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    Got a call from the camera store that I built the lens case for (two years ago). He wants 3 more.
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    I saw a new quote today: "To err is human. To really screw up, you need a chainsaw."
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    Beats a day in the office, that's for sure. Milled up 2 cherry and 1 walnut log. All total about 2.5 hrs of hard labor. I'll sleep well tonight. Still have a few walnut and cherry logs to harvest this winter. So many chairs to make.
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    Finally did a little more work on the Condor; it’s going slow due to other obligations. A little more “Sky Blue” on the pod they sling underneath. Have to use a very small brush to paint the window posts between the panes. Probably needs a second coat to make is all purty. oh and painted the prop hubs gray...
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    Those will sit outside under cover for at least 2 summers, likely longer. I then rotate them into the shop where I try to let them sit for a few more months. I can get them down to about 8-9% that way.
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    If we didn’t have a fence I wouldn’t have it in this picture but this was shot from our back door. This was from our little Canon T6, don’t recall which lens
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    I like them and continue to buy them even though I have too many clamps. I decided I liked them over the Kreg slide bar automaxx clamps and selling them . There not a good cabinet clamp but better for furniture making....lighter duty...
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    I guess his main question was design for wood movement or aesthetics. To answer that question ultimately design for wood movement as that will cover both. Designing for aesthetics may cause the table to fail in a way that will ruin the aesthetics.
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    Might need a bit more detail but I'm afraid your 2nd sketch would not far well. In that sketch you have grain intersecting perpendicular. This would cause long grain to try and restrict the expansion and contraction of the boards perpendicular to that long grain. I made a table like that once .... yeah it exploded. I"m not sure the effect you are trying to go for but if there is a 2 tone unfortunately the best way may be a subtop out of the different species. Make sure that both the subtop and top and oriented in the same direction and they should expand and contract similarly enough to not cause problems. Yes they may be "out of round" as seasons change but i doubt customers are going to bring in a compass and try and prove that. Unless of course these tables are going in the math department or engineering department at a local university.
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    does it have to be flush with the top or can you set it back say 1/2"
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    What do you mean by a contrasting layer beneath? We made restaurant tables from 8/4 for years . If you restrict it's movement it will cup on you. You have a moisture issue. Sometimes a sustrate with veneer or thin pieces followed by epoxy would be best...
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    No real world experience, but I think you are correct that plan B will tend to push itself apart. This could be mitigated with some expansion space between each quadrant. But then when the beer spills....
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    My level of respect for Finn just went up 10 fold. They host 3d CAD models of all of his main furniture on that website for free download. Included a screen shot of it open in cad... One of his books also free. https://issuu.com/onecollection/docs/houseoffinnjuhl_catalogue
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    I always say - if i die for some reason, I hope my wife doesn't sell my tools for what I told her I paid for them...
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    I also as some others here am influenced by shaker, mission. And me. I like form follows function. I don't mind plywood on the inside but solid is better. I like frame and panel construction. I love figured, matched grain panels. If the client has the wallet for the figured, I get accolades towards me that belongs to the wood. Most of us here know some of the wow factor is about the wood. It doesn't bother me that sometimes I get credit for the beauty of the wood. I look at a highly polished panel and grin. And don't say a word...
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    I wanted to share this with you Bmac and get your opinion. I really like this chair and i feel like it fits your style somewhat. https://finnjuhl.com/collection/45-chair
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    Felder has an excellent slider and they also just came out with a flesh reacting safety system that does not damage the blade and can be reset in a minute. I am not in your league, but I would definetly give their product a look.
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    I hope someone takes my tools after I'm not using them and continues to make stuff with them even if that does seem a bit tacky.
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    I just turn off my hearing aids.
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    I use the the ear muffs that came with my 40 caliber Beretta pistol. Just right!
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    Well order was placed the Supercell unit today and it should be ready to ship first part of next week.
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    Split a tractor today, to repair the forward clutch pack. I built a splitting stand that uses two adjustable scaffolding feet for fine tuning level. It worked like a charm. I didn't take time to paint the stand. Splitting stands that you can buy cost hundreds of dollars, and aren't as easily adjustable. Also, I made this one to use existing holes in the front end loader brackets. With the commercial ones, you have to take the loader, and the brackets off the tractor, and use the loader bracket holes in the block. This one not only works better, but will save a lot of time in future splits. The John Deere dealer wanted "between 5 and 10 thousand dollars" to replace the clutch. I can buy every part in the clutch pack for $254, and know how to read a micrometer. The last time I had the clutch replaced in this tractor was 2007, and they screwed other stuff up in the process. We might have two days work in it by the time we get it back together. I'll take the clutch pack apart tomorrow, and decide which parts to order. Once I get the clutch back together, it shouldn't take over 2, or 3 hours to get the tractor back together.
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    Take a hint from G&G, and make the bread board oversized in all dimensions, and round all the corners. No matter how much the panel shrinks, it still looks intentional.
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    Edited some pictures that have been sitting on my camera. One day i was interested in capturing birds doing acrobatics trying to land on or take off from the bird feeder. They aren't art worthy images but are interesting. This doe just was a good capture with some good light. Not a great picture but I like it.
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    I'm sorry but sometimes the only response is... What a dumb a$$
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    Some folks just shouldn't be allowed near guns.
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    One of the older ladies in our office put up a notice in the break room “ clean up after yourself as Hazel doesn’t work here”. No one knew what she was talking about.
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    I like to use hardwood or plywood for sled fences as i feel they have better rigidity performance compared to MDF. They also will take a screw and not break apart like yours did. Your fence looks nice and fancy though. Mine is ugly enough to work as a halloween prop.
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    Search William Ng 5 cuts to a perfect crosscut sled on YouTube he does a nice job of explaining how to get it spot on.
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    Huh. What did you say.....
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    I like these... 3M Peltor earmuffs. They claim 30dB reduction and are comfortable to wear. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Earmuff-Protectors-Hearing-Protection/dp/B00009LI4K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526919010&sr=8-3&keywords=hearing+protection&refinements=p_89%3A3M They work pretty well with my DW735.