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  1. I recently had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee and learning how to make this chair from Charles Brock. It was an amazing experience and the things I learned there will help me for the rest of my life. Plus I came out with a beautiful chair!
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  2. My son and I just finished his new guitar. It is black walnut with 6 coats of tung oil.
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  4. From the album: Christmas Gifts 2014

    My son loves to play guitar and dabble with cooking. I thought this might fit the bill? Made of walnut, cherry and maple scrap material. He really loved it.
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  5. From the album: 28" Try Plane

    © Scott Meek Woodworks

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  7. The perfect stool for my little girl to use to wash her hands and brush her teeth.
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  8. This past weekend, my wife and I participated in a local handmade craft show. It was a great success. I had right at 72 pieces. All but 6 were sold by days end. Show was from 10 am to 5 pm.
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  9. From the album: Art Deco Roubo by Tumblewood Creations

    The right side image. The bench is an absolute joy to use!

    © Tumblewood Creations

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  10. From the album: Stuff to keep me out of trouble

    Two actually comfortable chairs made from northern white cedar from the upper penisula of Michigan

    © RDV

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  11. From the album: Shop stuff

    2 x 6 post drilled at an angle for 3/4" dowels. 3 sections with join to a base with casters. Easy to disassemble and hang on the wall.
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  12. From the album: The Dudes Originals and referbs

    first dry fit of 21st century bench in maple
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  13. From the album: Shop Furniture

    3 large shop cabinets, this was my intro into woodworking using joinery skills. Spruce with birch ply for the doors. Akeda jig for the dovetails. Water base matte polyurethane finish. This project was a first for a lot of things.
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  14. From the album: ToolChest

    Made 100% without power tools in a tiny four by eight foot shop. The toolchest is poplar with milk paint and based on the first project of Boston's North Bennett Street School.

    © s viall

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  16. From the album: Bowls

    Just showing the undercut lip. Actually turned out the way I wanted
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  18. From the album: Forum requested photos of my hand tool cabinet

    View of the internals. Hanging cleats are simply screwed on, they can be moved at will. The big silver can is dessicant.
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  20. From the album: MolokMot's Pens

    Three more finished pens (From the top) Gunmetal Vertex in ZebraWood Chrome Vertex in BloodWood Chrome & Gunmetal Gatsby in Rosewood
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  23. From the album: utilitarian objects

    There are 2 secret compartments in this jewelry box - that was my favorite part of the design.
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  24. From the album: Stuff I've Made

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  25. From the album: Shop Layout

    With Dust Collection Lines and ports, Compressed Air Lines and Outlets and Electrical Outlets (110,220)
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  26. From the album: Cornhole Boards

    © All Decals Are applied by consumer

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  27. From the album: Jewellery box

    Qulited maple
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