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    I've wanted to build one of these for some time, but didn't have a lathe. I took a turning class with the very talented Laura Yeats last fall and thought it would be a great opportunity to get it done. I worked off modified plans in Popular Woodworking, adding almost 7" to the height of Christopher Schwarz' plans. I used a bunch of mesquite offcuts from previous projects. I ordered the leather package from Texas Heritage Woodworks, Jason Thigpen. Well worth the money IMO. Superb workmanship and detail. I didn't shoot many photos along the way. It was mostly a turning project, otherwise pretty simple. It really comfy!
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    I’m probably never going to buy any bench crafted hardware but I don’t get it. It’s not that bad is it? Is it about the purity of wood being on the workbench? If that’s the case, shouldn’t it all be made from timber? Having said that, a brass knob would have my vote. It’d have a nice patina after years of using it. Also, it could be worse. It could be a turned epoxy river knob.
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    Utterly fantastic, A great piece. I like it.. a lot.
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    No Coop, good old manual labor
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    Thanks for the info I found an idea on another forum that someone is using that I'm going to experiment with before I spend any money. I'll take some pics if it works.
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    +2 on the HVAC place but, I can't give up the floor space/drawer space that a system for this purpose would take. When I see all the storage that is given up for that planer stand, I cringe. I'd hang it.
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    I'm sure Blum has 24" but it depends on how you mount them as to size you can use. Mounted directly to the side you can use a longer slide than ones using that bracket in the back.
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    Agree with @Chestnut, that looks wrong. The ship's wheel, at least, should get brass knobs, if not wood.
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    Why would anyone want a number 2? Only two fingers and a thumb can hold it.
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    Sooner or later you will find something to empty it on.
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    I disagree that's worse than i was expecting it just looks WRONG.
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    I had no idea how great the drawer fronts would look before the finish.
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    I would have enjoyed the first coat on those drawer fronts. the whole time i worked on my bed frame with similar walnut crotch panels, i kept thinking how good the panels would ultimately look. First coat of finish exceeded those expectations. Looking at the unsanded pics, i knew the fronts would be awesome. They didnt disappoint.
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    yeah, i looks like I'm going to have to rake mine soon, come on spring!
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    Just read on the tribune that we broke the all time February record with 30.1" this month. Our forecasts got pulled back for the weekend i hope that means it's all going to stay down in Iowa.... . I'm starting to wonder if i need to rake my roof. I don't have any ice but there is a LOT of snow up there. Looks really cool like a nice gingerbread house.
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    Or, make a copy and sell the pair to a quilting club.
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    This somewhat like a creole sauce. Imported from Louisiana to Texas. I don’t who’s thread I hijacked. Sorry.
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    I have the LN beading tool and blades and I've used it for fluting a couple of times. It works well to establish the profile but once I've reached a certain depth, it became difficult to use or too slow. I ended up holding the tiny blade with my fingers for those final passes, playing with the angle, it worked fine.
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    Here are all five holders with various blades. I even made drawer space for them next to my G&G square punches. I hope they get along OK; the drawer is officially a bit crowded. The black marks are where I had to grind the wood screws down since I only had 1" screws and the wood is 4/4 *shrug*
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    Oh wait here's the pine, looks OK...
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    Watching that video makes me want to poop.