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    I'm building The Wood Whisperer's Outdoor sitting Bench. I'm making it several inches shorter in length for the space I have at my front entry, and I'm doing it in Walnut. Lots of Ms&Ts
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    Hi I'm new to the forum , I retired this year and I love to build toys . I build rocking toys and replica cars,trucks , tractors .
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    I started on my case dovetails last night. The mitered dovetail from the project looks cool, but these are only my second set in a project so I opted for standard through dovetails. I tried gang cutting the tails last night. I think it sped things up a bit, but I'm not sure. I have a little more clean up to do, then hopefully on to pins tonight.
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    Dunno bout you, I chose round dogs because my drill makes round holes.
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    She helps stack lumber sometimes. She has a pair of work gloves and knows what they are for.
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    Hey, my drill does to, does that mean we bought the wrong stuff?
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    If you can afford the time, give it at least a week before top coating with poly. True oil finishes may dry to the touch in a day or so, but require much longer to fully cure.
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    Peter, @RichardA is right, which by the way, doesn’t happen frequently ! And you are as well. In the future, check out other finishes and I think you will be pleased at the options. Would like to see your project when finished. Welcome to the forum.
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    Maybe it's just me. But I don't understand the use of Tung oil. It's smelly, takes forever to be fully dry, doesn't give a better finish than say, Danish oil, with a poly top coat and a couple of other oil finishes, that all dry quicker and the smell is not as nasty.
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    Dave did you do anything today?
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    I recently purchased a router table that came with a cheap, useless cross legged stand so I decided to build this router table cabinet. Very fun project and provides me with quite a bit of storage of which I am quite lacking. Hope you all enjoy it.
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    Sweet, i look forward to following. Do you square the mortises, or round the tenons?
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    Anything and everything made out of wood that is custom made and isn't cabinets. Moldings, paneling, doors, fireplaces, etc.
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    I got mine about a week ago, I think I'm near the end of my subscription, I won't be renewing....... To much advertising, and I haven't found one thing I'd want to build in their magazine.
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    Off and running. Keep it up.
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    You are one ill puppy. My wife would have fought anyone for that rockin John Deere. Work well done and a big welcome to the forum, a lot of human info here, and a nice bunch as well.
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    I used round holes in my Roubo for a couple of reasons: simplicity and versatility. Although I like the look of the traditional square dogs, having the round ones, along with a couple of hold fasts, makes life very easy. I'm not 100% finished my bench (still working on ornamentation for the leg vise chop), but I've already started on my next project, and I'm using that front row of round holes with both the end vise and the hold fasts interchangeably.
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    What he said. 24 hours is nowhere near long enough to topcoat an oil based finish.
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    Life is like Gravity................it sucks.
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    I also cut the huge walnut piece up today into four pieces. RIW wanting to help saw it up into 8/4 lumber. But he will need his work gloves and he hasn’t seen them in years.....
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    Took my wife to lunch, does that count?
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    I'm reiterating to make sure I have it correct - you're in the process of applying a Tung Oil *Sealer* which means you've already applied the Tung Oil? Or is this a polymerized sealer that contains Tung Oil? And, in either case, you're doing the second coat, correct? What this says to me, in either case, is that you didn't allow enough time between coats for the 1st coat to properly absorb and dry. The dots you're seeing, in my opinion, is off-gassing from your first coat. Oil finishes need to be thoroughly dry in or for the inherent gases to vaporize or they will show up as bubbles under subsequent coats.
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    Do a short cut on the other side of the live edge to match the other one, then do whatever you have planned.
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    Shane hopefully I will explain better. If you set the rail on the table in the picture without any overhang and then begin the cut you can get kickback. As I said this happened the first time I used a track saw. So rule of thumb I was told (and personally follow) was to basically to leave 6 inches of rail overhanginng the piece to be cut at the beginning. Hence a 55" rail, if you leave the 6" at the beginning, you can then have 49" of cut capacity. In this case, 2 rails should have been joined to span the entire length of the table and leaving around 6" to begin the cut without possibility of having kickback. If you are plunging in the middle of the panel you should be using the rail stop to eliminate risk of kickback (however I'm not sure if Makita has this).
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    Yesterday felt weird. The march sun is so strong that it made the low numbers deceiving. It was probably the most comfortable -13 degree day I've been outside in.