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    My hand tool cabinet needs more hand plane space. When I built it I only had a couple cheap planes; now I have several yet no specific storage for them. Chisels and hammering devices I’m set, but I also want a sharpening station. Except now I have a lathe and the grinder needs to be near it. *sigh* It’ll never be “done.”
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    Moving in a month or two to philly and selling off all the big tools. I'll rebuy them all again in time as I rebuild a new shop. In the meantime, I'll be focusing more on greenwork. Once I built that shavehorse from a log with only a froe, hatchet, and t-handle auger, (Roy's original Episode 2), it's been hard to go back to dry flat boards. List below is just the Powermatic gear. Other equipment to follow. For all powermatic tools, I'm selling 20% off the current woodcraft or rockler sale price. 25% off current woodcraft or rockler sale price for buying more than 2 items Powermatic PM2000 cabinet saw - runs on 220 - will throw in a gripper with the 1/8" add-on Selling the below too - incra 1000 miter gauge $95 -magswitch featherboard (the nice one) - $30 or $50 total for both if you buy the saw Powermatic 60HH 8" Helical head jointer (dovetail). Runs on 220 -awesome Powermatic mobile base for jointer Powermatic PM1200 air filtration system Powermatic 18" variable speed drill press Model 2800) PWBS-14 Bandsaw with powermatic riser block (makes it a 14/12) - does not have powermatic fence, but includes aftermarket Kreg precision fence with resaw guide Powermatic mobile base for bandsaw (p.s. I'm buying WdWrkers lathe from him)
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    My answer is yes. In fact I'm not sure what a high speed grinder would be for. The 1750 RPM of a "low" speed is already fast and more than aggressive enough. Tom, I don't blame you one bit. It's the best dust containment system, and it's great to be able to flush the debris away. But wet grinding when I have to reshape a heavy metal tool just exceeds my patience. And faucet and sink are some distance away for me.
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    I thought SCM only made typewriters!
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    Vinny, what's up with wdwerker anyways? He hasn't been around here in forever.
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    Ah makes sense now. Reminds me of a story from a friend of mine. He bought one of those Roomba or similar robot vacuums to try out. He had it running while at work and during the day he changed his mind and thought he would return it. When he got home, he found that his dog had left a large gift on the floor for him and that the vacuum had run over it and spread it around the house. Spent hours cleaning out the vacuum and the tracks it left.
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    It's my wife's dog. She is a very sweet and likable pooch, but she has taken it upon herself to pee on the carpets from time to time. When this happens I have to imediately break down my shop vac and convert it to wet mode and clean up the mess. Then the vac has to be washed out and left to dry. Then hook everything back up. I got tired of doing this. So I decided if I was buying one vac for the shop I would be doggone if I wasn't going to get one for the house. So now I have a smaller format Vacmaster without wheels in the closet. And now that my workshop vac does not need to be disassembled, etc., there's no reason the whole operation can't be my wife's.
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    I'm gonna be that guy that says he has both. Actually two wet/dry vacs and a CT (but one of the vacs is dedicated). I love the CT for everything except the lathe. The lathe makes chips by the shovel full and the CT bags are relatively expensive. I looked at the Festool chip separator but you can buy a lot of vac's for that. So I now have the CT, a roustabout vac for the shop, a dedicated vac for the grinder (more on that coming elsewhere), and a dedicated wet vac for doggy doo doo duty (so I don't have to keep disassembling one of mine). Of course with all these vacuums you'd think the place would be cleaner.
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    OMG!! Is that what this little piece of plywood is for?! The thing was just rattling around in the box my Jet came in. There was nothing in the instructions other than now I see a vague mention of a "dust block". No picture. No description. Nothing in the parts list. I figured it was too odd not to be something, but I thought maybe for checking belt tension. Imagine how my dust collection will improve now with this installed, and if I remember to turn the DC on.
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    Glad I saved the Sawstop extension and legs i had left over when I installed the SS router table extension on my PCS. I knew they'd come in handy. Clamps under the table, easy on, easy off.
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    Blades came yesterday so I installed the 1" Lenox CT. Not having had a blade I couldn't square the table up, so I took a few minutes to do that. +1 on the tilt simplicity and stability. I adjusted the blade guides, which are really similar to the ones on my Inca, but with easier adjustments - parallel side roller bearings with micro-adjustment and a perpendicular thrust bearing behind, top and bottom. The micro-adjustments are very easy and hold their settings. Hopefully with a 1" blade they'll never come into play. Same with the thrust bearings. This saw is capable of really high tension, but once you get any flutter out of the blade it tracks great without having to crank the tension. No discernible drift at all. The blade guide post was set perpendicular from bottom to top. The chain and sprocket lift mechanism is a joy. +1! Within the first inch of resawing a ~6" sapele cutoff (covered in hydraulic fluid, but that's a whole other story) I knew it was a keeper. Like butta! The cut was consistent along the length of the piece with a very nice finish. +1 I'll post a more in-depth review of the saw once I have some time on it, but for now, WOW!