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    I'd use a cleat inside the rails similar to how one would attach a seat to a chair. This way your not putting a bunch of large holes in your aprons.
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    I actually did make progress on he box yesterday. Had to change a brake caliper in the car before getting to the woodworking but once I had that started, I paid close attention to the plan (this time) and got the bottom made, tails cut and grooves and rabbets routed. Lots of small corners and joinery on this thing. The base is sapele joined to alder, per the plan but I had more sapele than alder, width-wise, so it’s made differently but at least is the proper size. Today is pins day and I’m not sure if I’ll start the door next or some of the inside pieces.
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    Also look at ‘template’ or ‘pattern’ bits. You’ll probably want 1” cutting length, shank size will depend on your router.
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    It needs to be screwed from the bottom. You will need to add wood from apron to apron. screw from underneath.
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    No. I put the pivot point off center to take care of that. You loosen the clamp (these are $6 Harbor Freight specials), raise the handle end and then lower the bar a few inches. The toggle swings into line with the bar courtesy of gravity and you pull them out.