint thicknesses. The Fine Finish tips came about from the air assisted airless rigs, and then they figured out that they would work with regular airless. The air assist helps blow out the hard streams on the edges of the fan at low pressure. The tips do the same thing. A couple of years later, they figured out how to make them work with lower pressure. I sold the AAA rig as soon as they came out with the FF tips for airless guns, and I hadn't had it long. The low pressure changes airless spraying to a much less violent endeavor. I use low pressure tips for everything except large surface area outside surfaces. They don't flow as much paint as the regular tips do. My pump is probably 25 years old, but I upgraded to one of the newer guns, a few years back, and put a pressure gauge on the pump end of the hose. The low pressure tips only require about half of the pressure that the regular ones do. The pressure gauge lets you start at the right point without having to waste a pint of paint once you have already figured out the right pressure for the tip, and paint (don't forget to write it down for any paint). I push the paint in the rig back in the bucket with water, and stop when it gets thin. Turn the tip backwards for that, or take it out. That saves a lot of the waste. For inside work, I have a short 1/4" hose. I think it's 15 feet but may be a little longer. That hose doesn't waste as much paint as the 150' 3/8" hose that gets used outside. Talking about garages, the last house I sold here had a 2 car, and 1 motorhome garage. The RV slot had sewer hookups (one on each side so you could drive in either way, and had room for slideouts) in it, and was drive through for the RV. There were a few people lined up wanting it before I put a price on it. I never put a price on one until I was through with it, and ready to sell it.
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    Finally got around to installing new rollers in my DW735 DeWalt Planer. I was really pleased with how simple it was. I should've taken pictures, but honestly, you don't even need them, really. Tools you will need: 1. Snap ring pliers for external snap rings 2. Stubby Phillips, or better yet, an offset ratcheting screwdriver 3. The hex tool that comes with your planer, or equivalent sized Allen wrenches That's about it. Here's the steps for anyone considering doing this: 1. Raise planer all the way up. 2. Remove right and left side panel/covers. 3. *left side* remove 2 snap rings from front and rear roller. When both are removed, slide off both sprockets and the chain, all at once. 4. * right side* remove hex screws that fasten front and rear rollers. When both are off, remove both sprockets and chain, all at once. 5. Remove right and left vertical black guards with the orange Warning stickers. . These need to come off to get at the retainer clips. (you'll need the stubby or offset screwdriver here) Now, do one roller at a time, though the steps are the same: For rear roller, remove the right and left retainer clips. These are under tension from the springs. Once off, the rollers will drop out easily. 6. Remove the square bushings and felt rings from the roller and install them on the new roller. 7. Reinstall each roller using the reverse of the above. It took me about an hour and that was with figuring out how it all comes apart. I got the new rollers from eReplacementParts for about $190 delivered and now my 15 year old machine runs like new again. I'm hoping to get another 4-5 years out of it, but we'll see. I also should've replaced the drive belt while I was in there but I didn't think of it when ordering the rollers. That's a job for another day. Good luck. DC
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    That sounds promising. I'll put it in our chest freezer tonight. Thanks so much for taking the time to both read and respond. I truly appreciate it.
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    Nah, it takes me that long to gimp out to the shop 126' from the house.
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    Yes indeed! It is up and running. All the spots for breakers were taken up so we had to add a small sub-panel but otherwise it was no big deal. I had moved with my cross-cut sled and it still cuts true. I made a fold-up out-feed table for it akin to the one Dr. Zaius showed recently. So I'm ready to push some wood across it again... I had been using my DeWalt DWE7490 and it's been a workhorse for me, but it sure is good to have my cabinet saw back.
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    Thank guys! Perfect thanks!! I had never used that before. Looks like I should be good without a center support even at double my projected weight. I hired out three things; taping the sheet rock, rough in plumbing, and carpet install. Taping and carpet are skills i don't have nor do I do enough of it to develop. Plumbing well I hate pluming and I had a vent issue I was concerned with that had to pass code so I hired that out as well. I am making the counter tops with MDF cores and epoxy coating (stonecoatcontertops.com) for the tops.