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    Black Friday tradition, stay far away from the crowds, cut down the Christmas tree with a couple of the grandkids, decorate and relax
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    I saved thousands today by taking away my wife’s key’s and laptop.
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    Dave, great pics! The best Christmas decorations, IMO, are the ones collected over the years that all have meaning and it looks like you are there!
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    The only 'Black Friday' shopping I did was for the next week's groceries...
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    I'd use a cleat inside the rails similar to how one would attach a seat to a chair. This way your not putting a bunch of large holes in your aprons.
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    DSLR hands down for 1 reason and 1 reason alone, a flash. Doing any shooting inside or outside for that matter having a good flash is the difference between a crummy picture and a good picture. Cameras are all about light. I'll post 2 pictures below 1 from a camera phone in my well lit shop and one with a 10 year old camera and a flash. Because they are both uploaded here they will be downsized to the same resolution so image clarity doesn't even come into play here. The trouble is ideal conditions for a phone is under direct sunlight. The sensors are so small they just can't get any light. Below is shot in my shop which i have 8 6,000 lumen lights and i struggle getting enough light. One is a 10 year old DSLR the other is a 3 month old flagship smart phone that has some of the best camera tech a phone can have. Can you tell the difference? Get a DSLR get a flash. Personally I'd not bother with the external monitors and would just use live view/the rear screen. That said most cameras have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to see what the camera sees and take pictures from a phone or tablet. It's finicky at times but does work. Shop refurbished or even used. I'd be getting this https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/refurbished-dslr-cameras/d3400-refurbished.html Or https://shop.usa.canon.com/shop/en/catalog/cameras/eos-dslr-and-mirrorless-interchangeable-lens-cameras#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&orderBy:11&pageView:grid&pageSize:& or https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1029860-REG/sony_ilce6000l_b_alpha_a6000_mirrorless_digital.html With a shoe mounted flash. Find a good spot to place the camera in you shop. For me that's right next to what ever I'm working on. If you want i can pull out my 20 year old DSLR and show you how it'll kick the crap out of my camera phone as well. There is no competition period.
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    Absolutely correct Coop, there are a bunch of glass ornaments on there that are at least 67 years old, a particular blue one was bought when I was born, they don’t make them like that anymore.
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    I actually did make progress on he box yesterday. Had to change a brake caliper in the car before getting to the woodworking but once I had that started, I paid close attention to the plan (this time) and got the bottom made, tails cut and grooves and rabbets routed. Lots of small corners and joinery on this thing. The base is sapele joined to alder, per the plan but I had more sapele than alder, width-wise, so it’s made differently but at least is the proper size. Today is pins day and I’m not sure if I’ll start the door next or some of the inside pieces.
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    Also look at ‘template’ or ‘pattern’ bits. You’ll probably want 1” cutting length, shank size will depend on your router.
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    Don’t forget to look at craigslist for used DSLRs. Lots of people are just using their phones and selling perfectly fine older ones for cheap. You should be able to preview your photos on another screen. I used to do it with a Nikon D40 that came out around 2008.
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    It needs to be screwed from the bottom. You will need to add wood from apron to apron. screw from underneath.
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    I bought a large drink at the minnesota wild game and felt like a got a negative 200% discount.
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    I’ll concede to that. In ideal conditions the latest phone cameras are pretty good. It sounds like Mark will indeed have ideal conditions. One of the better phone/tablet cameras may well be good enough.
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    No. I put the pivot point off center to take care of that. You loosen the clamp (these are $6 Harbor Freight specials), raise the handle end and then lower the bar a few inches. The toggle swings into line with the bar courtesy of gravity and you pull them out.
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    So here's a thing I'm just realising. You know how everything being sold at Amazon is not all being sold by Amazon, well the same is true for Walmart (and probably Home Depot). My wife wants this TV boombox so I did a Google search and there's a hit right off at Walmart, but it's not Walmart. The return policy is crap, no in store pickup and I don't want to buy from Notwalmart (or Notamazon or Nothomedepot for that matter), so I scroll down a bit on the search results and there's a Walmart listing again. Exact item, same price, but now it is being sold by Walmart with in store pickup and in store return. So be careful when shopping at reputable-retailer.com that you are really shopping that retailer, and if not, look a bit further.
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    Unfortunately I really didn’t need another gun either but I figured $150 for a decent semi was a good deal and my wife has been asking what I wanted for Christmas. This way, maybe it will insure that she doesn’t buy me another pair of pajama pants with a draw string!