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    I did it. I pulled the trigger on the Hammer A3 41. Thank you everyone for your input. Especially @Mick S for taking the time. I am extremely excited even though my new machine will be delivered......in May! Good thing I am not in a hurry.
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    I'm new to woodworking so naturally the first project I'm doing are picture frames. I would love to see some of your picture frames. Please post below. Thanks everyone. And yes absolutely critique me. Cant get better without help. Still working on them but would love some feedback.
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    Looks good! Miters look nice and tight And the inlays line up well. @gee-dub on here makes some beautiful frames. Mine stay pretty simple, but maybe I’m just afraid to try fancier ones!
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    I decided to hold off on creating a thread here until both videos were public just so the entire project is in one post.. First sponsored video! Thanks to Glacier Hardwoods! Joinery is mostly Domino but, there is a couple pocket screws as well. Poor planning on my part left me with a couple locations that I couldn't get the Domino into.
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    I suggest using 2' x 4' LED panels. They are for t-bar ceilings, but can also be surface mounted and are only about 3/4" thick. You can get them in varying outputs from about 2000 - 6000 lumens. Some even have DIP switches on the back to select the desired lumen output. Because of the large surface area, they are easy to look at.
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    Sometimes a phone call is the better way to go, that way you can have a conversation with the tech instead of days of back and forth emailing.
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    This is one of three featured in a recent FWW magazine article ... To be blunt, I find these designs very bland. I prefer something less box-like. Here's a chair I built .... not my design. It is by Hans Wegner ... Wegner was (is) famous for his chair designs. Look him up. Regards from Perth Derek