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    Now that the shop's up and running, thought I'd toss out a shop tour. Lots of changes coming for sure! https://youtu.be/5SpWamWnFc4
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    Latest update. It's been a pretty good week as I've had a fair amount of shop time. I finished putting together both slabs, but haven't cut them to final length. I'll leave that until the end in order to get as much length as possible - likely about 79". They still need some clean up which will happen at the final flattening. The end cap turned out pretty good, with only some tiny gaps that filled nicely with glue and sawdust. I decided to just use dog holes rather than square dogs. The final width of the top will be 25 1/2". I've got a good start on the legs which are now all mortised and have their top tenons cut. The front Left still needs to be drilled and routed for the leg vise. The rails are almost done as well. As you will see in the photos, I added some visual interest to the bench. I got a good deal on some 4/4 quilted maple, so I incorporated that into the front laminate. I realize this is "just shop furniture", but as strictly a hobbyist who doesn't really have to justify costs, I figured it would look interesting. I'm planning on using walnut for the chop and gap stop, and will do some inlay in the chop as well. The best part of the this build for me has been getting more familiar with my router. Of all my tools, it's the one I felt most uncomfortable with. I'm still by no means completely proficient, but this project forces you to use it so much that you have to become more comfortable, so I'm not completely butchering wood when using the router now...
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    It's the first sign this year of a winter in Tennessee. With luck, summer will show up tomorrow.
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    Coop your price lock wrong. You are locked in at $9.25 bdft plus handling and shipping cost on Rainbow Poplar.
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    Now Rickey is a Fidelity Fund type investment? Went from $5.50 bft to ? I’m glad I locked in at $3.85.
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    Yup, I cut out and replaced all of the aprons with longer pieces. The aprons were all attached with dominos originally, so I just cut them out and sanded the faces of the top of the legs flush. That gave me flat and clean surfaces for new dominos for the new, longer aprons.
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    That looks like an awesome space. Also that's a massive table. I can't imagine the amount of stuff i could pile on top of there to avoid putting it away.
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    Could it be an environmental thing? I have a can that has got to be over 10 years old that still sprays. Shows how unimpressed I am with the stuff that a can lasts so long, eh? I live in SoCal where anything that even appears to be a seasonal change happens on TV to someone else, somewhere else so, pretty moderate temperature swings. We did have that typhoon come through here last week . . . Grown men wept at the sight of such destruction . . . . "Honey! Call 911. There's a mysterious shiny foreign material all over the deck!!!"
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    Since making this the wife has hinted...gradually less subtly, that the base needed to be bigger to allow for more room. I had allowed a pretty large offset because I was uncomfortable attaching the base directly onto the breadboard. I couldnt visualize what that would do to movement. I spent a couple afternoons rebuilding the base to spread it out a bit. I should have done this from the beginning. The table seems so much bigger now. This was a down and dirty rebuild because I was on a deadline, but it turned out well enough for a table that gets beat up by a three year old daily.
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    Found this interesting chart in another forum. Personally I couldn't get past the first question, and I mean the first question, whether or not it has pores. Although I can usually recognize if it's wood.
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    Since my retirement, I have been spending more time in my shop this year. Here are some photos of my shop and bench. "Benchzilla" has given me about 10 years of faithful service so far. I built it using M&T frames and raised panel construction and it weighs about 300lbs. It is just over 4x8 ft. as I also use it as an out-feed table. It has it's own electrical circuit and a dedicated panel with hidden outlets under the ledges. It also has a small built-in air compressor to run my brad guns. Still, I am gradually gravitating back towards an emphasis on hand tools. I have built boats and airplanes in here as well as some furniture of which I still have much to learn.
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    Hello everyone! I just recently retired from the Air Force and moved back to my wife’s home town, Perry GA. I work as an aircraft mechanic on Robins AFB now; but wood working is a hobby of mine. I enjoy all aspects of woodworking, but mainly build furniture that is needed in my home. I also like to turn small projects on my mini lathe and build wooden ship models.
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    Nice shop Kev. You will like the bigger planer.
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    I know what you mean. I consider my waist size proof the universe is expanding.
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    Fantastic Kev, and it came together very quickly. Your Roubo looks a little sad hiding out in that corner...and I am still super jealous of your ts outfeed table.
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    Really nice looking shop and it should serve you well for a few years.
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    I'm space jealous. Well done young'un.
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    Glad to see the drill press in the corner. That is my plan for the next space as I chickened out in the current one. After years of "careful analysis" I know that I can do almost anything with the 6 feet or more of side to side clearance a corner placement gives me.
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    Thanks for the tour, Kev. You have a great looking shop!
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    I hope my 7300 lb. diesel truck, that averages 18.8 mpg no matter what I pull behind it, lasts at least another 18 years.
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    Hammer, I have a great son that does similiar gifts. Three years in a row, he gave me a different Dremmel tool. It was hard for me to tell him that I would much rather have long sleeve Carhartt tees or a new 8” jointer. But his heart’s in the right place. Every once in a while I will bring up that without that particular Dremmel, I don’t know what I would have done. Good luck with your decision as I’m sure it will please both you and him!
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    Welcome, good folks and good info here. I do want to add that you do have a router table available to you, All you need is some plywood for the top, a piece of straight wood for the fence, two saw horses, a drill and time to practice. That will solve some early problems you might run into.
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    Richard I have used it today to file a few saws. The vise is moveable up and down in the Moxon style vise to whatever height I need. So far I have not found any noticeable vibration while filing. I made it tall enough to stand while I am working on the saws.
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    You can see some on my website, at least some of the builds I posted in recent years. http://www.inthewoodshop.com/Furniture/index.html Here are a couple: Kist (Fiddleback Marri and Jarrah) .. ... with a secret drawer ... Hand crafted copy of Hans Wegner's "The Chair": This won the Popular Woodworking Excellence Award for 2016. "Lingerie Chest" in Makore (carcase) and Figured Jarrah (drawers). This has curved sides and bow-front drawers (i.e. a contemporary "Bombe" build): The drawers are all compound angles ... The top has a secret mirror .. and the top drawer has jewellery trays and a secret lock .. This won Best of Show at the Perth Wood Show in 2016. A sofa table in Hard Maple (carcase) .. .. and WA Sheoak top ... This won again in 2017. It also has a secret drawer And I recently posted on this bow fronted Apothecary Chest in Black Walnut ... .. with curved drawers ... Regards from Perth Derek