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    So here's a thing I'm just realising. You know how everything being sold at Amazon is not all being sold by Amazon, well the same is true for Walmart (and probably Home Depot). My wife wants this TV boombox so I did a Google search and there's a hit right off at Walmart, but it's not Walmart. The return policy is crap, no in store pickup and I don't want to buy from Notwalmart (or Notamazon or Nothomedepot for that matter), so I scroll down a bit on the search results and there's a Walmart listing again. Exact item, same price, but now it is being sold by Walmart with in store pickup and in store return. So be careful when shopping at reputable-retailer.com that you are really shopping that retailer, and if not, look a bit further.
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    I guess I’ll be the contrarian. If you are running your power tools much of every weekend afternoon in close proximity to your neighbors patio, as it sounds from the first post, forget the legalities and HOA regulations; that’s just rude and not very neighborly. (As is whatever is coming out of their loudspeakers if loud). Why not be the better person and move it to your garage instead of indulging in legalisms and revenge fantasies?
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    Black Friday is a phenomenon that gets the populace worked up into such a frenzy that most have no idea if they're getting a bargain or not. Particularly with consumer electronics, almost every price that looks really good turns out to be a low end model that is so horrible that nobody would buy it any other time. The whole thing is sick. But as I say this, I'm buying some Milwaukee batteries that genuinely are a good deal
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    As far as I know, the cameras on high end phones are better than those on tablets. They are indeed very good, and for what your needs, I'd just use the phone camera. Where a DSLR excels is in conditions that are not ideal, like poor lighting, fast action, or where a wide range of focal lengths is needed.
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    No. I put the pivot point off center to take care of that. You loosen the clamp (these are $6 Harbor Freight specials), raise the handle end and then lower the bar a few inches. The toggle swings into line with the bar courtesy of gravity and you pull them out.
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    No law passed. The Supreme Court overturned the Quill v. North Dakota ruling, with South Dakota v. Wayfair. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Dakota_v._Wayfair,_Inc. So if your state has a law saying they have to collect sales tax, then they have to collect sales tax. I think since that ruling most states have now passed such laws.
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    When I had to pick between paying shipping or sales tax I picked sales tax. Now the choice is sales tax with or without shipping, so I'll still go with just the sales tax .
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    Yes, I have tried every method, including drilling out the waste. Working very hard woods drives one to try it all .. Drilling, then splitting out the waste. Cleaned up .. End of my bench ... Regards from Perth Derek
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    Wait, I think I've seen that in print somewhere. Oh yeah, I remember now. It was the National Archives in D.C. It's a little difficult to read the handwriting on the parchment underneath the thick glass case, but it's there.
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    Well sure... if you live out in the middle of nowhere there ain't many rules. My family on the farm used to burn trash in barrels too. Well until the county finally decided that was a bad idea and started up trash service. HOA isn't all bad. Growing up one house we lived in the neighbors behind us were basically using their back yard as a junk yard. Had something like 8 cars back there on blocks in various stages of dismantling. Stuff like that really runs down property values. It's just you need a balance. And in my view... noise complaints is doing something outdoors after 10pm.