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    Good Morning! Since you were all so generous with your advice and time, I wanted to share the outcome of my crisis with all of you kind folks. What eventually worked to remove the gray crusted blotches on my ash mantle was this process...CitriStrip applied with an abrasive pad and/or toothbrush, After Wash applied with an abrasive pad and/or toothbrush, Mineral Spirits (with days of drying time) and then Minwax Wipe On Poly (3 coats). It is beautiful in the end! Thank you for helping me problem solve my dilemma. I greatly appreciate your efforts!
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    While you're recovering Rickey here's some real rainbow wood for you to dream about cutting It's really a rainbow tree that grows in Hawaii, daughter and her family were just there on vacation, only the bark is colored, it's actually a variety of Eucalyptus tree
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    Thanks Dave. This one is going 1000 times better than the last series.
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    Wouldn't that be Raggedy Andy Coop? get better soon my friend
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    I made this jig up to hold picture frames for finishing. really simple, a couple of slides with finish nails pounded in them, cut off the head end and sharpen them with a dremmel tool, slides are secured with a carriage bolt and wing nut. tighten one end down, squeeze the nails into the frame with hand pressure, squeeze the other end into the frame and tighten the wing nut. holds good for finishing and can be held with one hand to finish all parts then hung up somewhere out of the area to dry. made several of different lengths and can put 4 slides on one to do two frames at once. made them way back when wood frames were popular, they still are around my house anyway, picture frame is butternut if anyone was wondering.
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    After several months of planning and prepping the day has arrived. We're very excited to be able to welcome Darrell Peart for the weekend workshop to the Santa Fe Community College Fine Woodworking Program!
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    One upside Richard is the skin on the palm usually heals pretty fast. Ive had some nasty looking gashes on my palm that healed up nicely in a week or two with no trace.
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    Marc has a video on this on his free site.
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    I would imagine high fives are out, too.
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    It's always nice to have someone give us the results of your effort using info you managed to pry out of us.
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    Easy visual determination of BB ply versus veneered ply.
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    The area underneath is for storage, but here in Nova Scotia around half to a third of the year we have snow on the ground. The area under the seat will have a removable drip tray. The idea is that I can remove the tray without having to take all the boots and shoes out first. Just slide it out from underneath the bottom stretcher, clean and replace.
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    you have to give the people what they want Spanky, you run a business not a charity, not my cup of tea but its what folks want so cut away, i agree on the curly and the figured cherry and many others that you cut, take care of that finger and heal fast my friend.
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    Boy, if the lumber cut that color we would be in the money.
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    This is an interesting problem, with good solutions already provided. I believe this is the first "hall tree" style bench I have seen that DIDN'T incorporate the base section as a storage chest, with the seat as a hinged lid.
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    Looks like your framing (if mortise and tenon) will be ridgid enouhg to be stable. Your sde panels (if glued in place) will and a lot fo rigidity and if you also put a panel in the back - you got no worries then the seat does not need to contribute to the stability.
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    This is always a good reason for doing something.
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    I just made a $600 cutting board
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    For hardwood veneerd ply Research the companies that sell the ply. Generally the made in US companies stay a lot flatter for me than any of the imports. If you run across Terra ply just say no. Timber products is one that i always have good luck with.
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    Rickey, I had a push stick drop down and into the blade this morning, and I now have 9 stitches in the palm of my hand. Gravity sucks.