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    Ok so here’s the underneath bit that does a good job of keeping the press in position. The inserts by themselves stay in with friction, but this required a little extra support and security. I put 1/2” rate earth magnets on two small blocks screwed to the insert that the press is mounted to. A small corbel is screwed to the 2x4 stretcher underneath. It holds real well, although I have yet to load any ammo with it. Based on experience, I know it’ll be good to go.
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    Small basket attached to the side of the house by the garage, the problem some days is finding the driveway
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    In Tennessee, its called Ketchup.
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    Work has been getting in the way. I just got to the top today and started applying finish. After this week the job that pays the bills should be less demanding. Found some crotch figure for the top. I did all the sanding with my #4s. There is a bit of tear out here and there and a plane track or two, i can only do so much but it beats sanding with an ros for hours.
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    Not quite "the find" I keep hoping for (a fantastic hand plane for), but I picked this up for just $17 at an Antique store which we stopped at on a whim.
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    If its got some heat, I'd eat that!
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    You younger guys just don’t get it. Neither the IPad nor the laptop rests easy on the toilet paper holder. “And that’s all I have to say about that”!
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    What's a newspaper? Why would it be outside?
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    This somewhat like a creole sauce. Imported from Louisiana to Texas. I don’t who’s thread I hijacked. Sorry.
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    I knew someone younger would answer with that!
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    Here’s a pic of my slab burn pit. Come on down Dave and I will clean the wood out of the burn pit and you can go swimming in a hillbilly swimming pool.
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    Isn't Oak the traditional wood with the jungle woods being the later adaptations? IIRC G&G is based off the arts and crafts movement mashed with Japanese styling both are heavy in the oaks. The early adaptations used a lot of teak, Oak, Port orford cedar, and redwood it wasn't till closer to 1910 that they started using mahogany. I also swear I've seen quite a few G&G original pieces that were in oak. Sapele must be a current substitution after the genuine mahogany's are getting harder to source? I know Darrel love his sapele & mahogany for some reason... If i'm gonna spend that kind of money walnut is the way to go. The end of the day G&G was all about the design it doesn't appear to me that they dictated much on the species of wood hence the large variations across the houses they designed. The one consistency is the ebony plugs.
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    Sounds too simple to be the issue, but from experience, if you have not already done so, wax the table. Wax it again.
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    You know it's coming Ross... wait for it............................................................Ya done good young'un.
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    Finally got around to finishing the shutters. Looking forward to installing them soon.
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    Sheer genius on the design! I like it.
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    Nicely done solution.
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    That is some beautiful stuff. You have really kicked it up a notch. I just know I’m gonna come back half a dozen times just to stare at that thing :-)
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    Oh, that is some beautiful stuff. I'd put that in front of the sofa & not watch the TV at all. It always amazes me how putting on a finish just bring a piece to life, and this is a prime example. Very well done.
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    I have the drawers finished and knobs installed. My plan was to work on the top this week but that isn't working out. So here are some topless pictures.
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    Here are the ones I turned maybe 20 min all in. Before After
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    I get that you can make them but he seemed adamant about not offering an option without handles. I'd rather not spend any money on something that i plan to rip off and throw away. Heck a $5 savings is a long way towards some wood to turn your own knobs. Though i doubt crinkle coated aluminum is that cheap. The whole thing just seems like they don't understand their market. Black crinkle coated aluminum has no place in a shop and will stick out. Woodworkers work wood not metal.... just seems off.
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    Just to prove I haven't abandoned this entirely, here are pics. Shutter #1, all pieces stained and ready to assemble. #1 fully assembled. Still needs a couple coats of poly. Once that is finished, I can start #2.
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    Progress. No glue yet. Tape helps mating parts stay in tge right place. Next is the fun part - sanding.