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    Welcome, a great group here. A walk on the beach is for a wife or girlfriend, we walk on sawdust.
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    I made a pair of sideboards based on a piece in Good, Better, Best , Masterpiece by Albert Sacks. They are mahogany, with holly, ebony, lacewood and poplar. The finish is about 15 coats of super blonde shellac, which were rubbed out with pumice and rottenstone, and then obviously waxed. I am sorry to have to watermark the pictures, but photos of mine that have been on this forum have been used by someone who claimed my work as his own. Pictures when I am in the shots have no watermark, and I hope that the other pictures are not obstructing the view of the work. The hardbound book that I made of the project has 104 pages showing all the aspects of construction. I choose more pages to show then may be appropriate for this forum. If this is too much for the site I hope the webmaster would politely ask me to remove whatever needs to be trimmed off the post. I hope there is a way for anyone of you folks to feel that the information will assist you in your work. Any questions will be responded too, and if pictures make the explanation easier, I will post those upon request.
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    Thanks for all the replies. To wrap things up nice and tidy: I sent an email to this company via their website, Groff & Groff Lumber in Quarryville, describing the situation. After hitting send, I started typing the first post in this thread. Literally five minutes later, I received a reply from the company, apologizing that the board was unusable and that I should bring it back. I stopped there later that afternoon. Two guys in the yard took a break from running a monster slab through a thicknesser (i.e. stuff that actually makes them money) to help me pick out another board. One stressed how surprised he was that I found one that was honeycombed and, after we picked a board that looked promising, offered to make an initial crosscut to be sure. It came out fine and I was on my way with even more board footage than I had initially purchased. Needless to say, this far exceeded my expectations. I know I have at least one project in the works for 2019 for which the shopping list will run well over 200bf of hardwood with perhaps a few exotics thrown in. Rest assured that I'll honor these folks with my patronage again. Now to get back to that balustrade.
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    2 months to get to this point. Dealing with architect and county. Rules here are very tough in Florida. Due to past hurricanes. So good rules keep home owners ins cost down. But they get carried away. Like what is the historic water flow on the property. But that time and money for nothing part is over. It gets inspected tomorrow and poured next week. The elevation wall in the pic is 12' and the other wall is 15'. One back door at the far end of the 15'. Lumber and plywood storage behind the garage door. Yard tools in the back door.
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    So since I posted last, I've gone a bit further on the project. I tried filling some knots and defects, but I didn't have epoxy, so I got creative... I used a mixture of weldbond and ink to create a black filler. On the plus side, it looks good and filled reasonably well, but it made a mess and doesn't sand well. I had to use a plane, card scraper, and file to take off most of the excess. I did build the base as well. Here's what I ended up with. It still needs to be ebonized. And here's the current state of it on my bench. I need to clean up the top a bit more, and I have some minor repairs on the base. Then it's on to finishing.
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    There is a long toothed rookie trying to make a name for himself this upcoming baseball season; he has special needs on his personal bat style. Hopefully he doesn't break the bat.
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    Hey Gary I get to touch it tomorrow !!! LOL
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    You can’t see the curls in the pics but it’s curly.
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    You better post it! You know we have woodworkers here addicted to wood porn!
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    Welcome! Nice area down that way.
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    People often think I am joking when I say that I can not afford my own work. I have been fortunate to have cultivated a clientele which allows me the opportunity to use my apprenticeship, formal education, and creative desires. All of my best work sits in others homes, but that affords me a home of my own.
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    Hey everyone! Back from the dead. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last three months or so! https://imgur.com/gallery/heMQGGJ It’s a sideboard that will serve as an entertainment center for a client. Solid cherry all over, with cherry veneer plywood for the shelves, back panel, and internal vertical components. The only screws in it are holding the ledger strips in place and fastening the top via figure-8 fasteners. I’m pretty happy with it!
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    It's late for this now, but Weldbond, if the thickness is more than paper thin will take forever (like weeks to months) to completely cure (& will never be really hard) & will shrink a lot. Not a good choice & it will haunt you for some time. Sorry to be a downer.
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    Welcome Ken. A lack of tools just means you need to be a little more creative in you thinking in how to go about a task. Once you get more tools the things you learned to do with out them now become options instead of the only way you can do things.
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    Hi Ken! Don't worry about your shop being "modest". A little knowledge, and a little experience, will let you make lovely furniture without breaking the bank on tools. Some here have nicer arrangements than others, but we all have something to share.
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    Excellent response to Coop, because he really is.
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    Thanks man! And THANK YOU FOR THE DONATION! You're awesome! Gotcha! I just wasn't sure which part of my post you were responding to, haha. Yes, I mean, I ate the hottest pepper on earth and filmed it for teenagers' entertainment. Crazy indeed.
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    What happened with the bottom one is i left the sap a bit larger to better match the pair above. This shifted the whole veneer slightly. The knot on the outsides was pretty strait for the first 3 drawer pairs and then is way outside on the last one. It was a tricky balance and figured the sapwood would be the most obvious inconsistency. There is a lot to balance and half the time i felt i was going in blind worried about a shift of the veneer while clamping. One did shift significantly and i had to pull it from the clamps and then apply more glue because it had started to dry slightly. Yes it is but it was more by intent than lack of inspiration. I didn't want the piece to look garish next to the rest of the furniture in the room. The bookshelves i made are very simple. I like them a lot but they don't have much flair. Also the nightstands in the room are VERY basic as well. They have little details here and there that take inspection to find. The lines are figure not defects from poor craftsmanship. I find that i like the simple designs with some figure slipped in here or there or some other little details. I made a piece entirely out of curly cherry and i don't like it. I wish that i had use strait grain for everything but the panels and drawer fronts..... oh well.
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    Spent all day today cleaning up the drawer faces. Also had to do some final sizing. All i have left at this point is stops and figure out a device to stop the drawers from getting pulled all the way out.