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    I'm going to call this one done. I've mounted most of the the tools that are going to live in this thing. I still have plenty of room for growth, and the front of the outer doors are still very rough. The plan is to carve some panels for those, but given that I've never done a lot of carving, I should learn to to do that first! I've been watching some of Mary May's videos, so over the next few months I'll get to it. Anyway here it is:
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    Recently we bought some outdoor furniture and as a result now have cushions that need a place to be stored. I thought about the needs for a while and came up with a plan to make some storage cabinets out of redwood so they can go outside if i want them to or if they look good enough be inside. I ended up liking them and because they ended up heavier than I expected i doubt we'll be moving them in and out. The sides are pseudo frame and panel. Basically i made a frame and then to make the panels i glued slats on the backside of the frame. The boards that make the panel are not glued together but instead are a V groove shiplap. The way i glued them on with the shiplap will allow for wood movement and the V groove was added for some visual interest. I was worried about them being to plain and boring. They still are pretty plain and boring but it's not so bad. This was my first time installing a mortise butt hinge. I bought some stainless steel ones off of amazon that were marketed as marine hinges. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P7QDTSF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I figured why not the price isn't bad and they can't be that bad. After getting them i was impressed. They aren't quite to the quality that bruso has but they have very little slop and are nice and smooth. I checked with a magnet to make sure that they were stainless steel and sure enough they weren't magnetic so success! Here are some additional pictures. I made a pair of them to be placed on either side of our siding glass door that goes strait to the deck. All of this is in the background of the pictures. The Finnish i used was Outdoor Oil from General finishes. I don't really recommend it. I like the finish from The real Milk Paint Company called outdoor defense better. It's a tung oil finish that has some other goodies. Outdoor oil cures far faster though at 36 ish hours compared to 7 days. When i finished the project i emptied my DC bin. I got excited to do something hit the on button to my horror i forgot to put the dust try under the filter and the bin under the cyclone. The mess was aweful.
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    To remind me those need sharpening...
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    I started as a cabinet maker at a mid level company about two months ago. Before that, I had been trying to wrap my head around an assembly jig for cabinets. The previous job was high end very custom stuff. This job has a lot of standards, so was easy to come up with this work station.The main ideas of the workstation is to assemble cabinets on their sides, with parts within reach on the main staging area. Building them on the main staging area keeps lifting to a minimum. With a parts cart, parts are sorted by categories and accessible. Here's a video of the action: https://youtu.be/aTZRB6FSYLo
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    All that time keeping the shop clean with the help of a good DC shot to hell in an instant.
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    This stuff showed up at my house yesterday afternoon, don't know why, it just did. I am going to keep it though.
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    Oh believe me, there's a reason I took close ups. The rest of the shop still looks like the aftermath of a tornado. I've just accepted that my shop will never look like Kev's.
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    CA will release with heat but it will likely discolor the wood getting it hot enough to melt it. I have used heat to unstick the brass tubes in a pen blank when it sticks in the wrong place.
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    I wish someone made a dry-erase, blank measuring tape. Usually, I use a tape to record the dimensions that a piece will fit into. With a blank tape, I could forget units of measure completely, and just create a spring retracted story stick each time I began a new project. Anybody want to invest in a company that produces blank tapes?
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    The best way to control the cracks is to keep the humidity constant. Cracks will open or close as the wood swells and shrinks with changes in humidity. So note ther may be some cracks that are hairline in the summer, but which become more prominent in winter.
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    That's the great thing about woodworking, you can build a custom piece like for a unique purpose. Perfect for the location you put it at and perfect for the specialized purpose. You could have never bought a piece that could do what you wanted, would fit that corner so well, or looks so nice.
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    My last car was a hybrid. I loved it. The first time I bought a sheet of Foamular I had the 4x8 sheet tied to my roof. It's only a couple of miles to the BORG and I drove home on the side sreets very slowly. If you go to HD they may be able to cut it down for you, though now I think they are charging a buck. How will you get your plywood home? Just thinking about it out loud, I don't see any reason why you couldn't have four 2' x 4' sections of foam board that you would use in various combinations to support your plywood. Of course I'm talking on the floor. Divided foam board is not going to work on saw horses.
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    Third video (of 4) is up! Tool pull out and corner door.
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    Thanks, wtn Definitely need to learn about using a hand plane. Zero experience with them and I have a hard time even fathoming how to make a long flat surface with a hand tool! (But I realize that's just my inexperience)
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    I have the 3 1/2 hp Porter Cable (motor only) in my table. Bosch Colt trim router but one you are probably interested in in a comparison is the Bosch 1617 which I have liked for the most part and I really can't complain to much about it because I didn't pay for it. The one thing that was a draw back and got me to looking else were was that the switch isn't on the handle and even though it has the slow start feature when you start it moves just enough to frustrate you. I was looking at Bosch's other plunge router but there was a lot of negative reviews concerning the plunge action. The one thing that I was concerned about with the 1400 is the ergonomics of the handles. It is setup basically for right handed use concerning the power switch and I am a lefty. Usually things like that don't bother me but when I was researching the purchase, looking at the photos just struck me wrong. If you turn the router around so the power switch is in your left hand then the plunge turret is on the back side of the router. But I finally decided to go ahead with the purchase because I figured if it didn't work out it would be no problem getting a decent resale price for it. Using it just enough to test it yesterday and I don't think it's going to be a problem. It does seem to be noticeably quieter then my other routers and the micro adjust on the edge guide is way nicer then the Bosch. Well it wasn't too bad because it was planned for. I have a small business that I run from home since I retired, it only requires about 250 hours of my time per year and all the net income is disposable.
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    Try a blowtorch. Burn it for a bit and use a card scraper or sand over the top of it if nessecary. Finish with danish oil.