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    I want to show you what I got from Houston today. Talk about a box maker check this out.
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    Byrdie if a backwoods country boy from Minnesota will come wearing his overalls, work boots and hat, he will get the Tennessee Discount Price. But if you come wearing that suit in your pic or wearing knee knocker pants and flip flops you will get a Houston price on all lumber.
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    I tore my shop apart today. The little window circled in red is a cubby hole for my miter saw. Essentially, I'm making a station for my 12" SCMS but I don't want to give up the 24" (or more) of depth that such an installation typically consumes. Since the other side of this wall is merely the back corner of the furnace room, I decided to sink the saw halfway into the wall. Build a large plywood box with a hole for dust collection, frame it into the studs as a pass-through, then cut out the 1/8" panelling with a laminate trimmer. Still needs a back and an electrical box, plus some tables on either side. But the initial results look like a major improvement: Between demolishing the old cabs that were here and not having to have my miter saw stand out on the floor, I'm trading a little bit of wasted space in the utility room to liberate about 30 square feet of shop space. Of course, this all meant taking half the shop and piling it on top of the other half just to get access. Things always seem to get worse before they get better.
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    I had two local woodworkers come by today both of them was wanting rainbow poplar lumber. Now cucumber lumber hotter than rainbow poplar....... They have never heard of the new tree that just started growing here.....
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    Dave he always throws me a worm on a treble hook. Gets me from 3 sides..
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    Oh i didn't realize that those were QS cuts. I saw them and thought they looked awesome. Yes i look at every picture in this thread. It satisfies some inner need that allows me to stay away from the lumber yard longer between fixes.
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    RIW and I QS some black walnut over the weekend.
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    Coop that works on 99% of the woodworkers, but ole cousin Dave want bite anything that I put on the hook. He will stop and stare at it, but he want bite. I’m just about out of bait for him.
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    I guess i don't overly concern myself with color change. All woods do it to one extent or another. One of the reasons why i like cherry so much is that it changes for the better. I usually try and plan for the color change as well. Knowing full well that it'll take a few years for things to look right.
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    I'm not sure if they steam it. The stuff I used was air dried as it was from trees we harvested. It doesn't have the rich purples and reds like black walnut, but it has a more coffee brown color with black swirls and curly figure. The problem with colors in black walnut is that with time those rich colors fade, it's a shame. Got it. I think the stock looks good and I think it's all the same stuff. It looks like you have more sapwood in the middle 2 boards.
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    i forgot to mention that we partially watered the slabs half the way up to have an idea how its goin to look finished. Otherwise they were planed the same way
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    Coop, that is purdy, and a real hard act to follow.
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    Thanks Dave. Very simple construction. The first time I met Rickey while visiting Richard and Linda, he gave me a tour of his estate and sent home with me, a small piece of the curly maple that would fit in my suitcase. It was kind of like the folks in the mall passing out free food, knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist buying a truck load later. Because of the shape and small size, I had to resaw the piece and piece meal it into a workable size. The lining, outside corner splines and top were from available walnut. The small lift pull was purchased from Horton Brasses. Finish is three coats of ARS glossy per my wife's instructions.
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    FYI, its fairly simple to soften PVC (especially the thin wall drain pipe) with a heat gun and make your own sweeping bends. Just don't soften the ends, so they stay round at the connection point.
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    The big mills sell it as poplar lumber.
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    The others are right - clean pics, close up of the end grain helps most. Off-hand, I think it looks like some dusty walnut with a lot of sapwood.
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    That's a nice looking box Coop.. I will take a look at it next work day at Rickeys..
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    yeah, i think there's a hook in that worm no pickle for me Spanky, but i may have to move farther away maybe a tent in Chet's yard to avoid temptation, that walnut and butternut and cherry along with a lot of others would keep me poor.
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    Shellac. I have cabinets that have nothing else on them that are 15 years old with no ill-effects other than some yellowing. Here's new - and 6 years later -
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    Don't forget brightly colored rustolem spray cans - always a crowd pleaser.
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    Hey @Mark J, well sometimes you'd rather be in front of your workbench.
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    Talk to me Dave, you in or out on the pickle lumber? All woodworkers needs at least one pickle board in the shop.
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    Nice project, Tim. Have you done much router work with it yet? I am wondering if you won't need an opening in the router box for in flow air for better cooling and dust collection. My Bench Dog table doesn't have such an opening and I wish it did. I end up propping the door open.
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    There always interesting to build. Hope you enjoy. If you're ever near Jacobe furniture give a a hollar...
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    Small preview of some of the work we do.