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    A year and a half ago I milled up an ash log. Today I completed the build.
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    This is what I ended up with - I bought this case, although now the pictures on amazon have changed slightly so I'm not sure what's going on with product quality...looks the same but who knows. I checked the case with American Airlines and had zero issues, made it thru three flights (one connecting). The foam in this case is already segmented into squares so it was a bit tough to fit the curved objects but everything made it without a scratch. Overall I'm happy with the case but would be willing to spend the extra money for a pelican case, I can't explain why but I would spend the extra money. I used some cheap non-TSA locks for two reasons: 1) TSA locks offer very little security 2) Most expensive locks can be cut just as easily...plus I figured once a potential thief saw that it's not a camera or lenses they would lose interest. I never really considered shipping, I think it would be more expensive but actually have no idea. I paid $30 to check the case from Vegas to PA, and then $30 again from NY to Vegas - $60 total. I never even weighed the case but it's less than 50 lbs. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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    Slowly sanding and finishing my way through this. Other than that, all I have left is to route grooves for the t-tracks and slap on some pulls. I got one completed (only went with 2 coats of finish, I'm just too impatient to do more.) This gap displeases me. It wasn't nearly this bad before finish. The two drawers rub. So I will have to address that issue before I'm truly done.
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    I'm hoping to beat the heck out of it. I did stray from tradition on joining the long stretchers to the legs.
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    Bench looks great Jim! I never understood why people say that their bench will get beaten up. My little Lervad, that I bought in 1977, has the finish suffering from age, but the only marks on it, that I remember, are some little burn marks made when our Son used it to work on a paintball gun. Even my assembly bench doesn't have any marks on it from woodworking. I never tore up any toys when I was little though, so I guess taking care of things just comes naturally, for some odd reason...... or maybe that's ocd reason.
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    I find that building a film with gloss, then applying a single coat of satin at the end, produces a finish with just enough "dullness" to suit me, without clouding or obscuring the grain. There is another benefit of starting with gloss, you don't have to continually stir / shake the product to keep the flattening agent suspended evenly. The tiny silica beads commonly used to scatter light and "flatten" the sheen will quickly settle out of suspension, putting you at risk of uneven / streaky application unless stirred frequently.
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    Finally ordered this. Will be here Monday. It was a tough decision because I would rather pick up a 15" Grizzly with helical head. If it didn't have a 4 month wait I would have. I'm a little concerned about my ability to do the swap. I'm not mechanically inclined.
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    Sorry about that sad news, but I understand the realities here. A better idea than asking us here would be to reach out to a woodworking club in your area, or even a regional club. Our woodworking club frequently assists in organizing these sorts of workshop sales. And even better the sale is then marketed to a group of buyers (club members) rather than just whoever looks at Craig's List or the newspaper. Do a Google search for woodworking clubs in your area. You can also contact a local hardwood lumber yard or woodworking store for names of clubs.
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    Just got finished with the first phase of my deck repair. This all started over a year ago when our septic system failed. The plumbers had to put in a new tank, pump tank and drain field. In the process they had to rip up the middle of a small deck connecting our bedroom deck to the upper deck, about 8’ x 18’. After we got back from our Scotland vacation, looking at the dry weather forecast for the next few weeks here I decided it was time to put it all back together. Being true to Tim the Toolman Taylor I built it back three times as big, filling in the area between the decks that previously had gravel before the plumbers wrecked it. After a good rest I want to build benches across half the front and along the right side, as well as building steps off the front.
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    Thats a nice looking bench Jim.
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    That’s awesome great job!!
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    You will really like it, Shelix includes easy to follow instructions with the head. Just take your time it is fairly easy.
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    That’s sweet bud! Nice work.
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    That's a beauty. Almost too pretty to use.
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    Looks great Jim, and a nice view out those windows to boot
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    I have had the 3HP dust gorilla for about 15 years in a 3 car shop, full disclosure the dust collector serves a 26 x 26 space the rest is wood storage and spray room. I have never wanted for more suction and routinely have more than one gate open not becuase I'm running two tools but either I forgot or if I'm making a quick cut it works fine for everything but my A3/31 JP that one needs full strength but it also has a 15' flex hose (6") to it.
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    lookin good the finish line is approaching! It's worth all the hard work
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    When it come to finishes on outdoor wood you have 2 basic choices; an oil finish, like linseed, that you have to lightly sand & reapply a couple of times a year, or a more durable film forming finish that lasts longer, but still must be refinished every couple of years. But that will require extensive sanding/stripping before applying the new finish. If you go that route then there are good reports of using clear penetrating epoxy sealer (CPES) followed by a topcoat of a UV blocking exterior varnish. I've not had any experience with that myself though.
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    By definition, a flat finish will not be as clear as a gloss finish. So, with enough layers built up, using flat or matte for each will cloud the surface. That's the theory. Whether in real life it's enough to make a visible difference is up for debate. But if you are going to ere on the side of caution, then do the base coats in gloss & the final coat in the desired sheen. Personally, I rarely put on more than 3 coats of low gloss wipe on poly because I don't like the plasticy look of a thick glossy finish. I just use the same stuff for all the coats. The finish layers are so thin that I don't think it makes a real difference to the clarity.
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    From what I’ve read and heard, you’re going in the wrong direction. It should be just the opposite. Glossy on the first applications and desired finish on the last.
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    I have a franken table. Bench dog cast iron top, woodpecker lift, Jessem fence and hold downs, and shop made cabinet. It works great, but as somewhat of a pain to assemble since nothing was designed to fit together, particularly the fence. I also tend to not finish my shop-made cabinets and accessories.
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    On my wood ID resources page, here: Wood ID Resources I have totally upgraded the section on books. In addition to adding clickable links for all the books to the Amazon page where you can buy the book, I've also expanded the descriptions of most of them. I have also finally added Eric Meier's Wood! with both the Amazon link and a link to my full review of it. I've done a few other cleanups here and there including dropping a couple of dead links.